Don't Open That Door

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Drama/Musical, 2013

Synopsis "Nashville" - "Don't Open That Door" - Oct. 23, 2013Scarlett meets new lawyer lady love... in the morning on her way out.Deacon and the lawyer lady say their goodbyes for the morning.Rayna works with a vocal coach, worried that she isn't going to heal. The therapist tells her anxiety makes it worse so to relax.At a press conference, Juliette announces her new "Inside the Dream" tour with Layla and says she's excited to share new music with her fans. She's asked about Rayna's voice and she says she's fine, just staying home to spend time with her girls. Juliette also notes she can now headline every night.Scarlett goes for media training to walk the press line at Luke Wheeler's benefit concert. The publicists tell her not to stammer and to be more poised and confident. They tell her they need to "craft" her "story." She's already uncomfortable.Layla arrives at tour rehearsals and asks Juliette to do some interviews for her behind-the-scenes tour video. Juliette tells her to contact Glenn and set it up. He is standing right there and when Layla walks away he says there's time later this week. Juliette says she's more concerned with trying to figure out how to limit Layla's time on stage.Bucky comes to Rayna's house and asks if she would be willing to invite Juliette to the Opry the following night. He tells her Jeff from the label is worried she won't sing again and is demanding the masters from the album. He says unless she has the money to walk away and buy it then they need to figure something else out. Rayna says it's time for Jeff to meet "the Wyatt side of Rayna James."Heretofore unseen but apparently big time country star Luke Wheeler and Jeff walk through the Edgehill offices and talk about his upcoming benefit concert at the Opry the next night. Also in the lobby, Layla flirts with Will. Scarlett hugs Will and Layla hello. They're all there for media training.Will goes after Jeff and apologizes about not being able to land Gunnar's song. Jeff calls it a rookie mistake. Brent says he'll smooth it over. Layla notes that Will and Scarlet are close.Tandy goes to sign her deal with the attorney general. She wants immunity and he says she can't speak to her sister about it. Tandy wants to talk to Rayna. They say if she refuses to abide by the gag order she will be eligible for prosecution so silence is the best protection for her family. She signs the deal.Rayna goes to see her dad about leaving Edgehill and taking Highway 65 and her masters. He's surprised she's asking for help. She says it's not her favorite thing to do but she needs it. She asks for $20 million. He says he'll have the paperwork drawn up.Avery and Gunnar play and harmonize at the Bluebird. They sound great. Apparently, they're buddies now. Avery wants a female voice in the mix. He wants to ask Zoey. Gunnar says it might be awkward since Scarlett's probably talked about both of them. Avery thinks it will be fine.Deacon heads into a guitar store and talks about buying in. A customer looking for a big bluesy sound in a guitar asks for help. Deacon helps him and the guy recognizes him as "Deacon Claybourne." Deacon says that's who he used to be.Juliette goes to see Jeff at the label. She wants to round out the show with a big hat male act and says she's willing to help him out and offer the spot to an Edgehill artist.As they leave, Glenn notes she needs a band leader. He asks about Avery and she shuts it down.Lamar goes to see Teddy to bury the hatchet. He offers to sponsor a music festival Teddy wants to throw. Teddy says he swore to clean up Nashville and Lamar is dirty. Lamar says Teddy will regret this. Teddy doesn't think he will.Will checks out the stage for the benefit. Jeff asks if his rookie mistakes are behind him. He says yes. He tells him that Luke Wheeler is going to give him a shot onstage and it's an audition for the Juliette tour since she will be there too.Rayna tells Tandy about inviting Juliette to the Opry. She thinks it might score her some points with Maddie. She tells Tandy she's borrowing money from Lamar. This obviously makes Tandy nervous but she says nothing.Layla and Scarlett are in the make-up chair getting ready for the red carpet. Scarlett is nervous. Layla compliments her voice and songs and tells her not to worry, and then she rips up the cards with the answers prepared by Scarlett's publicist.Gunnar and Zoey have an awkward conversation about getting together to play without telling Scarlett. She tells him they're cool. Avery shows up to sing.Juliette shows up at Deacon's house. He reports he's doing well, going to meetings, going to physical therapy. She asks about him coming back on the road. He says the hand isn't good enough. He offers to give back the guitar she gave him since