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Comedy/Drama/, 2009, 28 min.

Synopsis The boys are starting the new season in new digs that happen to look just like their old digs...because they are. However, the incredibly hot blonde that Eric is kissing goodbye is most decidedly new. What's even more outside the box is that Eric is turned into a full-fledged playa since Vince's new movie broke. Of course, Turtle and Drama think it's E's success as a manager that is to be credited instead of E himself. E has more important things to do, of course. Such as finding out what Vince will discuss on Leno. Although Vince will save the story of the threesome for Conan. Vince is actually more concerned about his driving test, since he'll need to go "independent" in time for his next movie about Enzo Ferrari. He practices parallel parking in the driveway, and the Escalade survives. The same can't be said for E's Aston Martin, but still...E's hot streak takes an interesting turn. Sloan calls him with an offer to sublet the house of one of her friends, who will be spending a year in Vancouver. The Three Stooges are desperate for the details of the "mini-stud" (as Drama calls him), but Eric seems to be at least semi-serious in talking with Sloan about more than the house offer. They agree to meet, but E tells everyone he is just meeting Sloan for coffee, since he doesn't want to reveal that he could be moving out of the new/old house. The house tour works out well, but E must still think about it. He and Sloan seem to be very interested in the other's dating life as of late, judging by the very young woman Sloan discovered E at Fox Hill and Sloan making out with an older man at Dan Tana's.At Miller Gold, Ari is in full bloom, especially given that Andrew Klein just signed Greg Garcia to the agency. Of course, Greg Garcia is in charge of "My Name is Earl," so clearly it's a slower day than the producers realize. But Ari is still convinced that all is well with the Miller Gold Agency. Except for Lloyd, who demands a promotion and decided he'd rock the Jimmy Fallon hairdo at the same time. (not a good career choice) This time, however, Lloyd is not to be denied. After three years as Ari's assistant, combined with a heart-to-heart talk with his father where Lloyd apparently got stabbed in the heart, he feels he is ready to move into the big leagues. However, Ari is not having it. Even Lloyd's interruption of Ari's meeting with Andrew Klein (meeting being defined as drinking a $1200 bottle of scotch) will not make Ari cave. Not even Lloyd's threat to quit and work at his father's winery in Napa.Vince's driving test goes well, at least until he attempts a three-point turn. But it would appear that A) you can get your license by giving the driving test instructor tickets to a movie premiere, B) you can tell the story on Leno how you basically bribed your way to a license and get away with it, and C) any cones that get stuck in your wheels during a driving test are yours to keep. Meanwhile, the guys continue to pepper Eric about his meeting with Sloan, claiming that he is trying to date her again. The fact that Sloan calls to pressure E into taking the sublet while he is at Leno doesn't avail E too well. Eric's biggest problem is that Vince would be left by himself in the big house, since Drama still has his condo, and Turtle spends most of his off-hours at Jamie-Lynn Sigler's place. However, E does agree to visit with Sloan's friend, Amy, so that she can sign off on him subletting the house should he decide to go that way. As a sort of peace offering, they make it a double date with Vince. Amy doesn't seem to interested in a one-night stand with Vince...until they make it to the back of the Escalade. Still, he drives home to an empty house. E goes to Sloan's place to have one drink to discuss E moving into Amy's house, and Drama will be out all night with his show.Lloyd will apparently stoop even to blackmail, by saying goodbye to Mrs. Ari and the kids, to get Ari to listen to him. Ari tells him to sit on the porch of his house at 10PM that night. At 1:30 AM, Ari comes out and gives Lloyd his test: the next 100 days. Ari will determine after 100 days of Lloyd doing what he says if Lloyd is ready to be a full-time agent. Lloyd's first assignment is to lose 15 pounds, although Ari says that's more for Tom, his boyfriend. What Ari demands will be far worse.

Directed by Mark Mylod  

Starring Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, Perrey Reeves, more...

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