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Comedy/Drama/, 2010, 26 min.

Synopsis The boys are having some breakfast sans Vince (Adrian Grenier), who did not wake up for it. Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) offers to pay for it to get out of Drama's (Kevin Dillon) complaining about taking his home fries, but his company's card is declined. E (Kevin Connolly) calls Vince to wake him up for his interview with Maria Menounos of Access Hollywood at 11 AM, except that's only 90 minutes from now. Vince really wants to get a haircut but there isn't enough time. He decides to do it himself, and it looks like "Tobey Maguire's haircut from Brothers." Actually, it looks a lot like Drama's, and Drama is only too happy to show it to us. (funniest gag on the show in the last three years outside of Ari's paintball assault last year) Eric is naturally concerned, but Vince cleared it with Nick Cassavetes first.Turtle discovers that there was a $10,000 charge to the account from Tiffany's. His first suspect is Alex, his former driver whom he almost hugged last week. He holds her final check until she confesses, but she refuses to back down, insulted she would even be accused of it. However, she was the only one to use the card. As she pointed out, it was to buy Turtle's mom something very nice, which was really a ploy to impress Alex. The jewelry bought was only $1,000, but Tiffany's made an error and apologized. Humbled, Turtle tries to go to her, delivers her paycheck, and apologizes by trying to give her the gift card Tiffany's issued to make up for what they did. She refused and wants Turtle to leave. But Turtle simply wanted her to not be mad at him. She wonders why it matters. ("I like to be liked and I hate to be hated.") She says she's OK with everything, and he leaves.Drama convinces Eric to start helping reading scripts for him to do. This causes conflict at his office with Scott Lavin (Scott Caan), who still doesn't like him very much. Meanwhile, Ari (Jeremy Piven) gets a meeting with Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys. Lizzie Grant (Autumn Reeser) is able to get in on the meeting because of her extensive football knowledge...once she buttons up her blouse. ("This is the NFL, not the NBA.") Although Jerry tells Ari that the TV contracts are handled internally and all 32 owners must approve, he was impressed enough with Ari to invite him to the next owners' meeting to be the new lead for getting Los Angeles a new team. The Los Angeles Golds, perhaps? In spite of Lizzie making Andrew Gold run to rehab, Ari and Lizzie are ecstatic and Ari hugs her. Naturally, Mrs. Ari (Perrey Reeves) catches him doing that after went back on his promise to look at a chandelier earlier that day.The interview with Access Hollywood goes great, until Vince says the new movie with Nick Cassavetes will probably suck. He meant it as a joke, but now there is some P.R. maneuvering to be done, not helped by the fact that Shauna and Maria Menuous don't get along. (Shauna slept with her ex.) Between the spin doctoring, reading scripts, and Bob Saget busting his hump, Eric suddenly doesn't have enough time for Vince when Vince needs it. Scott Lavin (Scott Caan) takes the opportunity to talk to Vince about going out and doing some risky things, such as bungee jumping or heli-boarding. Eric manages to break away from Drama's script reading by promising to ask some showrunners to write a script designed for Drama. Drama is thankful and asks E to be his manager.Vince, being in the mood he's in following surviving the stunt crash, takes Scott up on the offer and they go skydiving. As Eric, Ari, and Shauna try to get Vince to focus, Nick Cassavetes goes ape about Vince's haircut, which he did not approve of Vince doing, especially since they have scenes to reshoot. Vince will talk to everybody about it...once he is on the ground after his skydive.

Directed by Tucker Gates  

Starring Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, Perrey Reeves, more...

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