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Comedy/Drama/Mystery/Romance, USA, 2008, 43 min.

Synopsis "Desperate Housewives" - "Sunday"- April 13, 2008Previously on "Desperate Housewives": A tornado wreaked havoc on Wisteria Lane: Bree and Orson were forced to move in with Susan and Julie, who discovered it was a treat to have the Stepford-wife taking care of them while Mike is in rehab; Victor lost his life and Carlos his sight in the same storm and Gaby has yet to find out it's permanent; Katherine's daughter Dylan had questions about her father and husband Adam uncovered a secret that led him to move out.Mary-Alice Voice-Over: Katherine Mayfair was not the kind of woman who liked to face the past but when her husband left her, her past mistakes began to flash before her eyes. We see her on her first wedding day to Wayne Davis and the first time he hit her and how meaningless his apologies were and her finally hitting him back with a candlestick.Bree, Lynette, Gaby, and Susan arrive at her doorstep with muffins and jam. Katherine is not impressed by the idea of muffins and jam solving her marital problems. They thought she might need someone to talk, make her lunch, or clean her house. Cut to: her spotless home. Lynette offers to let Katherine clean the Scavo house. (For therapeutic reasons of course). She says thanks but no thanks and ushers them out, but not before Bree expresses surprise that Adam was the one who left. Katherine says she doesn't want to talk about it. Bree advises Katherine not to bottle up her feelings. She promises she won't.VO: As she takes a walk in the woods, sits on a rock, and cries over a stone cross in the ground Mary Alice reiterates that Katherine didn't like to relive her past but as her present was unraveling she couldn't help thinking of all the mistakes she had made and especially the one she had buried.CreditsVO: Mary Alice describes the Sunday rituals of Wisteria Lane as we see Edie, Mrs. McCluskey, and Gaby going to church. As non-believer Lynette picks up the paper she sees Bree, Orson, and the baby heading off to their chosen house of worship and tells her family that she thinks it's time they went to church. Tom asks what they did. She explains that with their recent trials they "owe the big guy a little face time." Tom wants to watch basketball. Tom explains that, unlike Lynette, he was dragged to church as a child and he knows God will be waiting for them after the Pistons game. Lynette gripes that she has questions and knows nothing about God or Jesus. Tom says church isn't necessary for that. Parker/Preston pipes up that he knows something about Jesus. "He's the guy who helps out Santa Claus." Tom relents and says they're going to church.Bree is worried they'll be late to church because she wants to make sure that the reverend picks her to chair the Ladies' Auxiliary Club. Bree's rival Edna was apparently "lounging around in Zimbabwe" working for the Peace Corps. Lynette approaches them and informs them that she's going to church and wants to know if she can go to theirs. Bree says amen and tells her to follow them.Bree warns her that she's not Catholic because she can't stand all that standing and kneeling and whatnot. "I go for worship, not a workout."Gaby missed 9am mass and wants a chat with the father who has been expecting her to seek comfort after Victor's death. She admits she was a "little blue" but says she's bounced back and informs him she's getting married again and wants to know if he's available to perform the ceremony. When he points out that Victor has only been dead two weeks she says "I know, but I'm no good single. Honestly, I don't know how you do it."When she tells him the man is Carlos, she explains that they bumped into each other a few months ago and fell in love all over again. The priest does the math. Gaby replies, "you're just determined to make this awkward aren't you?" He says he'll do it as long as she promises to stay married to Carlos forever. She agrees. But then pokes her head back in to add "but if I don't, I promise you I will change religions." The priest appreciates the gesture.In Susan's kitchen she's dumping out her receipts on the table for her hunky, twentysomething cousin Tim, an accountant helping with her taxes. (He's played by Chris Carmack, Luke from "The O.C."). She explains Mike would be doing it but he's off... "getting better" says Tim helping her out, adding that his mom told him. He says he's happy to have the work after being laid off... for sleeping with the boss's daughter. She was 18, he points out. This makes Susan uncomfortable, even when he points out that 18 is legal and that he checked with a lawyer before he did anything. Susan leaves.At church Tom and the kids are near comatose listening to the sermon, Lynette is attentive. Bree and Orson look beatific. Lynette raises her hand. Bree is mortified and asks what she's doing. Lynette says she has a question and that it will just take a second. She tells the reverend that his sermon was lovely but that he lost her when he said "God's love is as sure as the sunlight." He wonders why. And she notes that there are wars raging and school shootings and wonders where God's love is exactly. The preacher responds "ah, the eternal question. Why do bad things happen to good people?" He tells her to remember that God gave us free will and that much of the evil in the world is brought on by man. She rejoinders with the tornado. Surely, it was not man made. The preacher says her questions are big and invites her to the Tuesday night bible study then shoots Bree a glance.Katherine and Dylan show up at Susan's with flowers. Dylan has a study date with Julie and tells Susan her mom "wants to apologize for being rude... again" the other day at the Mayfair house. Katherine apologizes. Susan says no one is judging her. She introduces them to Tim who recognizes Katherine as "Mrs. Davis." She asks how they know each other. Susan