The Diabolical Kind

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Crime/Drama/Mystery, USA, 2014, 44 min.

Synopsis "Elementary" - "The Diabolical Kind" - Jan. 2, 2014Joan goes on an online coffee date.Sherlock dons his beekeeping suit and retrieves a sheaf of letters he's been exchanging with Moriarty. He's kept them hidden from Watson.He writes to Moriarty about the dangers of love and how he pretends to be above it but guesses that he doesn't understand it. He notes he still finds her a stimulating challenge and wonders if the questions that preoccupy them actually have answers. We cut to wherever Moriarty is and she's painting an enormous painting of Joan, quite well.A young girl is kidnapped by a very proficient team of masked assailants.The cops, Sherlock and Joan arrive on the scene. The little girl is Kayden Fuller, daughter of Brit Max Fuller, a railroad scion, who was killed by the kidnappers. Mrs. Fuller gets a call from the kidnappers. Sherlock recognizes the voice as one of Moriarty's lieutenants. The man asks for $50 million.Sherlock says he wants to see Moriarty and that he's on her list of visitors at the prison, which surprises Gregson and Joan. Sherlock shows Joan the letters. He says Moriarty started it and he responded after the 5th one. He says he wants to study her since she's an evil genius.It turns out that Moriarty is no longer in a supermax security prison. She has been trading information with the Feds and Scotland Yard in return for better accommodations at a federal black site. She is minded by an agent named Matu, who assures Sherlock he's immune to Moriarty's charms. (He's gay.)They enter and see the enormous painting of Joan. Moriarty's reading the paper, one of her perks. She tells Sherlock he looks a bit tired. He tells her she looks a bit evil. She mocks Joan's online dating. They tell her about Kate Fuller's abduction and the voice of her lieutenant. She says she could give him up but asks for a few more perks in return.The abductor plays cribbage with Kate and says he wants to get to know her. The other assailants are getting nervous and are wondering if he's heard from Moriarty. He says he hasn't.They work on the case at the station and are surprised when Matu and Moriarty show up. She offers her services as a consultant. Matu assures them she's wearing bracelets through which they can send high voltage and has tracking chips in her hands so she can't get away. Sherlock guesses she herself is behind the abduction. She gives up the name and likeness of her lieutenant, Devin Gaspar, and draws sketches of him and his cohorts. She also wants to go to the crime scene.While the cops and Sherlock run down the sketches, Joan goes with Moriarty to the crime scene where they very quietly lock horns a bit. Moriarty assures Joan that Sherlock will grow tired of her and move on and that only she is truly able to relate to him.Back at home, Sherlock can't run down Moriarty's leads, and calls it busy work she's given them until she can escape. Watson says she gets why he's still hung up on her but there is no Irene, only Moriarty, and Moriarty will never change.The sketches are sent out to the cops on the force. A couple of cops are lured into an ambush by Gaspar and one of his men. One cop shoots the henchman but Gaspar gets away with one of the cop's cell phones containing the sketches.Gregson, Joan and Sherlock ID the dead guy at the morgue as a Gaspar henchman. Sherlock realizes that the kidnappers wanted the sketches because Irene sent them messages in the sketches. They go to her and yell at her about this just as Gaspar calls them. He says he knows she's there and he puts the little girl on the phone briefly and she begs for her mother. They send Moriarty back to the black site.At home, Sherlock decrypts the sketch messages, which are GPS coordinates for a location in Norway. He realizes that she got messages from Devin through the newspaper, so he scans old issues for clues.As he looks, Sherlock admits to Joan that a part of him thought Moriarty might change, just like he did from a drug-addled misanthrope to a sober...misanthrope. He finds the message in the classified ads and realizes that Moriarty was not the perpetrator but the victim. In his message Gaspar said to her "your daughter's life hangs in the balance." They realize that Kate is Moriarty's daughter.She doesn't seem like the victim, however, when she overpowers Matu at the prison, chokes him, and short circuits the electric bracelets by cutting herself with glass underneath them.Devin plays with Kate and hears a noise. Moriarty enters and disables them all. She calls Sherlock and tells him where she is but that the police can wait outside. He arrives and she explains that she had Kate before she met him and arranged a match with the Fullers. She doesn't know how Devin figured it out. She says the coordinates are for a vault where she keeps a dossier of interesting facts she learned from a mentor and she compliments Sherlock on his keen mind and assistance. Her wrists are bleeding and she's getting weak. He asks why she didn't run. She say she didn't want to live as a fugitive and says she'll be a free woman soon enough. She says his letters have meant a great deal to her. He asks why didn't she kill agent Matu. She says it's because of him. She wonders if that's how he became "one of them," by learning to care how your actions seem in the eyes of another. He says he's not sure he is one of them. He drags her out and hands her off to the cops and EMTs.Later, at home, Joan reports that Moriarty will be fine. He stares at the fire and says he's okay. He puts the letters back in the beehive.

Directed by Larry Teng  

Starring Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Jon Michael Hill, Aidan Quinn, Natalie Dormer, more...

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