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Comedy/Drama, USA, 2011

Synopsis "Drop Dead Diva" - "Bride-a-Palooza" - Sept. 18, 2011With only one episode to go, we've got a lot going on tonight.First up is Stacy, who has let her sitcom "stardom" go to her head which manifests itself in bossing Jane around to look over her new contract, abusing her assistant, and generally acting like a diva. When Jane, Grayson, Fred, and Teri all try to stage an intervention, it fails spectacularly and leads to Stacy and Jane having a big blow-up and refusing to speak to one another. This has dire consequences when Stacy discovers her assistant coming out of Brian's trailer and then Brian himself stealing a national commercial from her she punches him out and he files assault charges. Because Jane and Fred are giving her the silent treatment they don't get her calls from jail.Next up is trouble for Kim and Parker. Kim notices that Parker has given his ex Elisa a temp job. She then attempts to bury her in meaningless busy work. Jane feels bad for her about that and also urges Elisa to tell Parker about his son. She refuses. When Parker learns about the busy work he confronts Kim who overreacts and says the fact that he's concerned about it means he still has feelings for her and that, in fact, she gave Elisa the work as a test of Parker's loyalties. He is flabbergasted by this. But not so flabbergasted that he keeps himself from kissing Elisa when he returns to the office with leftovers for her since she's working late. She comments that he is not the same man she dated 8 years ago and then they kiss.Tonight's legal cases involved a princess and a bridezilla.Grayson and Kim take up the case of a woman being sued by her brother. The siblings run Medieval Manor, which was bequeathed them by their father. The brother wants to sell since the venue-- a long-established place that has a huge fan in Teri-- sits on valuable land. The sister wants to keep running it and buy out the brother over time. When they take the case to court-- where Owen is their judge-- they discover an arcane ruling in the paperwork drawn up by their dad that they must use 12th century law to solve any disputes. Unfortunately, this means a physical battle and, according to ancient law, women weren't allowed to fight. So Owen, who is very excited about the quirky nature of the case and very annoyed at Grayson who tried to get Owen to recuse himself and accused him of stalling based on information he got from Jane, appoints Grayson as her "champion." Teri teaches Grayson how to fight with a broadsword and it would appear in the final battle at Medieval Manor that he wins. But then the sister pulls off her helmet and shows she bested her brother fair and square. Owen rules in her favor.Jane takes up the case of a woman who has been falsely accused in the media of being a "bridezilla." She attended one of those discount bridal shop dress bonanzas and ended up in the hospital with serious injuries including a ruptured spleen and punctured kidney. The dress shop's PR agency releases a misleading photo that gets picked up that makes her look like a crazed shopper but at the proper angle shows that she's actually in distress from being trampled. She sues the discount shop. But instead of sending a lawyer to the settlement conference they send their PR agent who offers an insulting settlement. When video surfaces vindicating their client it is sadly deemed inadmissible by the judge since it can't be authenticated. Instead Jane has Teri demonstrate on a mannequin the vicious way in which her client was injured. She then brings in a security expert who explains says security wasn't enough for the bridal sale. The other lawyers argue that their PR agent told them that they had no reason to expect as many women that came-- 500 vs 200 the previous two years-- so their security detail was sufficient. The judge dismisses the case. Jane goes back to the video and notices a woman waving to the camera. She tracks her down and the woman explains she is an actress who responded to an ad on Craigslist looking for "extras" for the sale. The extras were hired by the PR agent unbeknownst to the bridal shop. It was her plan to create a media event that could draw attention to the shop and show them what a good PR agent she was. With that confession Jane secures a six-figure settlement for the now vindicated bridezilla.

Directed by Michael Grossman  

Starring Brooke Elliott, Margaret Ch, Jack Hurst, Kate Levering, April Bowlby, more...

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