Go Your Own Way

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Drama/Crime/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2008, 50 min.

Synopsis The show opens with Dexter, Prado and their significant others at dinner. Dexter is continuing to put up the friendship front with Prado, who offers to cater Dexter and Rita's reception as a wedding present.On the way home Dexter grumbles about Prado, which Rita interprets to be an implication that Prado is cheating on Sil, perhaps with Maria. Though Dexter never actually says Prado has been unfaithful he doesn't emphatically correct Rita's misconception.Debra and Anton have been babysitting for Rita's kids at Debra's apartment. Dexter, previously unaware they were dating, asks if Debra will be "plus-one" for the wedding which leaves Debra speechless. Anton accidentally spends the night which freaks Debra out since his protection detail will now be aware of their relationship.At the office Maria tells everyone the bartender we saw Wolf flirt with a few episodes back, Toby Edwards, is a suspect in her murder. Edwards called Wolf three times that night, including twice right outside her apartment. Since Edwards might have seen Prado that night, Dexter thinks he might be able to use this as leverage against Prado. One of Wolf's two wedding rings was taken, a sign to Dexter that Prado must have taken a trophy.Vince is organizing Dexter's bachelor party.Quinn warns Debra that her relationship with the key witness in the skinner case could hurt her as she tries to make detective and Angel gets an urgent phone call.Dexter show up unannounced in Prado's office, shoving the existence of a possible witness in Prado's face and telling Prado after helping make sure he is not implicated in the case the pair should go their separate ways. "Game over," Dexter thinks to himself as he leaves the office.The call Angel received was that Gianna had been roughed up by potential john who followed her home after an undercover shift with vice squad. Though taking the worst of it, Gianna put a few scratches on the guy's face with one of her keys. Angel gives Gianna's keychain to the other vice cops working with her, but pockets the likely weapon key and gives it to Dexter with instructions to get him the DNA evidence on the down-low.While Maria rips into Edwards in the interrogation room, Dexter and Prado watch on a monitor. Edwards admits that he was invited over to Wolf's place, but she wasn't there when he arrived. After Quinn tells Maria that a time-stamped video rules out Edwards as the murderer, Edwards tells her he saw the halogen headlights of a dark-colored SUV. Prado looks to be cozying up to Maria so he won't have to depend on Dexter as his only inside assistance in the case.While trying on wedding dresses with Sil, Rita appears to spill her new-found information that Prado has been unfaithful.A clearly stressed-out Maria blows up at Dexter over a clerical issue related to the key he was testing for Angel. Vince, who is having trouble putting together a legal bachelor party Dexter (Angel said no hookers), gets the number of a company from Quinn.Anton comes into the office looking for Debra and runs into Quinn. Quinn apologizes for keeping Anton off the books as unofficial informant. Since Debra had told him it had been a clerical error, Anton blows up and punches Quinn in the face. Quinn lets him leave without further incident but this causes a fight between Anton and Debra, who showed up just after the punch. Anton thinks Debra is ashamed of their relationship and tells her she needs to evaluate her feelings.We see Prado over at Maria's place. Prado looks to be plying her with wine to help gain some influence into the investigation of Wolf's murder. This turns into them briefly making out, which is interrupted by Dexter knocking at the door attempting to apologize to Maria for the key incident. This unannounced visit, we learn, was Dexter's way of limiting Prado's hold over Maria.When Dexter arrives home Rita tells him she told Sil about the affair she thinks Prado has been having with Maria. Rita goes on to say Sil called the precinct and found out Prado was supposed to be meeting with Maria but neither were in the office.We cut back to Maria's house and see Sil pull up just as Prado and Maria are walking down the front walk and Maria appears to be saying their relationship will remain professional. Sil doesn't buy that nothing happened and tells Prado "I'm done."The next morning Prado is waiting for Dexter at his donut shop. Prado doesn't buy that it was Rita who sent Sil over to Maria's and thinks Dexter has crossed a boundary bringing family into play. He tells him that his office might conduct an ethics investigation of Debra related to her relationship with Anton, contingent upon Dexter's help in the Wolf case. "He has no idea the door he just opened," Dexter thinks to himself as Prado leaves.Dexter goes to Prado's house, let in by the housekeeper by telling her he is researching a best man gift he plans to buy for Prado. While there he finds Wolf's ring hidden in Prado's office. Dexter takes the ring and leaves behind a dry cleaner claim slip.Vince meets with a woman from the bachelor party planning company, who overtly flirts with him while going though possible themes.Dexter gives Angel a file with the name of the man who attacked Gianna, strongly cautioning him in general terms about the dangers of going overboard in vengeance situations.Home to clean out some of his belongings, Prado discovers the missing ring. He takes the slip to the cleaner and finds the shirt which he had given Dexter under the false pretense it contained Freebo's blood.We see Angel track down Gianna's attacker and approach him with a collapsible baton.Dexter tries to warn Debra about the possible Prado investigation. Debra says the relationship with Anton is over, but seems conflicted by her feelings.Prado show up and calls Dexter up to the roof. Prado is enraged, asking for the ring and threatening Dexter with everything from his relationship with Rita to possible search warrants for his office or boat. Dexter tells Prado he has come to the understanding there is no reasoning with him anymore, to which Prado responds: "I'll do what I want, when I want, to whomever I want. Count on it!" Dexter says "I will," but as he walks away it appears someone has been watching the conversation through binoculars.Dexter walks down to the office and we see Angel bring back Gianna's attacker unharmed and Debra apparently choosing her career over happiness with Anton.We cut back to Prado still on the roof and see him get a phone call from none other than King, the skinner himself. Prado tells King that Dexter is the only person who knows the whereabouts of Freebo. "If you want Freebo, if you want your money," Prado tells King, "then you need to have a long conversation with (Dexter Morgan.)"Quick cut back downstairs to Dexter, who has now decided that Prado has left him no other choice but to kill him.Our final scene is Dexter pulling into the parking space at his apartment. As Dexter gets out of the car his phone rings. Dexter fumbles with his phone as someone comes from behind and sticks a black hood over his head, stuffs him in the trunk of a car and drives off.

Directed by John Dahl  

Starring Michael C. Hall, Julie Benz, Jennifer Carpenter, C.S. Lee, Lauren Vélez, more...

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