Now You Know

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Comedy/Drama/Mystery/Romance, USA, 2007, 43 min.

Synopsis Season four begins immediately at the conclusion of the previous season. Edie Britts suicide attempt is shown to be a hoax to gain her ex-fiancé Carlos Solis attention. Due to a series of unforseen events, Edie accidentally does hang herself and she is rushed to Hospital where the other housewives of Wisteria Lane, except Gabrielle Marquez, arrive. In a flashback the viewer gets to know that after Carlos and Gabrielles one-night-stand, her husband Victor Lang almost catches the two together, but Carlos manages it to hide under Gabrielles wedding dress. Carlos and Gabrielle agree to run away together, but after Edies fake suicide attempt, Carlos tells Gabrielle that he cannot leave with her because he has to be there for Edie. Gabrielle reinforces her desire to run away together but Carlos remains with the argument that Edie needs him, otherwise she could hurt herself again. When Carlos wakes on Edies couch, she comes down the stairs and discusses the trust in their relationship. Edie reveals to Carlos that she has discovered his bank account in the Cayman Islands worth $10m. During new neighbour Katherines barbecue party, Gabrielle approaches Carlos and discusses their future together. A few nights later, Gabrielle confronts Victor over their relationship. During the conversation Gabrielle realizes that he will almost never have time for her. The same night, Carlos and Gabrielle rendezvous at Gabrielles house on Wisteria Lane to continue their affair.Bree Hodge and her son Andrew are shown arguing over Bree and her husband Orsons plot to disguise Brees daughter Danielles child as their own. During new neighbour Katherine's barbecue, Brees cushioned stomach is accidentally stabbed by a barbecue fork. Hysterical neighbour Ida Greenberg mistakes it for an actual accident, making Adam Mayfair, the gynecologist, rush to see if Bree is okay. Bree and Orson cover it up as a prank with a pair of fake forks.Lynette Scavo has not yet told anybody about her cancer, including her children, and wears a wig to hide being bald from the chemotherapy. Lynette has a confrontation with a woman, Muriel, regarding the organization of several schooling activities for her sons. While she has been covering up her illness to seem and feel normal, the curt and insisting woman becomes too much for Lynette to bear. As the woman is scorning her about being tired and citing her own migraine, Lynette stares at her, removes her wig and reveals her cancer. The woman is speechless and walks away. Meanwhile, Susan, Gabrielle and Bree all see Lynette removing her wig.Susan Mayer and Mike are discussing their new married life. Susan visits the gynecologist, but finds out her regular doctor is out. As a subsitute, Adam Mayfair, her friends husband, arrives. Susan is hesitant about the situation but lets Adam check her. Adam tells Susan she may be in the beginning stages of menopause, which Susan is insulted by. She does not think she is old enough to be going through this and is embarrassed that he may be right. At first she tried to keep the news from her husband but later she seeks comfort from Mike. He assures her that everything will be okay, lying about not wanting children anyway. Later at her home, Susan is visited by Adam who apologizes for his error and informs her that she is pregnant. Mike walks in at this exact moment and the couple is overjoyed by the news. However, it is still unclear whether the father of the baby is Mike or Ian.While talking, Susan, Bree and Gabrielle tell Lynette how disappointed they were that she did not tell them of her cancer. The four girls then make a pact to tell each other all of their secrets and to hide nothing from each other ever again. Obviously not stating the truth as Bree is pretending to be pregnant, Gabrielle is having an affair with Carlos and Susan is married to Mike.One month after Edies fake suicide attempt, a new family moves into Mike Delfinos old house. The new resident of the street was a former resident; Katherine Mayfair, moved with her new husband Adam and daughter Dylan who was supposedly Julie Mayers childhood best friend. Tension between Katherine and Bree flares up as Katherine nervingly tells Bree that she has to cut down her beloved tree in her back yard, to which Bree assures that she will do no such thing. Dylan approaches but does not remember Susan or Julie from when she originally lived on Wisteria Lane. A few days later, Katherine holds a barbecue for the entire street in order to reintroduce her self to everyone. During the party, Edie returns to the street with Carlos and mistakes Katherines party for her own welcome home party. Julie meets Dylan again, but Dylan does not remember Julie or their old friends. Later, Julie is talking with Dylan when Dylan reveals that she can remember nothing about Wisteria Lane. Dylan tells Julie about her earliest memory. In it, she remembers herself as a little girl and a man trying to grab her. As the episode concludes, Julie tells Susan that the Dylan that has moved to Wisteria Lane is not the real Dylan; that she is not the same girl Julie knew when she was a child. In the Mayfair house, Katherine and Adam discuss a room. Adam asks Katherine if that was the room it happened in. Katherine tells him it was, and that Dylan was asking if she could move into that room. Adam then asks her if it was the right thing to return to Wisteria Lane, which Katherine replies to, that they did not have a choice.[edit] Narration At the beginningThe first thing you should know is that Edie Britt never actually intended to die. But someone she loved was trying to leave her. So she planned every detail, from the silk scarf she'd hang by to the suicide note detailing her despair. Now all Edie had to do was wait for her beloved to come home. You see, to hold on to her man Edie knew she had to find the perfect moment to let go. Sadly for Edie her timing was fatally flawed. And this is now Carlos Solis arrived just in the nick of time to save the life of Edie. Of course had he known what she was about to do to his life he would have let her hang there.There is a certain time of night when children have been put to bed and husbands have begun snoring, that women lie awake and think of the secrets theyve been keeping from their friends. It might be an impromptu wedding... or a recently diagnosed tumor... or a make believe pregnancy. Regardless, its all they will think of until something comes along to remind them that other people have secrets too.At the endThere is a certain time of morning. It occurs after kids have left for school. And husbands have headed off for work. Its a time when women think of the secrets theyve been keeping from their friends. And how shocked they would be if the truth were discovered. And how they would do everything in their power to keep that from happening. But what of those lucky women who have no secrets left to keep. What do they think about every morning? These women think of their neighbors and the secrets they may be keeping.

Directed by Larry Shaw  

Starring Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross, Eva Longoria, Nicollette Sheridan, more...

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