The Wedding

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Comedy/Drama, USA, 2011

Synopsis "Drop Dead Diva" - "The Wedding" - July 17, 2011Jane is picking up Grayson's wedding rings and she claims to Stacy she's at peace with it and it's what the universe wants. Except it's not because Jane is held up at gun point but the gunman is so hesitant he's still there when the cops show up... and take the rings as evidence.Vaness and Grayson are arguing over the wedding seating arrangement, with some kisses thrown in. Teri comes in to inform them that she's offered to give them a dance lesson. Vanessa says the first dance is important to her. Parker comes in to give him a case, that of the father of a childhood friend, whose pet was seized by animal control.It turns out it's a camel, named Missy. The man doesn't know why she was taken as her papers are all in order. The animal control guy tells them to take it up with municipal court.Stacy meets Jane at the court where the gunman was taken. In trying to get the rings back, Jane is drafted to be the gunman's attorney in order to offer his plea. He apologizes to her. She advises him to plead not guilty but he wants to plead guilty since he is. She asks the judge to get the rings back, but the judge says no. The gunman, Keith's, wife is mad at Jane for letting him plead guilty since it's his third strike which means 25 years minimum.Stacy is looking for a love poem to read at Grayson's wedding, so Stacy is doing research with Fred's help. Jane enters and says she can't stop thinking about the robbery, why he robbed her in broad daylight and basically stood around until he was arrested. She goes to talk to him to find out what's really going on.Grayson goes to court to get the camel released. A federal attorney arrives to arrest the camel's owner for selling camel's milk, a felony.Keith asks Jane to leave him alone. She says that's not her style. She says his earlier strikes are barely strikes: a couple of bad checks he wrote for medicine for his dying mother. She says she wants the real story. He tells her he's sick, he's got hepatitis, but since he got out of prison he can't afford the medication and he doesn't want to be a burden to his wife so he figured the best solution was to commit a crime and go back to prison and get interferon therapy. The same prison where he got the hepatitis. Ironic. She decides she wants to help him. Also, ironic.Grayson wants to blow off the dance lesson because of his new federal court hearing on camel's milk. Teri offers to do the dance lesson in the office and Vanessa agrees.Grayson goes to Jane and she apologizes about the rings. He says the fact that she's safe is all that matters. Parker enters and Jane tells him she's suing the prison for negligence. Grayson tells him about the camel problems. Parker decides to take over the camel case but still needs Grayson's help.Parker goes to Kim and wonders why she hasn't gotten a case. She says it takes time. He assigns her to second chair for Jane.Fred meets Stacy for lunch. She's upset because she has to read Vanessa's favorite poem at the wedding. She's worried that it's cursed because she's read it at two weddings, and both couples split up shortly after. Fred tells her to talk to Vanessa and use logic to back up her argument.Jane is told her lawsuit is ridiculous. She says it's not ridiculous, that Keith got the disease after his appendectomy in the prison hospital. The prison bigwig blows them off and says they'll have the hospital records sent to her office.Teri gives Grayson and Vanessa their lesson with the help of "DWTS" pro Louis Van Amstel in Parker's office. It does not start well. Teri and Louis do a demonstration. It's very fancy. Grayson sneaks out.Parker goes to visit camel man, who is a lefty agitator who hates "the man." He's been selling camel milk on the Internet, which is illegal. Grayson arrives to say that a Minnesota zoo is adopting Missy. Camel man points out that even though it's illegal to sell the U.S government does allow it to be imported from Dubai in candy bars. How is that fair, he asks?Stacy meets Vanessa and tries to dissuade her from the Oscar Wilde poem, it does not work.Jane is working late on Keith's case and hasn't found a smoking gun. Grayson enters and talks about being nervous about the first dance and how Deb used to count out the beats for him in a Russian accent. Jane offers to do the same. They practice. They laugh. Jane hums a tune for them and Grayson gets the beat. Vanessa arrives and spies the lesson. Jane hands him off and he Vanessa try their hand-- or feet as it were-- at the dance. Jane wanders off.Jane's boyfriend, Bill the doctor shows up at her office. She gives him a tie to help him coordinate with her at the wedding. He wonders about the patient files on her desk. She explains about her case and he helps her look through them. He points out that all of the prisoners who are being given "compassionate release" are being given that because they have expensive diseases to treat.Grayson is arguing at the camel milk trial when Parker arrives with a glass of camel milk. He makes Grayson drink it to prove it's safe. The judge says she won't set aside federal policies in the face of the "chug-a-lug" defense. She's about to find in the favor of the prosecution when he explains the camel milk chocolate bars from Dubai. The judge promises to rule within the hour.Jane and Kim work on trying to find a link between the deputy parole commissioner and the company that owns the prisons, and many others. They find a sherriff elected around the time of the compassionate early release program. He used to be CEO of the prison-ownership company. Jane confronts the prison bigwig at his board of directors and pretends that she wants $100,000 to keep her mouth shut about the sherriff's background. He says she'll be paid off the books. Of course, she's wired.The camel judge releases the camel owner and tells him he can have his camel back but he can't sell any camel milk. She tells the USDA judge to start working on a test on camel's milk. Grayson takes off for his wedding.Jane watches a news report on the arrest and investigation into the prison bigwigs. She gets the rings back and Keith is released. She tells them the prison folks will be giving him a generous settlement and paying for his hepatitis therapy. She heads off to the wedding. Where she and Grayson and the bridesmaids and the entire wedding waits and waits for Vanessa. Jane gets a text Vanessa saying to meet her on the bridge. Jane asks Stacy to read her poem now, and very slowly.Jane meets Vanessa and she is crying. She says she can't marry Grayson. She says when she saw Jane and Grayson dance it was so effortless and natural and it's never been like that for them. She says she feels like some kind of consolation prize, maybe because of Deb. She says she's just painfully aware that there is something missing in her and Grayson's relationship and she deserves more and so does he. Jane is worried that Grayson will be devastated. She asks if she was in her shoes, would Jane marry Grayson? She says "in a heartbeat" under her breath. Jane says he deserves a face to face break-up. Vanessa says she's not that brave and walks off, gets in the limo glides away.Jane returns to the altar and breaks the news. She then breaks the news to the assembled. Stacy points to the poem and Fred and says it's cursed. Vanessa's dad tell people to stay and eat and drink since it's all paid for. The gang sits glumly at their table. Jane goes to find Grayson. She finds him.. at the bar, pounding shots. The bartender cuts him off. Jane helps him to his room. He says he's never falling in love again. She tells him to keep on swinging. He falls back on the bed and looks in her eyes and says she's a hall of fame best man and the only person he can rely on. She says what happened with Vanessa may have happened for a reason and he will fall in love again because he deserves it and maybe he'll find it sooner than he thinks. She wishes him goodnight and he rolls over and embraces her and she gets stuck under his arm. He is passed out. She simply lies there.

Directed by Kevin Hooks  

Starring Brooke Elliott, Margaret Ch, Jack Hurst, Kate Levering, April Bowlby, more...

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