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Comedy/Drama, USA, 2012, 43 min.

Synopsis "Drop Dead Diva" - "Home" - June 10, 2012Jane has a dream that she's in the hospital and Owen and Grayson are surgeons fighting over who gets to operate on her. Stacy thinks this means that Jane is in transition. Jane says she's not really thinking of Grayson anymore. Stacy spills that Grayson is thinking about her and maybe connecting the dots between her and Deb. Jane thinks this is silly since Grayson isn't that kind of person, too rational for that nonsense.Janes heads to the office and Luke follows her on a Segway through the office. Jane complains that Stacy doesn't remember Fred. Luke floats the notion of living with her a la Fred but Jane won't have it.And then the night's storylines begin:In Kim's storyline she takes the case of her own father, who is played by "Cheers" actor John Ratzenberger. He plays a former janitor who has decided to squat in the Bel Air mansion of his former boss at an insurance company after his retirement plan settlement was scuttled. He hasn't been much of a presence in Kim's life but she takes on his case. Parker pitches in, partially because he's come to realize how important family is after chasing after his ex-girlfriend and son and not finding them in Chicago. Ultimately, after the Kim and Parker uncover evidence that the CEO of the insurance company used company funds to furnish his own many mansions her dad gets his retirement settlement check and the CEO will be forced to use his personal fortune to reimburse the other employees who lost their retirement funds.In Stacy's storyline she and Nikki finally discover they swapped phones accidentally. When Nikki comes to pick up her phone she happens on Stacy baking. Two pages in the cookbook were stuck together, however, and she has accidentally made a pie/cake mash-up. It turns out that it's delicious though so Nikki says they should open a bakery together selling Stacy's "pakes." Stacy asks Jane for $10,000 in start-up money but when Jane wants to see her business plan, Stacy gets offended. Later they make up and Jane apologizes for being unsupportive. Stacy says she overreacted. Plus, Stacy talked to Luke and he's installing her a convection oven so she can run her business from home. It turns out when Jane turned him down to live in the place, he bought the building and got permission from Stacy to come and go as he pleases, much to Jane's chagrin.In the night's main storyline, Jane and Grayson take on the case of a millionaire teen who runs a video game company. He wants to sue his own dad to be able to attend a conference in Buenos Aires. Because he's a minor he needs his dad's permission and he won't give it. Jane and Grayson meet with the dad who it turns out is an LAPD detective and single father who is adamant about his son not leaving the country. The son then wants to sue for emancipation. Jane is against this idea since the dad seems like an otherwise good guy and the teen seems petulant but she is his lawyer so she goes ahead with it.In the course of her research she discovers that the young man in fact is a missing person. It turns out he was the son of a drug addicts who abandoned him at a crime scene. The detective picked him up and took him home, filed paperwork with child services and waited. Nothing ever happened so he raised the boy as his own. He knew it was wrong but he knew the alternatives were grim.Now child services wants to place the boy and his younger sister in the system and he is wracked with guilt because he realizes if he hadn't filed for emancipaton this wouldn't have happened. Jane represents the father in court. In the coure of her research she finds the boy's birth mother who says she can't take care of him. She wants to know how she can help her son. Jane gently suggests that the possibility exists that the woman asked the detective to take her son. The mother seems willing to go along with this until the cops show up and arrest Jane for witness tampering. Owen bails her out and kindly does not judge her saying he knows the world isn't black and white. The teen pays off his mother to go away. And Jane successfully argues that since the father has been uncharged and unprosecuted for 15 years after many people knew what he was doing the statute of limitations has run out. His fellow cops all literally stand up for him and he is exonerated. The birth mom comes back to make sure that he's happy and loved. She returns the check saying she thought it was what she wanted but it isn't.Grayson proposes a victory celebration where he and Deb used to hang out, just another sign that he's getting closer to connecting the dots. When Jane shows up at the bar, Luke warns her that Grayson can't know and if she tells him, something bad will happen to him. He says Jane needs to put Deb and Grayson behind her and move on as Jane.Grayson asks the pianist in the bar to play "Unchained Melody" because it always made Deb cry, in an effort to unmask Jane. But Jane pretends she didn't like "Ghost" or "Unchained Melody." When Grayson goes to the bar Owen shows up saying Jane texted him. Luke took Jane's phone and did the deed. Grayson turns and sees Owen and is disappointed. Owen congratulates her on her victory and court and wonder why she is crying. She says it's the song.

Directed by Dwight H. Little  

Starring Brooke Elliott, Margaret Ch, Jack Hurst, Kate Levering, April Bowlby, more...

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