Night Terrors

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Adventure/Drama/Family/Mystery/Sci-Fi, UK, 2011, 43 min.

Synopsis George, a young boy writes a "Help" note after fearing monsters in the closet and having multiple fears. The Doctor hears the cry and the team goes to visit.They find the boy and begin to visit all in the apartment building. The Doctor plays a "Doctor" and interviews the father and child. All the fearful toys have been locked in the closet.In the meantime, Rory and Amy disappear with a falling elevator into a mysterious room that seems oddly fake. Other tenants disappear oddly as well.Rory and Amy see one of the missing tenants attacked by a wooden doll and turned into another....both begin to attack and turn Amy into a wooden doll. All turn on Rory.Meanwhile the Doctor realizes that the child is not the Biological son of the father. When he opens the closet to find the monsters, there are none there. The child suddenly becomes fearful and sends out rays to push the Doctor and his father into the closet. Inside there is a dollhouse.The Doctor convinces the child to open the cover and face his fears and the dolls stop moving. They start moving again. The child had created the world himself.There's a final loving family scene, and all is well again. All those who left the living come back without full recollections.

Directed by Richard Clark  

Starring Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, Daniel Mays, Jamie Oram, more...

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