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Drama/Crime/Mystery, USA, 2012, 60 min.

Tagline New Holmes. New Watson. New York.

Synopsis Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) is a recovering addict who meets Joan Watson (Lucy Lui) as his 'sober companion'. Initially their relationship is strictly professional, and somewhat frosty, but they grow to understand and work with one another, eventually forming a friendship and partnership. Together they assist Captain Gregson and Detective Bell of the NYPD, where Holmes' observational abilities and deductive talent unravel a series of complicated cases.Alongside his police work, Sherlock struggles with a past he left behind in London involving an ex-girlfriend Irene Adler, a 'nemesis' in Moriarty, and an absent father.

Directed by Alex Chapple, Phil Abraham, Colin Bucksey, Michael Cuesta, Rod Holcomb, David Platt, Rosemary Rodriguez, Adam Davidson, Aaron Lipstadt, Michael Pressman, Larry Teng, Jeremy Webb, Aidan Quinn, Christine Moore, Guy Ferland, Jerry Levine, Michael Hekmat, Jennifer Lynch, Lucy Liu, Michael Slovis, Helen Shaverová, Jean De Segonzac, Seith Mann, John Polson, Andrew Bernstein, John David Coles, Peter Werner, Sanaa Hamri, Maja Vrvilo  

Starring Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Aidan Quinn, Jon Michael Hill, Jordan Gelber, more...

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