False Alarm

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Comedy/Drama, USA, 2011

Synopsis "Drop Dead Diva" - "False Alarm" - June 26, 2011Big transitions tonight and some folks are getting down to business.First up, tonight's cases.It turns out that while Teri and her boyfriend Gary were heating things up in the bedroom--with him in his firefighter gear-- the apartment building nearby caught on fire. Gary rushed over and saved several people's lives. Unfortunately, one of the women he saved has decided to sue him because she broke one of her ribs as he was bringing her down the fire escape. Teri tries to enlist Jane to represent him but Parker has other ideas.He wants Jane to help in tonight's other case: Kim is suing a surgery center for a botched breast augmentation that led to a young aspiring model's death on behalf of her mother. Parker knows she could use the help and they could use the money if she wins. So he agrees to take on Teri's case.Everything seems to be going fine, open and shut when Parker points out that the woman is, well, alive thanks to Gary, therefore he's a hero. The hitch in their giddy-up comes when opposing counsel points out a small detail: Gary's not actually a firefighter. Teri, understandably, freaks and storms off. He comes to the office to plead his case saying he dreamed his whole life of being a firefighter until he hurt his back in ROTC and rendered himself ineligible. He still applied in Fresno, Carlsbad, and San Jose but was turned down everywhere so he became an accountant. When he saw how Teri looked at him, seeing the man he wished he could be, when she thought he was a firefighter, he wanted to be that man for her. This wins her over and she convinces Parker to go for a "good samaritan" case instead. She even takes to the stand to testify on his behalf of the heroism she witnessed that night. It does come out in the case, however, that the reason the woman broke her rib was because Gary fell on her. The judge ultimately dismisses the case but the bigger bombshell arrives after the fact: Parker did some digging and it turns out in Fresno, Carlsbad, and San Jose police were looking for a firebug/good samaritan. Teri tells Gary it's over, to get some help, and that a cop is waiting downstairs to talk to him. Later, in the bar, she tearfully deletes pictures of them from her phone.In tonight's other case, Kim reluctantly agrees to taking Jane-- and Parker's help-- with the stipulation that she not see Parker. While the surgery center tries some shady tactics with discovery-- burying evidence and the like-- Jane and Kim feel they have a strong case since the surgeon was aware that what the young woman died of--essentially a heart attack brought on by the anesthesia-- was possible and, if he'd had the right meds on hand, treatable. The hitch in their giddy-up comes when the young woman's mother is tearfully testifying about taking her daughter to the surgery center and helping her fill out the intake forms. When the opposing counsel points out that the spot for "anti-depressants" went unchecked the mother is confused. She didn't know her daughter was on them and, apparently, if the doctors had known they would've used different anesthesia. The mother is devastated thinking it was her fault, that he daughter couldn't confide in her and wants to drop the case. But Jane and Kim are tenacious and Jane has a stroke of genius after looking at the girl's modeling portfolio/pictures/tape. She realizes she recognizes the name of the scuzzy modeling agency she went to and the man there that she once encountered who also told her to get a boob job. She sends Stacy in as a ringer, an aspiring model and he tells her also to get a boob job. After they do a little digging they uncover that the modeling agency dude has a controlling interest in the surgery center. Oops. Jane calls in a bunch of women who went to this guy and they reveal they were all referred for boob jobs at the center. She and Kim decide to file civil assault charges on behalf of all the women and the judge is buying what they're selling, kicking the charges up to the DA, filing an injunction to shut down the surgery center and forcing them to give the young woman's mother a nice settlement.In personal news Stacy has been doing a lot of running lately. A lot. Jane knows this means her BFF is frustrated. It turns out that Fred really likes to kiss. And that's it. It turns out that he's very intimidated by Stacy, comparing sleeping with her as a first-timer to a first time mountain climber trying to tackle Everest. He makes some unfortunate moves trying to rub her feet and blow in her ears but only manages to tickle her and end up swallowing her earring. So he breaks down and calls Jane for advice, she gives a blow by blow of what he should do and.. the next morning when Jane sees Stacy at breakfast, she is not in her running gear and says Fred was so amazing and intuitive it was like he knew exactly what to do.Fred made that call to Jane while she was out on a first date with Grayson's doctor. In an earlier meeting with Grayson and the doc it was clear that he was sweet on Jane and she might like him too as they conversed excitedly, and geekily, about the brain. He called to set up a date --which Teri upgraded from lunch to dinner-- and Jane was going to cancel, until Grayson basically dumped planning his wedding in her lap because Vanessa was called out of town. So Jane went on the date, and although it was going disastrously at first, it got a lot better. So much better in fact that after Stacy tells her story about Fred and inquires after Jane's date, the man himself comes walking out of Jane's bedroom to give her a morning smooch. He can't stay for breakfast but will call her later. It's sweet and kind of sexy and Stacy is slightly scandalized.Later, Jane has Stacy find a special old memento: the "my dream wedding" scrapbook she made as Deb, one week before she died. She takes out the picture of herself and Grayson and slips in one of him and Vanessa and gives it to him as a gift explaining that it's color coded and arranged perfectly from prep to ceremony to reception. He is touched and thanks her for all her help. She says it's "no problem" and smiles and then turns and walks out.

Directed by Michael Grossman  

Starring Brooke Elliott, Margaret Ch, Jack Hurst, Kate Levering, April Bowlby, more...

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