remembers that as a kid, when Katherine lived on Wisteria Lane previously, that little Timmy stayed with her when he went to band camp. Katherine apprises that he is now all grown up. He says the last time he saw Dylan she was pulling a wagon and asks how old she is. She replies that she will turn 18 in a week. Susan has a small freak-out and calls Julie down.Edie goes to visit Carlos in the hospital. He recognizes her perfume as she walks in. She says there's no reason to be mean because she's there to do something nice since she lost all his money. She hands him a diamond bracelet he gave her supposing it must be worth thousands of dollars. He tells her he bought it at a swap meet and gave it to her in a Cartier box. She gets mad saying she gave him her heart and he gave her cubic zirconia and storms out. Carlos sighs. She stops by the nurse's station and asks when he'll get his sight back because she has a hand gesture she'd like to show him. The nervous nurse says his condition is very serious and she should talk to the doctor saying she doesn't think his girlfriend even knows. Edie realizes she has something up on Gaby now. In order to pump out info from the nurse she bribes her with lunch at a nice restaurant.We see a close-up of the charred remains of the note Katherine threw in the fire. The only sentence that can be made out is "your father was murdered," which Julie reads aloud in her room with Dylan. She wonders if Dylan's sick aunt was really in her right mind and Dylan believes she was. She says her mother doesn't know she found the note and that she's not telling her since it will only give her another chance to lie to her daughter. Instead Dylan is going to Adam, whom she trusts to tell her the truth. Julie wonders why Katherine would lie and Dylan says "Julie, are you serious? She's the one who killed him."Gaby arrives at Carlos' hospital room with the priest in tow to surprise Carlos with the news of their wedding. She is wearing white. He is wearing pajamas. Carlos starts to protest as the "dearly beloved" begins. He asks what the rush is, she says there's nothing in their way now and that she really needs a happy ending and asks him to marry her. He says okay. She snaps at the priest to get going. Carlos says before they start there's something he needs to tell her. He admits that it's possible that he might not get his sight back. The moment he says that she pulls her hand from his gasping and he immediately adds "for three months, four months tops." She says that's a really long time and retakes his hand and says "for better or worse." The priest returns and starts the ceremony.Back in Susan's kitchen Tim offers to pick up some milk for Susan, saying he could use a little air. Susan, looking visibly pregnant now, munches on some pickles and notices Tim talking to Dylan on her bike and dashes outside to demand her milk.Bree comes to Lynette's porch, where Lynette is furiously placing post-it notes in her new bible. Bree seems worried that Lynette is coming to bible study. She tells Lynette that since she's new to church "this" isn't her fault. Lynette asks what "this" is. Bree explains that her outbursts on Sunday were not acceptable, saying "church isn't a place for questions it's a place for answers." Lynette wonders how you get answers without questions. Bree suggests "that gospel church by the airport" if Lynette enjoys talking back to the pulpit. Lynette is hurt.Adam comes into his hotel room and hits his answering machine only to hear Dylan tell him she found the note and wants to talk to him. Surprisingly, Katherine is in the room and hits the stop button and says she can tell Dylan doesn't really know anything. Adam points out that she does have the note. Katherine brushes that off saying Dylan has no answers, only questions.Adam offers to refuse to see her. Katherine says instead to ask Dylan to the hotel and find out what she knows. Adam wonders if it wouldn't just be easier to tell the truth. "And just wave goodbye as they cart me off to jail?" she asks. Adam says Dylan wouldn't call the police saying he thinks the mother and daughter have a great relationship. She points out that he hasn't been paying attention then. She stops at the door and says, sadly, that when he called her tonight she was half hoping he missed her, and admits she misses him and that she's very lonely. She asks if they can get past it. He says only that he will talk to Dylan and after that he's done. (At this point it becomes clear that he called Katherine over after hearing the message, and it's being played again when we see her switching off the machine.)Tim is doing Susan's taxes as Bree and Orson depart to run some errands and take baby Benjamin to the museum respectively. After they leave Tim calls a girl he tells he can't stop thinking about and invites her over.Edie approaches Gaby, who is taking packages out of her trunk, and says she heard the good news and says this must mean Gaby has finally won. Gaby says it wasn't a competition but yes, she guesses she did. Edie says it's for the best since she could never be the hero that Gaby is about to be. Gaby is confused. Edie says it's amazing that Gaby is committing her life to a blind man for whom she will have to do everything. Gaby gives her the "four months tops" line. Edie says the nurse say "nuh-uh," and that the condition is permanent. Gaby doesn't believe it. Edie says the bright side is that Gaby doesn't have to worry about wearing make-up or getting fat now.Julie and Susan are visiting Mike in rehab where he says his work detail has been scrubbing toilets. Susan is excited that this will transfer to home life to which Mike intones with mock solemnity "You're making me want to use Susan....this junkie thing is awesome." (Even for "DH" this seems awfully flippant.) Susan mentions Tim has some tax questions and can Mike answer them?She calls Tim who answers the phone in his underwear on the edge of his bed and