Amongst Friends

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Comedy/Drama/, 2009, 27 min.

Synopsis Someone will have to explain the whole "Knocked Up" concept to Turtle. He still doesn't believe that Seth Rogen could get someone like Katherine Heigl, her time in the spotlight since then notwithstanding. Of course, Heigl was wasted when she started making out with Seth in the movie, so how does that explain a sober Jamie-Lynn Sigler making out with Turtle? (yeah, me neither) These are the issues confronting the boys as they help Eric move into his new house. Sloan does back Turtle by saying she thinks he is cute and she wouldn't sleep with Seth Rogen. (the teal dress she wore...rawr!) Of course, nothing is ever simple between Sloan and E: he asks her to Vince's movie premiere that night. She is hesitant at first, but he insists they go as friends. On that note, she accepts, mainly because she has a new dress that needs to be taken out on the town.At MGA, Lloyd's diet is off to a slow start: only one pound thus far in spite of eating only one grape per hour. Andrew Klein is sympathetic, but he needs Ari for two bigger projects. Lizzie Grant, an agent at the firm ("the junior agent with the great ass") has two show runners to bring into the fold, and Andrew needs Ari to Vito Corleone them into the family. More importantly, Andrew is afraid the wives can't together for the premiere, something that Ari really needs. Andrew tells him that Marlo (his wife) is a little intimiated by Mrs. Ari, so Ari must bribe her to do a mani/pedi appointment with Marlo so that things go well. Mrs. Ari is hesitant at first, but Ari pushes the point that most of the couples they know are through her, and this would be the first couple they know through him.The boys grill E on taking Sloan to the premiere as they go for their attire for the evening. They insist E is an idiot to try going to the premiere with an ex as friends. Even Vince thinks Eric is just torturing himself. But E thinks he can handle it. As for the remaining dates, only Turtle has his set, so Drama strikes up a conversation with Kelly at the clothing store, talking her into going. How is still a mystery. Vince uses some of his charm to find a leggy supermodel to be on his arm that night that he had met the prior week.At the meeting for the two show runners, everything goes well, except Ari catches Andrew copping a look at Lizzie, who is doing her best Catherine Tramell imitation under the conference table desk. Ari is livid because not only is Andrew risking everything Ari has given him, but Mrs. Ari managed to make friends with Marlo and he wants to keep it that way. Andrew denies having an affair, but Ari does not believe a word of it. He warns Andrew to get it together.At E's new house, he receives a housewarming gift from one of his neighbors, Ashley. Although judging by how much she flirts with Eric, he may want to ask for an ID to check her age first so he isn't breaking any laws. (To be fair, the actress is 25 in real life) Even though E is trying to keep it friendly and non-committal, most first dates are less awkward than this encounter. The guys are beside themselves wondering why E is blowing off someone who clearly wants him for someone he insists on just being friends with. Too bad E didn't think of this before the premiere, when Drama's date offered to be his date as well.The premiere goes well, although we get a little preview of reality when Turtle is photographed and interviewed with Jamie-Lynn. He's nervous, but she is more than willing to stick up for him (and even make out with him) for the cameras. Vince operates in full Vince mode, but Drama gets a little possessive when Kelly flirts with a few of the cameramen. E tries to retain friendship status with Sloan, but he eventually breaks down and admits he still has feelings for her, including reacting to a second awkward meeting with Ashley at the premiere party. He confides in Vince, who tells him to be honest with her. Unfortunately for Eric, Sloan doesn't really want to jump back into a relationship with him, unhappy with the way things ended before and not fully convinced E has changed. However, his night still goes better than Ari's, especially when Mrs. Ari tells him it was Andrew who was responsible for keeping the couples apart. Ari then catches Andrew trying to call Lizzie, and he lays down the law. Andrew thinks there is something there, but Ari insists she is just someone trying to make her way up the corporate ladder and she is not worth risking everything he has for it, especially his marriage.Back at E's house, everybody is enjoying themselves...except E. However, a minor bright spot. Vince finds the bracelet Ashley lost at the house before Eric moved in, and she calls right then to apologize for the awkward moment at the premiere party. She tells him to come right over, and everybody is impressed that he does, even the ladies. Eric drives over to Ashley's house, right after he deletes an apology message from Sloan.

Directed by Mark Mylod  

Starring Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, Perrey Reeves, more...

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