Disney's Really Short Report

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Family, USA, 2007

Tagline If you want new Disney DVD info of all sorts, Turn to The Really Short Report!

Synopsis When you want to know what's new on Disney DVD there's only one place to turn: The Really Short Report! Our crack teams of correspondents deliver the facts about the newest Disney DVD titles with a tongue-in-cheek comedic slant. They answer hard-hitting questions (sort of). Questions like: What's the deal with the special features? What do the stars have to say about the movie? And how do they get their hair to look like that? With on location reporters, special in studio guests, and serious packages (that aren't that serious) our team delivers the exclusive inside scoop before anyone else!

Directed by Art Spigel  

Starring Everette Plen, Jacob Hays, Lauren Yee, Harlie Vaughn, Esha Nijhoff Asser, more...

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