Dark Moon Rising Part 1

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Synopsis Shocked that Rughal could create an artificial lunar eclipse, Ramzi seeks help from the Guardian. At the Ice Palace, Rughal is making final preparations for the full moon due the next night: Operation Eclipse is on track. Rughal also has Red Shroud trapped in suspended animation, and is using his electrical power to create a forcefield around the Ice Palace. The 99 cannot portal in, until, as a departing act of friendship, Cat tells them of a secret passage into the Ice Palace. Jabbar, Noora and Darr are dispatched to the Ice Palace, just as Mindo initiates his lunar eclipse. In the meantime, Blair in his cyber form has found a way to communicate with Red Shroud, but Red Shroud cannot break out of his stupor. Blair commissions Alex to help him, and Red Shroud is freed. But Rughal's villains overwhelm him, and both he, Jabbar and Noora are trapped. At the same time, Mindo's artificial eclipse is well underway.

Directed by Dave Osborne  

Starring Andrew Barbosa, Eric Boehm, Christa Clahone, Emily Coutts, Daniel Davis, more...

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