Dawson's Creek

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Drama, USA, 1998, 60 min.

Synopsis Set in a small coastal, Massachusetts town named Capeside, Dawson's Creek tells the story of four teenagers as they struggle through adolescence. This is particularly true for 15-year-olds Dawson Leery, an introspective dreamer and Joey Potter, a precocious tomboy unaware of her beauty. Best friends since childhood, they are about to enter that confusing time in life where nothing is the way it was and nothing is as it seems.

Directed by Frank Perl, Morgan J. Freeman, Kenneth Fink, Jan Eliasberg, Janice Cooke, John Behring, Scott Paulin, Jim Charleston, Michael Toshiyuki Uno, Jesús Salvador Treviño, Steven Robman, Dennie Gordon, Bruce Seth Green, Michael Katleman, Peter B. Kowalski, Joshua Jackson, Kerr Smith, Julia Rask, Joanna Kerns, Sanford Bookstaver, David Straiton, David Grossman, Marita Grabiak, Jay Tobias, Nancy Malone, Rodman Flender, Michael Fields, Joe Napolitano, Krishna Rao, Lou Antonio, Patrick R. Norris, Sandy Smolan, Steve Miner, James Whitmore Jr., Robert Duncan McNeill, David Petrarca, Michael Lange, David Semel, Melanie Mayronová, Perry Lang, Arvin Brown, Allan Arkush, Arlene Sanford, Les Sheldon, Mel Damski, Keith Samples, Nick Marck, Harry Winer, Bethany Rooney, Lev L. Spiro, Jason Moore, Gregory Prange  

Starring James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams, Joshua Jackson, Mary Beth Peil, more...

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