The God Complex

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Adventure/Drama/Family/Mystery/Sci-Fi, UK, 2011, 49 min.

Synopsis A police officer named Lucy Hayward wanders through a hotel, opening the doors to various rooms. Inside the rooms are various odd visions. In a voice over she explains that she is "the last one" and that "you never know what will be in your room until you find it and then you realize it could never be anything else." Opening a final door she sees a vision of a gorilla which causes her to real back in fright. She then explains how happy she is and repeats the phrase "praise him" as a minotaur approaches her.Later, Amy, Rory, and The Doctor find themselves in the hotel, having intended to visit a planet of giant aliens. They find a series of pictures of various people and aliens, including Lucy Hayward, all of which list something the people feared. They are soon confronted by three people: Rita, a doctor; Howie, a conspiracy theorist; and Gibbis, an alien from Tivoli the most invaded planet in the galaxy. Rita informs them that they have been there for two days and that the hotel seems to go on forever, changing shape as it does so. The rooms all contain "bad dreams."Attempting to return to the TARDIS, the Doctor discovers that it is gone. He is then informed that there is a fourth member of the group, Joe, who has been tied up after he started acting strangely. Joe explains that he has seen the light and is ready for "Him" to feast. He also explains that there is a room for everyone in the hotel even the Doctor.The group moves through the hotel and Howie opens a door where he sees a group of pretty girls who mock him, causing him to begin thinking "praise him." Later, Rory sees an emergency exit, but before he can inform anyone they hear the minotaur approaching and hide in various rooms. In one, Rita sees a vision of her father berating her for poor academic performance, causing her to react similarly to Howie. In another room they encounter a pair of Weeping Angels, but the Doctor quickly realizes that they are fake, merely meant to inspire fear. Meanwhile, the Minotaur drags off Joe and consumes his life energy.After seeking refuge in the ball room, the Doctor determines that the hotel is trying to scare them so that the minotaur can feed on their fears. He advises the others to dig deep for their reservoir of strength, with Rita relying on her Muslim faith.When Wally begins to exhibit signs of the same mania which gripped Joe they tie him up and use him to lure the minotaur into an encounter. There, the Doctor learns that the minotaur is a prisoner and wishes to die. After feeling a similar change come over her, Rita runs away so as not to endanger others and is killed by the minotaur. After noticing that Rita went to her death bravely, the Doctor realizes that the minotaur feeds on faith, not fear. All of the people in the hotel had a strong faith in some external force. Rory was shown the exit due to his lack of faith.Amy soon begins to show the same warning signs and the group runs away through the hotel, pursued by the minotaur. At the last moment they get to Amy's room, which shows her as a child waiting in vain for the Doctor to return. Realizing that Amy has unwavering faith in him, the Doctor verbally shatters her romantic faith in him. This causes the minotaur to spare Amy and allows it to die, causing the hotel to be revealed as a virtually constructed world on board a space ship.The Doctor explains that the minotaurs were an alien race which set themselves up as gods on various planets until their people rebelled and imprisoned them. The space ship was sent through the universe, periodically abducting people of great faith to serve as food for the imprisoned minotaur.The Doctor takes Amy and Rory back to Earth where, after reflecting on the dangers that his companions face, he leaves them, gifting them with a new house and car.

Directed by Nick Hurran  

Starring Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, Sarah Quintrell, Amara Karan, more...

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