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Synopsis Rughal lays a trap in Seville and successfully kidnaps Fadi and Haroun, while Mindo creates a deadly computer virus to hunt down Blair in the cyber-world. A beleaguered Ramzi evacuates some of the younger 99 to Batina's refuge, but Alex refuses to go, insisting on helping the endangered virtual Blair. With Alex, Miklos, Amira and Higgins alone in Seville, Rughal attacks the 99 HQ, using his smoke form to overwhelm his victims. Miklos manages to download Blair into a secure flash drive, and with Higgins' help, Blair transfers into various electronic devices to fight Rughal. But Rughal is too powerful, and when he has Higgins and Blair in his grasp, he compels Alex to join him. But Alex has one final card to play.

Directed by Dave Osborne  

Starring Andrew Barbosa, Eric Boehm, Christa Clahone, Emily Coutts, Daniel Davis, more...

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