Elvis Meets Nixon

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/Drama, USA, 1997, 95 min.

Tagline Truth is funnier than fiction!

Synopsis Telefilm based on the true story of the weekend in December 1970 when Elvis Presley decided to leave Graceland and meet with President Nixon. For superstar performer Elvis Presley, the all-consuming need-of-the-moment is a change of pace, so he sneaks away from his bodyguards and heads for Washington, D.C. to meet with the Justice Department about becoming a federal marshal in drug enforcement. This is the first time in his adult life that he has gone anywhere alone, and it is a sobering sojourn. Arriving a few days early for his meeting, bored and lonely, Elvis takes a quick trip to Los Angeles. After a walk down the Sunset Strip, where he is confronted by anti-war protestors and the age of psychedelic rock, Elvis becomes disillusioned, confused about his own place in life and depressed about the state of the nation. On the flight back to Washington, he is inspired to write a letter to President Nixon. The result is what has become known as the bizarre historical moment when Elvis met Nixon in the Oval Office on December 21, 1970.

Directed by Allan Arkush  

Starring Rick Peters, Bob Gunton, Alyson Court, Denny Doherty, Jackie Burroughs, more...

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