Closing Time

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Adventure/Drama/Family/Mystery/Sci-Fi, UK, 2011, 46 min.

Synopsis Two hundred years after the previous episode the Doctor is making a "farewell tour" in the days before his death. He visits Craig, whom he had last seen in the episode The Lodger, at the latter's Colchester home. Craig now has an infant son and feels inadequate to the task of raising him especially since his wife Sophie has gone on holiday.After a brief meeting which causes Craig anxiety, the Doctor notices odd goings on including a patina of teleport energy and strange electrical fluctuations. Against his own impulses he feels compelled to investigate and takes a job in a local department store where he again runs into Craig, shopping with his son Alfie (although the Doctor explains that Alfie prefers the name Stormageddon Dark Lord of All).The Doctor explains to Craig that several people have mysteriously gone missing from the store and that there is a teleport machine nearby. After getting into an elevator The Doctor and Craig are accidentally transported to a Cyberman ship via teleporation. After reversing the teleport the Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to render it inoperable.Craig insists on helping the Doctor investigate. After hearing rumors of a "silvery rat thing" The Doctor deduces that the Cybermen are using a Cybermat to gather electricity in preparation for an invasion.While investigating the Doctor notices Amy and Rory from afar. The two are shopping when Amy is approached by a young girl who asks her for an autograph. The Doctor then notices an ad for Petrichor Perfume, whose tag line is "for the girl who's tired of waiting", which features Amy as the model.That night Craig and the Doctor stake out the department store and capture the Cybermat. After taking it back to Craig's house, the Doctor reprograms it to allow him to track the Cybermen back to their ship, which he discovers is hidden beneath the store. When he investigates their ship he is taken prisoner by them.Craig arrives and attempts to rescue the Doctor but is taken prisoner by the Cybermen who intend to convert him into one of them. Craig is strapped into a conversion machine. The process begins but is short circuited by Craig's love for Sophie and Alfie, which causes a feedback loop which destroys the Cybermen.The Doctor leaves Craig with a final present, having cleaned Craig's house of it's clutter. Craig then gives the Doctor the stetson which he wore in The Impossible Astronaut and the Doctor borrows a handful of TARDIS blue envelopes before departing.

Directed by Steve Hughes  

Starring Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, James Corden, Daisy Haggard, more...

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