A Regular Joe

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Drama/Fairy Tale/, USA, 1997

Synopsis Believing he gets no help in running "McGinty's", and feeling he is not respected, Chuck quits and leaves the bar. Gary is suffering his own emotional trauma in dealing with the newspaper, and begins to have dreams in which a psychiatrist counsels him to take Sunday's off from the paper and relax. Watching the Chicago Bears play on TV, he reads in tomorrow's news that the Bears' quarterback and toast of the town, Joe Damski, is going to suffer a serious injury. Gary and Damski's wife try to get the quarterback to retire, but he doesn't want to. Gary and Chuck impersonate the QB and kicker respectively, hitting the playing field to save the day.

Directed by Mel Damski  

Starring Kyle Chandler, Shanesia Davis-Williams, Fisher Stevens, Dick Butkus, Paul O Brien, more...

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