he can't play it. He says it's a loan until he can play. She presses. He says he can't, he's stepping away from all of it. He says he can't be around music if he can't play it. She says it's a shame the accident ruined two careers. He's confused. She explains about Rayna's voice and says it's only a rumor. He is gobsmacked.Will soundchecks. Juliette looks on approvingly. She introduces herself to Luke Wheeler. Luke thanks them both for helping out with the benefit. She offers Will the tour. He and Brent celebrate. He thanks Brent for smoothing things over with Jeff. Brent says he believes in him.ZAG (Zoey, Avery, and Gunnar) practice their song. Zoey seems to be flirting with Gunnar. Avery notices it.Layla and Scarlett walk the red carpet. Layla, a pageant girl is an old pro, Scarlett is a mess. Scarlett mentions Deacon and the paparazzi ask about his drinking and the accident. She falters. Jeff angrily pulls her away for looking like a fool. She doesn't want to do more. He scolds her. Layla enjoys the scolding. Will is upset for her. Jeff kicks her out.Deacon comes to see Rayna. He asks why she didn't tell him about her voice. She says she's working on it. She says she doesn't know what's going to come out of her mouth when she opens it up. She says everything is different now. He notes he also can't play. She says he doesn't need to be a guitar player he just needs to take a minute and figure out who he is without one but that he shouldn't say he's done with music. He shoots that back at her.Will plays at the show. Juliette greets him in the wings. As does Layla. Juliette notes it's good that Will and Layla are buddies because she'll need to cut her time onstage for his set. When Juliette walks away, Will accuses Layla of messing with Scarlett.Deacon plays with his right hand on the piano. Scarlett comes home ranting and raving about the press line. She asks him to keep playing.Gunnar and Zoey hang and he said he wrote the song for her and, inevitably, they make out, and apparently a lot more.Juliette plays the Luke show. Rayna surprises her and comes out to invite her to the Opry. Juliette is gobsmacked in a lovely way. Luke stops Rayna onstage and asks her to sing. She tries to beg off. Luke won't let her. She starts out fine but starts to falter. Luke helps her. And then the crowd saves her and she holds the microphone out to the crowd. She manages to pick it back up and end in triumph.Lamar goes for a drink and runs into Teddy. Rayna is playing the benefit onstage on the TV. Lamar toasts her. And then he gets arrested for racketeering, bribery, and extortion. Teddy doesn't look surprised. Lamar glares at him.Jeff excitedly tells Will he is trending because Layla tweeted a picture of them on the red carpet with the hashtag #LaylaAndWill.. Jeff says they should capitalize on that "relationship."Glen meets Juliette and congratulates her on the Opry. She is thrilled but notes that Rayna's triumph killed her moment.After the show Luke thanks Rayna and as they walk off he trash talks Juliette as a flash in the pan but if her joining the Opry meant Rayna was there he was all for it. Juliette of course overhears this and is crushed.Rayna confronts Jeff and tells him to stop spreading rumors about her voice. He wants her to get back in the studio before the heat from the accident is gone. She says she heard what he did with Scarlett and that she's done with him and Edgehill. Just then, Bucky tells her about Lamar being arrested.Deacon plays the piano with his right hand and one of the fingers on his left hand. Scarlett plays banjo and sings along, a gorgeous, haunting ballad.Zoey and Gunnar fall asleep together. She wakes up looking regretful and happy.Tandy and Rayna watch the news of Lamar getting arrested, the anchor reports his assets have been frozen.Juliette looks at her awards and is rueful about Luke Wheeler's remarks.Scarlett rants that she doesn't need all the stuff that comes with a record deal. She says she just wants to sing at home with him. She says other stuff isn't worth it. He says she can say that but he saw her joy at the Opry and that if she leaves she'll miss it. He does.Juliette shows up at the Bluebird and apologizes to Avery. She asks him to come back on the road. He says he can't, he wants to work on his own stuff. She gives him the key to her studio to use while she's on tour. He thanks her.Tandy goes to see her dad in jail, terrified that he knows it was her that turned him in. But he thinks it was Teddy who turned him in, for when he put the Feds onto his embezzlement. He thinks he has inside information on Wyatt Industries. He says Teddy is going to pay for it.

Directed by Michael Grossman  

Starring Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere, Clare Bowen, Chris Carmack, Eric Close, more...

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