waves off questions because he's "taking a nap." An unseen woman giggles and Susan asks who it is. Tim denies there is a woman there. Susan rushes home. She tells Mike to scare college-bound Julie straightIn the Solis kitchen an angry Gaby is pouring cans of stew into a pot and adding a scoop of dirty sink water telling Carlos that he is going to love her new recipe. Carlos wants a little new marriage consummation. Gaby claims to be wearing a pink lace teddy and "whore-y pumps." (She's wearing sweats and tank). He follows the sound of her voice and walks shin first into the stove door that Gaby has opened for him to walk into. She then calls him over to the table where she pushes a chair in front of him and he falls. She helps him up and pushes him into the wall. He asks what's up. She tells him the jig is up. He apologizes for lying. She throws fruit at him. He says he hoped that by the time she got used to his blindness he could tell her and then she wouldn't leave him. Gaby is offended at the notion that she would leave him. He says "I'm poor and I'm blind and let's face it there's nothing about that that is your type." She admits the truth would've freaked her out but that she could've risen to the challenge if he had honestly presented it to her. He apologizes again. She accepts and says "To avoid future confusion, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you." They agree that it won't be easy. She repeats the for better or for worse vow.A car screeches up to Susan's house as she runs up the stairs and yells at Tim to "get off that poor girl right now." The covers draw back to reveal not Dylan, but Katherine. He tells Susan he's finished her taxes. Susan asks what's going on, Katherine apologizes. Susan says she understands what she's been going through so no apology necessary but then looks to Tim. He explains that he's not a predator, that Katherine simply came over for drinks and that reminiscing led to a return of old feelings which led to an afternoon delight. Susan ain't buying it and storms out. Only to return and ask "what do you mean old feelings?" Katherine doesn't want to talk about it. Susan wonders what they could reminisce about since Tim was only on Wisteria Lane for a week when he was 16 and comes to the realization the pair slept together back then. Katherine tells her not to freak out and then Tim admits Katherine took his virginity.It's Sunday again and Bree and Orson have brought the reverend his favorite blueberry scones and he apologizes for not having yet made a decision about the Ladies' Auxiliary. The reverend asks after Lynette, whom he found refreshing not annoying as Bree had thought. Bree runs off to the Catholic church to get the Scavos. Lynette says she just put ten bucks in the collection plate and wants to get her money's worth. The priest- the one who married Carlos and Gaby- comes over to ask what's up and a nun turns around and tattles that Bree is trying to poach Lynette.Bree drags out Lynette and tries to claim she misses her. And then comes clean about the Ladies' Auxiliary. Lynette is unimpressed and blows her off and tells her she's saddened because out of all of her friends she thought Bree had real faith, which she used to help her get through rough times. Bree says it did help her and when Lynette asks how she fumbles and says "it just did." Which Lynette deems not a good enough answer, especially after what she's been though (cancer, tornado). An emotional Lynette says she wants to know why she survived. Bree, touched, asks why Lynette didn't tell her this. And Lynette retorts, "why didn't you ask?"Later, Bree goes to Lynette to apologize and tell her that she took herself out of the running for the Ladies' Auxiliary. She says she wants Lynette to have faith in her and her friendship. They hug. She asks about Catholicism. Lynette says "eh." But at least they don't judge her for having so many kids.In the Mayer-Delfino kitchen Susan asks Tim if his teenage interlude with Katherine 12 years ago was an ongoing affair. He says no, that it was just the one time and that she told him to stay away but he admits to going back on the last night of his visit.We see a teenaged boy with flowers walk up the Mayfair steps about to ring the buzzer. Before he rings he hears yelling and peeks in the window and sees Katherine hit her husband with a candle stick. The look in her eyes scared him so he ran away and never talked to her again. Susan asks who the man was. He says he got the impression it was her ex-husband and asks if she's seen him lately.A tearful Dylan is at Adam's hotel explaining that she's had a weird feeling her whole life and lost memories and she believed that finding this note proved that she was not crazy and that the best Adam can come up with is that her Aunt Lily was wacko and didn't know what she was writing in the note? She doesn't believe it saying she needs the truth. She begs him. He says "The truth Dylan, is that your mother didn't kill your father and she loves you more than you'll ever know." He hugs her and over her shoulder looks remorseful.VO: Mary-Alice tells us that "faith is a belief in something that cannot be proven" so: "we trust in the words of the only father weve ever known" - as we see Dylan hug Adam; "We believe the promises of the woman who shares our bed"- as we see Carlos and Gaby snuggle; "we rely on the example of dear friends who help us to be better people"- as we see Lynette and Bree chatting over a bible; As we see Susan take out her trash Mary-Alice tells us we all want to believe in those we are closest to. Susan looks up and sees Katherine doing the same and Mary-Alice notes "but where there is doubt our faith begins to vanish and fear rushes in to take its place." Susan looks fearful.

Directed by David Grossman  

Starring Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross, Eva Longoria, Nicollette Sheridan, more...

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