Welcome Back

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Comedy/Drama, USA, 2012, 43 min.

Synopsis "Drop Dead Diva" - "Welcome Back" - June 3, 2012After three glorious weeks in Italy, Owen and Jane are getting homesick. Until Teri shows up to say she needs to come home and then Jane wants to stay. But, Teri explains, Kim has been in charge since Parker went off to find his son and things have gone downhill quickly and they're running out of cash. They need Jane to come home and take on a high-profile murder case of an old friend who is now wealthy. Through Teri, Kim offers her a bunch of perks including keys to the executive washroom and her own parking space and good vacation days so Jane and Owen head home.At the airport a lovesick Grayson shows up with flowers but sees Jane and Owen kiss and leaves them in the trash and takes off. At the office Kim has told Grayson he's sliding and he needs to step up his game. He counters by asksing why his paycheck bounced. She says it's a computer glitch. Meanwhile Grayson is grilling Stacy about what she meant when she said "Jane is Deb?" Stacy says she just meant that Deb was her best friend and now Jane is. Later, he asks if Jane ever spoke of him in a romantic way but before Stacy can answer Grayson says he doesn't want to know. He then later notices that Deb died the same day Jane was shot and flatlined and now thinks that Jane has somehow come back as Deb, which of course she has.Jane returns and Kim gets her up to speed: Jane's old law school buddy Emily Horn is on trial for killing her lover, with whom she had a brief affair before reconciling with her husband Anton.Emily arrives and greets Jane and tells her story. She didn't kill her lover, she's being framed by whoever put the bloody wrench in her car to make it look like she killed him. She's too smart to have left the murder weapon in her own car.Stacy comes to office and Jane blows her off saying she saw her kissing Grayson.Jane goes to Emily's husband who believes wife is innocent and loves and forgives her but doesn't want to be called as a witness because he went to the gym and can't completely vouch for her whereabouts. Since they're spouses Jane says not to worry.Jane finally arrives home and Stacy explains that she didn't kiss Grayson, he kissed her, and she stopped him and said she wasn't Deb and wasn't interested in him. Jane apologizes and they make up. Stacy wonders where Fred is though since the last time she saw him he was with Jane.Jane says he was at the airport with her and she told him about Stacy kissing Grayson so he could be anywhere. And just like that he shows up at their door with his new, perky girlfriend Allie and breaks Stacy's heart.Owen goes to the office to see Jane and runs into Grayson who asks if it's serious between him and Jane. Owen wonders why he's asking. Grayson says he's just watching out for her. Owen says Jane's lucky she has people who care.Stacy goes to see Nicki LaPree a health food worker/relationship guru played by Kim Kardashian. She advises Stacy to put it all on the table and tell Fred that she loves and wants him.Jane takes her case to court and casts suspicion on Anton, Emily's husband, who lied about when he knew about the affair and his own alibi turns out to be bad. The judge dismisses the charges against Emily and charges her husband instead. At the office Kim is raising toast to this win and hopes it will be a new source of revenue when Emily comes to Jane and confesses. Her lover tried to blackmail her and she killed him. She can still testify against her husband, essentially admitting her guilt to clear him because she has already been cleared of the charges. She asks Jane to find someone to represent Anton. Owen does it and they successfully exonerate him. Jane notices a smile between Anton and Emily and realizes that Emily totally played her and is furious.Stacy goes to lunch with Fred and says she wants him back and that they belong together, she begs essentially. He says a firm no but seem torn about it. But then Allie breaks up with him. Fred goes to see Jane and Jane tells him to go and get Stacy back.Unfortunately, Stacy went back to her love guru who says she now has to move on, even if Fred comes to her and begs to be taken back.So when Fred comes to her and begs to be taken back, Stacy says no. So Fred tells her the truth: that he was Jane's guardian angel who came to earth. And then he broke all the rules to be with her. Stacy says this changes everything and she will take him back but he says now that she knows the truth he must go back but he thanks her. He says when he closes the door she will have no memory of him. They kiss one last time and he leaves and she cries. But then the door closes and she stops.Fred shows up at the courthouse to tell Jane he has to go and that his replacement is already there. He thanks her for letting him experience what it's like to be human. Just as Jane turns to tell Owen to wait a minute, Fred is gone.Parker arrives with Luke, the firm's new angel investor. At first he seems pervy like Parker. Parker tells Kim he didn't find son and doesn't want to talk about it. It turns out that Luke is also the new "angel" for Jane, althought he wants to be called an afterlife coach. He says she needs to move forward as Jane. And she says she may have Jane's brain and body but she will forever be Deb. He thinks this is going to be fun.

Directed by Michael Grossman  

Starring Brooke Elliott, Margaret Ch, Jack Hurst, Kate Levering, April Bowlby, more...

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