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Comedy/Drama, USA, 2011

Synopsis Jane gets a murder case, working for the DA's office. She also made come cupcakes for Sandra in Accounting's birthday. Sandra in Accounting is diabetic. The DA's office asked for Jane by name.Kim talks to a woman whose 14-year-old made thousands of dollars worth of purchases on her credit cards. It turns out Stacy is the person the woman claims brainwashed her daughter into making the big purchases by running a website about her shopping sprees. Kim is intrigued.Teri isn't looking forward to going to the DA's office, and when Jane asks why they might have asked for her by name Teri reminds Jane that she worked at the DA's office for two years right out of law school but left and never wanted to talk about why.When she gets to the DA's office, a guy named Alan is glad to see her but she doesn't recognize him. He tells her about the case she's working on, the Elena Estrada murder, which he says she should remember. As he's leaving he tells her he's glad she's back. Parker sees Kim kissing a guy outside the office and is a bit frazzled.Fred asks Kim why she's suing his girlfriend Stacy for blogging. Kim tells him she's most intrigued by how Stacy can afford the high-priced items she talks about buying in her videos. Fred tells her Stacy gets all the stuff for free from the companies, then video blogs about them. Kim tells Fred that his girlfriend broke the law "and now she's going to pay."Back at the DA's office, Jane asks Alan for a refresher on the Estrada case. He tells her all the details, then asks why she agreed to come back to the DA's office. He asks, "Was it just the work or ... us?" He leans in and kisses her, then says, "It's been a long time."Jane tells Stacy about it later. Stacy teases Jane about liking him. Jane finds in Stacy's mail the complaint suing her for her video blog. Jane can't represent Stacy because she's busy with her other case. She says she'll talk to Grayson about it the next day.Fred catches Parker snooping in Kim's office. Parker claims he's looking for his cell phone when it starts ringing -- in his pocket. Parker levels with Fred and tells him he wants all the details on who Kim is dating, by tomorrow.Alan apologizes to Jane the next day for letting his emotions get the better of him. Jane goes to talk to Elena's mother.Kim questions Stacy about her agreement with the provider of the items that she video blogs about and Stacy says she doesn't pay for the items but loves everything they send her. Kim presses her on some sequin leggings. The 14-year-old shows off her leggings and Stacy admits the leggings are awful. She turns to Grayson and tells him she'd like to turn herself in. Grayson agrees to get the company to refund the girl's money and Stacy vows to only tell the truth on her video blogs from now on. It's settled.Jane and Alan are questioning a gardener who's suspected in Elena's murder. He says she was a good friend to him and he would never hurt her. When he mentions that she was knitting him a scarf, Jane gets an idea. She remembers a surveillance photo of Elena knitting a scarf and she's only a few rows in, but the scarf found with Elena's body was more than 125 rows done, which means more time elapsed from the bus routes start to finish than the prosecutors had thought. It means she got off the bus at some point, and that the gardener is innocent.Alan says the case is cold again. He starts asking Jane about why she left and she says that part of her life "is a blur." He asks her out to dinner. She agrees.Stacy is video blogging -- recommending against a pair of denim shorts -- when Jane gets home after being out all night. She says she had a great night and she and Alan talked a lot. And he offered her a job. It's bad pay, no benefits, no car and not much of anything else, but Jane is thinking about it because being a DA feels more important.Fred tells Teri that Parker is pressing him for information about who Kim is dating. He doesn't know, but Teri tells him that even if he did he couldn't break the assistant's oath to keep all the boss' secrets. When Parker comes asking for info, Teri says she can find out -- because Kim is not her boss. She tells Parker that for two box seats to the "Grease" sing-along at the Bowl, she'll give him "every dirty detail.""Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee," Parker replies.Elena's mom sees Jane in front of the DA's office and asks her what will happen now that Granado is innocent. She hands Jane another picture of Elena, to encourage her to keep digging on Elena's case.Teri brings Jane some information about Patricia Martin, a witness who was about to blow the Estrada case wide open and, according to the records, never met with Jane or Alan. Teri has arrange for Patricia Martin to meet Jane.Pacific Holdings, the company that's been sending Stacy all the free stuff for her video blog, wants her to take down the blog now that she's slamming their products on her video blog. Stacy refuses, to Grayson's chagrin. Stacy leaves, telling the Pacific Holdings CEO, "We will see you in court."Patricia tells Jane about being in an AA meeting where a guy said he had a dream he killed someone. She said the details were too close to the news story. She says Nathan Persky was the man's name. Jane asks why Patricia she never met with Alan. Patricia says she did meet with Alan eight years ago and told him then everything she'd just told Jane.Jane tells Parker about how Alan buried the case when he learned Persky was the likely killer and Parker explains that Nathan Persky's dad is one of the most influential men in L.A. Jane says she's going to do something. Parker advises her to take down big game with her first shot.In court, Pacific Holdings wins the injunction, based on a letter that was sent with some of the free items, telling Stacy, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." The implied endorsement is enough to seal the judge's decision.Teri tells Parker all the details about Kim's new man. He's a public interest lawyer named Andrew who's married. Parker heads right to Kim's office and tells her that Andrew is married. Kim is upset that Parker's spying on her and she claims she knew Andrew was married. She tells him not to meddle in her personal life again.Jane has Nathan in an interview room and tells him she thinks he killed Elena Estrada. She tells him the guilt must have gotten to him after all these years and that's when Nathan's father and Alan burst into the room. Alan asks Jane what she's doing and Nathan's father tells him not to say anything without an attorney present. Nathan breaks down, telling his dad to shut up and admitting that he can't lie anymore. He says he did. "I killed Elena."Jane then gets a chance to confront Alan about covering up his interview with Patricia. He says he wasn't going to believe her testimony over Warren Persky's (Nathan's father). Teri tells Jane Nathan is about to sign his confession and as Jane watches him do it she realizes Nathan is innocent. She tells Alan this.Kim meets Andrew outside and tells him she knows he's married. He stammers and she takes his coffee from his hand and pours it all over his shoes, telling him, "If I hear from you again, I'm calling your wife."Back at the DA's office, Jane explains that she played a victim in a slasher movie and because she knows which way a slasher would strike depending on whether he was right or left handed, she knows Nathan didn't do it because he signed his confession with his right hand. That still leaves open the question of how he knew so much detail and why he'd take the fall for it.Stacy's packing up all of the freebies Pacific Holdings provided her. Fred comes home and tells Stacy about the movement online from her followers who want her to be saved.Jane interviews Nathan again, asking him to recount the night of Elena's death. He said he was really drunk and hid in the pool house, and the next thing he knew, he was standing over her body. He says he remembers the screaming and the machete and the slashing, but "it feels like a dream." Jane tells him she doesn't think he killed her. She thinks his father did. He's left-handed.The Pacific Holdings CEO is back in the office, happy because the items that she likes are selling very well. They'll let her blog again and will link directly to it, calling it their own in-house Consumer Reports. Stacy's thrilled.Jane tells Parker about Persky, and she says there were signs of attempted sexual assault. "And no one says not to Warren Persky," she says.Alan comes back and Jane tells him she saw what he was capable of and that's why she left. She tells him he built his career by looking the other way, and tells him that if he doesn't hand in his resignation, she'll make sure the truth comes out.Elena's mother thanks Jane for not giving up after Jane explains to her that this time she "saw the case through different eyes."At the bar that night, Stacy and Jane are celebrating with cocktails when Parker and Grayson show up ready to get "drunk and drunker." Grayson explains that Parker is officially over Kim, "and I am moving on from what's her face -- you know, the girl who left me at the altar."Jane watches as Grayson and Parker go and chat up a couple of hotties. She tells Stacy that part of her always holds out hope. Stacy calls the bartender and asks for "a Manhattan, splash of Sprite, two cherries" and asks him to send it to Grayson, saying, "It's from someone in his past." Stacy knows that's Deb's special drink with Grayson and no one else knows it. They watch as Grayson gets the drink and looks around confused. Stacy tells Jane that even if Grayson goes home with one of those hotties, he'll be thinking about her.

Directed by Michael Grossman  

Starring Brooke Elliott, Margaret Ch, Jack Hurst, Kate Levering, April Bowlby, more...

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