Bottoms Up

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Comedy/Drama/, 2010, 29 min.

Synopsis The boys, plus Scott Lavin (Scott Caan), are out partying, and Vince (Adrian Grenier) is doing his usual good job of picking up women. In this case, it's porn star Sasha Grey. Although Drama (Kevin Dillon) did indicate that she was now technically legitimate because she did a Steven Soderbergh movie...where she played a hooker. The boys don't think Vince knows she's a porn star, but he actually does...and takes her home with him. As Sasha is known for anal sex scenes, the boys talk about whether or not they've participated. Eric (Kevin Connolly) naturally shies away from the conversation, and Drama and Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) insist he has to do it with Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui) before they get married, because asking down the road tips women off that the marriage is in trouble.Speaking of being in trouble, Ari (Jeremy Piven) is with Mrs. Ari (Perrey Reeves) because he's having rather angry sex with her. She's not happy that he's thinking about Lizzie Grant (Autumn Reeser), and not even in that way. Lizzie is being backed by another agency to steal TMA's clients. Aaron Sorkin, Jessica Simpson, and Mike Tyson all come up on the list of people who have been contacted, and Ari orders everybody at the agency to talk to their clients directly and set meetings with him if the client is waffling.Eric makes it to work and is getting the Ving Rhames treatment when Bob Saget demands to know why he withheld a script from him that John Stamos gave him. The same script for the show Drama is trying to be on. This was interspersed with a phone call from Sloan, who happen to come across E's online research the previous night on...and you would think E was the smart one of the group. He puts his problem with Sloan on the back burner and contacts Drama, who is ready to rip Saget a new one. E tried to explain that Stamos likes Drama for the role, but Stamos and Saget have been friends for years. And yes, Drama whips out the Jay Mohr line from "Jerry Maguire." He goes to Saget's house with a baseball bat. Saget explains that Roger wrote the script for a bunch of people, telling each one he wrote it specifically for them. Saget just never opened the letter when he got it six months earlier. Drama is devastated, but Saget's girlfriend offers to get Drama off to make him feel better. Drama goes over to CBS and gets the bad news from the network that they want Saget for the role.Ari meets with Mike Tyson, who wants to revive The Brady Bunch with him in the Robert Reed role. (give Tyson credit for his reaction to the inevitable "If Bobby misbehaves, you can always bite his ear off" jibe from Ari) Ari promises to get him more work and more money for the "Hangover" sequel if Tyson agrees to stay committed to the agency, which he does begrudgingly. He is not as successful with Jessica Simpson, who hadn't heard from the agency in a year. She jumps to Lizzie's agency and refuses to tell Ari what agency it is. Even Ari going over to her house and giving her a new dog to replace the one that died a year ago didn't help. It actually made things worse. However, Ari runs into some good luck. Aaron Sorkin comes in, ready to leave as well since Andrew Klein was no longer around. Ari told Sorkin that it was Lizzie sleeping with Andrew that started the whole mess in the first place, not Andrews drug addiction. Jessica Simpson is convinced to come to the office from one of Ari's agents, and Sorkin thinks he might have a script for her to do, like Mariah Carey had the small role in Precious. They meet for dinner, Ari gets a commitment to stay from both of them, and Lloyd (Rex Lee) has to give Jessica the dog.Vince and Sasha head over to Marvel comics to meet with Stan Lee, who wants to go over the Airwalker movie idea with him and the director, Randall Wallace. Vince introduces him to Sasha, and Stan swears he had seen Sasha in a movie, but not The Girlfriend Experience. Both Vince and Sasha try to step around her body of work when talking to Stan Lee. Back at E's office, Turtle tries to pitch him the idea of Vince promoting the tequila, but Eric isn't having it. Things get worse when he finds out Vince brought Sasha to the Stan Lee meeting and sounded like he was drunk. E contacted Vince, who assured him he only smelled like booze because he tried Turtle's tequila and took a Vicodin for the pain in his back. E sweet-talked Lee and Wallace and pushed for a deal.Back at the house, Vince and Sasha are feeling no pain thanks to the tequila. At Ari's house, he gets home early and rose petals and candles his way back into Mrs. Ari's good graces. It almost works (and that lingerie definitely works on Mrs. Ari). They are interrupted by a call from Amanda Daniels (Carla Gugino). She hired Lizzie Grant and tried to also hire her six months ago. She told Lizzie to keep a journal about everything that went on. And now she had that journal. And Ari is back to being mad. And Mrs. Ari is back to not having sex.E and Sloan try to make the best of their day, but E was upset about the day's events and doesn't want to pressure Sloan into having anal sex. But she insisted on getting it out of the way. The results were, not good. It didn't help Sloan called E a p*ssy and he got a little upset about that. Finally they give up and decide to just have sex every other way. That is, until Vince calls and tells E he will promote the tequila to help Turtle.

Directed by Daniel Attias  

Starring Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, Perrey Reeves, more...

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