Deadly Voyage

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Thriller/Drama, USA, 1996, 90 min.

Synopsis Based on the terrifying true story of one ship and the nine stowaways hiding beneath its deck, who dream of finding wealth and happiness in America. But their existence threatens the career of the ship's captain, and when a lack of water forces them out of hiding, they become a problem to the overly ambitious officer; his solution is a very final, deadly one. One by one, the stowaways are to be taken from the ship's hold and slaughtered. The plan of the ship's officers cold-bloodedly proceeds, until one of the stowaways manages to escape. Now, somewhere in the deep bowels of the ship, he runs and hides as armed crew members hunt him down. As long as he is alive, the captain and his crew must take the risk that their plot will be uncovered. They must make him the final victim if they are to put an end to the Deadly Voyage.

Directed by John Mackenzie  

Starring Omar Epps, Joss Ackland, Sean Pertwee, David Suchet, Wakefield Ackuaku, more...

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