Fantasy Island

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Comedy/Drama/, USA, 2008, 27 min.

Synopsis Changes have been swimming around the boys of Entourage. Even Lloyd (Rex Lee) moves up to the opening titles. However, Vince is nowhere to be found. Certainly understandable, as critics Richard Roeper and Michael Phillips rip the hell out of "Medellin," comparing Vince's Pablo Escobar to "a lovechild of Jiminy Glick and a box of Twinkies." Needless to say, Eric and Drama are not happy. Drama can relate, though: he was ripped by Roger Ebert for "License to Drive," but at least he still has Jacqueline, albeit over the Internet. Also, his career is going well: they have to shoot a poster for Five Towns.As for Vince, he seems to be doing OK in Mexico, if the 2 naked women on top of him are any indication. In his office, Ari is beside himself. However, opportunity still knocks. Carl Ertz wants to offer Vince a movie that Emile Hirsch dropped: "Danger Beach." However, he needs to have a sit-down with Vince the next day. Ari goes on offense to find Vince. Eric is at work at his company: The Murphy Group. While E tries to get new client Charlie a writing gig, Ari needs Vince in for a lunch after 6 months away in Mexico.At the Five Towns shoot, things are going quite well. That is, until the photographer needs a pose from the right. Apparently, Johnny doesn't shoot well from that side: even Ed Burns knows that it makes Drama look "freakish."Eric calls Vince on the beach to tell him about the offer. However, Vincent consults his people (two hot women in bikinis) and turns down the offer for "Danger Beach." Ari contacts Eric. Apparently, E and Vince haven't talked much since "Medellin" bombed. Ari charts a plane to get down there, however only Drama knows where he is. Eric convinces him to give up the secret, even if it means Drama has to be shot from his freakish right side. On the beach, the boys meet. They try to convince him to take this job, but Vince is very happy only spending $79/night for great food and hot women. Eric and Vince talk privately. Eric tries a new tact: he convinces Vince that he feels a failure to let him down on "Medellin," and he is desperate to make amends to his best friend.Everybody agrees that the script is good and even Turtle contributes with a new title: "High Tide." Vince goes to the meeting with Ertz, walking right past Adam Davies in the same restaurant. There's a reason: Davies represents Emile Hirsch, and Ertz only got Vince to drive down Hirsch's price. In spite of the bait-and-switch Ertz pulled, Vince decides to stay in town because he no longer wants to go out on "Medellin." Drama and Turtle add a little bonus: they trash Ertz's car and leave a fishhead, a la "The Godfather."

Directed by Mark Mylod  

Starring Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, Perrey Reeves, more...

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