Forget Me Not

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Comedy/Drama/, USA/Canada, 2004, 45 min.

Synopsis Joy decides she has to back to work so she and Reggie will have money.George has a reap in a long term care facility for a woman who has senile dementia, and doesn't to gently into the light.Rube found out about Daisy's involvement with a living man, and then meets him when Ray invites himself to sit down at the booth.Mason challenges Ray to a boxing match, and gets himself beaten to a pulp.Rube gets help finding his daughter, who is now in a long term facility herself. Reggie finds and checks out a library book which George had once checked out, and there's a little notation in the book.Even though Daisy broke up with him, Ray shows up at her house and when he threatens her, Mason kills him. We then learn how gravelings come to be.

Directed by Brad Turner  

Starring Ellen Muth, Laura Harris, Callum Blue, Jasmine Guy, Cynthia Stevenson, more...

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