Winning Ugly

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Comedy/Drama, USA, 2012, 42 min.

Synopsis "Drop Dead Diva" - "Winning Ugly" - June 24, 2012Grayson and Owen compete in a lawyers vs. judges basketball game, very competitively with Owen winning, when Jane gets a call on a case.Kim and Jane take the case of a man who is suing a doctor and a makeover reality show called "Ugly Duckling." His wife Renee was going to go on the show and was very excited to be "pretty" so she could be in her family's photos. But the day before her plastic surgery for the show the doctor told her she was "too ugly" to be helped. The show's lawyer says the doctor isn't liable but is willing to settle. The offer is insulting and they go to trial.A jury consultant, hired by Luke, shows up to help Jane. Jane cross-examines the doctor who admits he told Renee she was too ugly for the show and the jury consultant explains the breakdown of who is for, against, and undecided. They need 9 jurors so they have to convince the six undecideds. The consultant suggests Jane tone down her "runway model" style.Back in the courtroom, Jane tries to tone it down while she cross-examines her husband who explains Renee had a tough childhood because she was "ugly" and had very poor self-esteem. When questioned by the other lawyer the husband says he thought Renee was beautiful but admits to a one-night affair. The lawyer says maybe it was his affair that drove her to suicide. The jury consultant says the jury has turned and they don't need a consultant, they need a miracle worker.Jane goes to Luke and says she knows the jury consultant isn't about the case but getting her to lose her Deb-like style. Luke is playing with his new toy a remote-controlled helicopter that has a spy camera in it.Jane goes to talk to Grayson about her case. He's shooting office baskets like a champ. Turns out he threw the game because they have to appear in front of the judges so there's no upside to winnning. Jane gets emotional talking about her case and how Grayson wouldn't understand because he's never had to struggle with his appearance and could get any girl he wanted. He says not any girl. Jane leaves near tears.Back in court, Kim takes over to help work on an undecided juror who seems sweet on her. She questions Renee's doctor who says she was in good spirits. Opposing counsel points out she was on anti-depressants and asks for a directed verdict. The judge says he's inclined to go that way if Jane can't come up with a more compelling case.When she returns to the office, Owen has se up a lovely, romantic lunch to boost her spirits. He crows about besting Grayson in the basketball game. She lets the cat out of the bag that the lawyers let them win. Owen asks Jane if she and Grayson ever dated. She says no. He doesn't believe her. She swears that Jane Bingum has never dated Grayson Kent.Jane watches Renee's tape for the show and tries to figure out how to help. Kim comes to her with an idea.She's figured out that the show dropped Renee not because she was too ugly but because her procedures wouldn't have been done in time for the airdate. The opposing counsel wonders what it has to do with wrongful death. Kim says it doesn't, they're changing their complaint to breach of implied covenant of fair dealing. They get the motion for directed verdict denied. The juror who is infatuated with Kim gets in the elevator with Jane and Kim and says they're going to win. Jane tells Kim it's grounds for a mistrial but Kim says not if they keep their mouths shut. They fight about doing the right thing, with Jane of course wanting to tell. Then opposing counsel shows up with a new settlement offer that is much higher. Kim tries to convince the husband to go for more money and Jane says Kim is probably right but obviously is less convinced.The husband rejects the offer. The judge calls them in and confronts them with video of the juror talking to Kim and Jane in the elevator. He questioned the juror who says he was only trying to impress Kim. The judge replaces the juror with an alternate and says he will decide on whether he disbars Kim and Jane after the trial is over.Jane does her closing arguments by talking about her own style of acting like she's a runway model even though people judge her for not looking like one. She explains how the doctor violated an implied contract between a woman looking to feel beautiful and a man looking to make a buck.The verdict comes back in and Jane and Kim win big.The judge calls Kim and Jane and Parker into his chambers. The judge makes Parker donate their portion of the judgement to the Bar Association's charity or he will disbar Kim and Jane.Luke confronts Jane and says this case was never about her, at least it wasn't about Deb who would've thought this case was silly. Jane says she is Deb and she didn't think the case was silly. Luke shows Jane her family photo and asks who isn't in it. Jane realizes it's Jane. Luke says Jane wasn't in a lot of her family photos, unlike Deb who never met a camera she didn't like. He hopes Jane can win and keep the money the next time since the firm needs it.Parker's son Eric shows up unexpectedly, all by himself and asks if he can all him dad, Parker says yes. His mom doesn't know he's there so Parker has her called and has him come into his office on his case. Parker is working on an arbitration between two women. One claims the other "ran off" with her husband Trent. The twist is Trent died six months ago and the woman believes her husband was reincarnated as a rat. The other woman took the rat.It turns out the rat was born the day Trent died. Like Trent the rat doesn't like peanut butter-- which most rats do-- and it has a similar birthmark. Trent's widow found a flirty email between Trent and the other woman-- an employee of their pet store-- and she admitted that she and Trent were in love and she ran off with the rat.Eric's mom shows up livid.Eric apologizes and wants to stay with Parker and work on the rat arbitration, claiming he wants to be a lawyer when he grows up.Back in the room with the two rat ladies and they argue over who Trent loved more. The mistress produces letters and the widow produces her marriage license. The mistress says she'd treat him well and the wife says she'd feed him to a rat. Eric doesn't like that.Parker and his baby mama talk. She is about to go to Toronto for a temp job. She says she's confused because first he yelled at her and then he tried to pay her off to go away and then he went looking for her in Chicago. He says he wants to be part of Eric's life.Parker stipulates that the rat is just a rat and not a man then his wife gets the rat. She's about to feed it to the snake when Parker realizes that the wife is just killing it to get back at the mistress because she believes it's Trent. Parker stops her and says no matter what they believe, Trent didnt treat either of them with the love and respect they deserved and he wasn't there for them and was selfish and needed to grow up-- he's also describing himself to his baby mama and Eric who are in the room-- and he should've apologized but instead he was a rat.The women give the rat to Eric.Eric's mother asks Parker to care for him while she's in Canada, he's excited to do it.Stacy has a "pakery" emergency and Jane and Teri go to help. The place is in a state of disarray and she's opening the next day and Jane presses Teri into helping her get the place together. She bribes her by saying she'll help if she can play her guitar at the opening. Teri comes to do a soundcheck and just that. Stacy comes to complain that Teri isn't helping. Five hours before the opening Teri shows up with her team to help Stacy. They whip the place into shape. Everyone shows up for the opening and it's a big success.Since he found he threw the game Owen challenges Grayson to a rematch right now, in their suits, at the gym down the street. They go at it.Back at the pakery Teri sings her tune. She's not terrible. She sings a song about pakes.Jane takes off to the gym where Grayson is schooling Owen. Owen leans in to Grayson and says "you won the game but I think we both know who's winning here." He then goes and kisses Jane and they leave.

Directed by Jamie Babbit  

Starring Brooke Elliott, Margaret Ch, Jack Hurst, Kate Levering, April Bowlby, more...

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