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Comedy/Drama/, 2010, 29 min.

Synopsis Vince (Adrian Grenier) arrives late for the morning coffee sit-down and general bickering between Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) and Drama (Kevin Dillon), the former of whom has to meet his accountant (i.e. Vince's accountant, Marvin) to have a "state of the business" talk. Vince wants to give Eric (Kevin Connolly) a ride on his new motorcycle, as Vince is having a mid-life crisis 20 years early, but at least he's got good taste in motorcycles. Truthfully, Vince wants to talk with Scott Lavin (Scott Caan), over E's protests.Mrs. Ari (Perrey Reeves) confronts Ari (Jeremy Piven) at home in the middle of his semi-annual "do something as a dad" appearance, taking his son to school. She is still upset that Ari was hugging Lizzie Grant (Autumn Reeser) at the office, but Ari defends himself by saying he just got a chance to be the owner of an NFL team. ("I would have spun Lloyd around if he was in front of me and if I could lift him.") But she thinks, in spite of hating Andrew Klein last year, that Lizzie should have been fired instead of him.Vince arrives at Murray Berenson, where Lavin is overly-enjoyed to see Vince still living on the edge, mainly because it upsets Eric. Lavin agrees to take Vince to the auction he's attending in Murray's place as Drama and E talk to an Emmy-winning writer about a sitcom for Drama to do. Although the man hasn't worked since 1991, he won four Emmys on various shows, and everybody except Drama is convinced he could do comedy. Drama doesn't like the fact that the writer, Roger, has been out of the game for almost twenty years yet still acting completely arrogant, but Lloyd (Rex Lee) and E want him to at least read the pages Roger wrote for him simply by looking at Drama's audition tapes.Marvin's news to Turtle is unsurprisingly bad. Turtle's business has been losing money, although he stopped eating expensive lunches for the last month, so he is bleeding less money these days. Marvin commends him for attempting to run a business, mainly because Turtle's less of a drain on Vince's portfolio. But Turtle needs to figure out something fast.At TMA, Barbara Miller (Beverly D'Angelo) confronts Ari about leaving the agency to run an NFL team, and Ari threatens anybody who talks about it. At which point he proudly announces to everybody he is trying to bring an NFL team to Los Angeles. To make matters worse, Lizzie Grant confronts him about running the TV division, as she has been effectively running it since Andrew left and has brought in new clients to boot. Ari promptly turns her down, with Mrs. Ari's words that morning still ringing in his ears. However, Barbara confronts Ari about giving her the job. Ari says it has nothing to do with her sleeping with Andrew, but the truth comes out. Ari won't budge, and Barbara goes back to tell Lizzie exactly that. Lizzie calls their bluff and quits the agency.At the auction, Vince spot's a dinosaur skull Adrian Peterson (running back from the Vikings) is selling for $275,000. Vince wonders if anybody would pay for that and realizes he might if the lady helping AP sell it is part of the deal. Vince and Scott Lavin see Randall Wallace, the writer of Braveheart, who tells Vince that he knows Stan Lee is looking for someone to star in "Airwalker," a new superhero film. Although Vince has done Aquaman, Randall thinks the role is perfect and wants to set up a meeting with Stan. Vince tells him to arrange it with Scott, since he's having difficulty reaching Ari these days.Turtle announces to his drivers that he has to cut their salaries, and they bolt. As he washes the cars himself (another cutback), Alex (Dania Ramirez) calls him to clear up issues of her check bouncing. She visits while the boys' party to get cash from him, and she tells him about a possible way for them to make money. She has a friend she wants him to visit in Mexico.E reads the pages Roger left and goes over them with Drama. Drama doesn't think it's funny, but when Eric points out the sarcastic quips Drama just made about the script, Drama is ready to bring the pages over to Phil Yagota (William Fichtner). Phil agrees, but Johnny wants to know who they can find that's better looking than him (and with a straight face, too). Phil makes some calls and finds John Stamos (and still nobody can understand how he dumped Rebecca Romijn), which will get the network on-board instantly. Except Stamos wants to approve Drama. Drama is not happy but he concedes the issue. He calls E, who is having dinner with Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui), and Scott Lavin makes sure E knows he's hanging out with Vince and potentially got him his next role. Sloan tells E to go take care of things. And E does. He warns Scott not to bring Vince scripts, since it's his job. Scott tries to goad E into hitting him, but E won't do it. Scott shoves him, and E shoves him into the wall, breaking the dinosaur skull he bought earlier. Vince comes running out from playing "Truth or Dare" with two girls wearing Drama's hat and not on his head.

Directed by Ken Whittingham, Doug Ellin  

Starring Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, Perrey Reeves, more...

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