Venice Kings

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Action/Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 2009, 50 min.

Synopsis "Dark Blue" - "Venice Kings"- September 2, 2009We open on a sun-dappled street. Some dudes wait in an S.U.V. One is doodling "Kings Forever" and a crest on a piece of paper. It's a gang. Dean is sitting next to him, obviously undercover as a gang member. Dean asks if he's getting that as a tattoo for reals. The guy says he is, when he can afford it. They think they will if the smack dealer they're waiting for ever shows up.Three black guys roll past Jamie and Ty in a Range Rover and then Carter in another car. They're all watching Dean's car. The doodling guy is being goofy and offers drugs to Dean, who declines. One of his friends in the front seat tells him to pipe down, there's no time for fun since they're in a war.Jamie asks Ty if she thinks a bunch of white guys can take over Venice. Ty gets a text from his sister, asking for a lunch date. Meaning she needs money. Again.Two guys on a motorcyle, looking like Nazis drive by Carter. He radios Ty and Jamie saying he doesn't like it. The two Nazi-looking dudes roll up on the SUV and open fire. They take off. Cops roll up on them. Dean tells the others he'll draw fire and meet them in the alley. The cops are our guys, they pretend to shoot at each other. Dean meets up with the others, who are complaining about being set up. Dean barks at them just to get the goofy guy to the hospital.Back at some kind of garage the main gang guy, Pike, tells Dean to deal with the ride while he deals with the other guys. Dean asks if it wouldn't sit better with the guys to tell them they've already got a new deal in place, with the guy Dean's been telling them about. Pike says he doesn't do deals with "pledges." Dean says they have to hurry since the heroin war will be won by the person with the most heroin. Pike dismisses him and tells him to clean up the car. Another gang guy comes over and we learn that he's Dean's snitch. He doesn't want to get shot though. Dean threatens him with jail time. The snitch says he's giving Dean one more week.Back at HQ the gang exposits that the guy who got shot is in surgery and that the shooters were "Locs" defending their turf tipped off by a dealer named Eddie Sykes who's been having trouble with his supply chain. Jamie wonders what they're trying to do, keep down the white gang (the Kings) so the black gang (the Locs) can stay in control. In a way, yes, says Carter since the Kings think more like businessmen and not gangbangers and will expand the heroin evils even further into a bigger, more insidious business.Ty tells Carter he needs an hour of personal time. His sister. Carter says "ouch."He goes to meet her and she asks him for seven grand. She got in an accident and needs surgery. He says it's tight right now, paycheck to paycheck, and they're talking about kids. She says it's not easy to ask Ty for money and she's just asking for a little help.Dean chats with the snitch, who is named Halsey, about his girlfriend. Pike returns and tells them they have a meeting with a big gun named O'Neill and he put in a good word so not to screw it up. The guy in surgery? Dead.Dean goes to see O'Neill who is watching a news report on a tanker full of heroin being seized. He doesn't turn but says he heard Dean's a badass who shoots at cops, which he thinks sounds stupid. O'Neill interviews him. He says he's from Queens, did a stint in Sing Sing and came out west. O'Neill wants to know if anyone can vouch for him. Dean says he wasn't collecting references. O'Neill thinks that's funny. He asks the snitch to vouch for him. The snitch does. Dean sits and tells him about his connection, "Hector Corona," who's got a good line on the smack seized by the Feds. Dean asks if he's interested. O'Neill says it depends on whether or not the scumbag Eddie Sykes is alive. Dean, getting the message, says with a smile "that scumbag Sykes is dead."Dean calls Carter and tells him that O'Neill wants him to kill Sykes. Carter counters with grabbing Sykes and hiding him for a while. Dean also mentions that Halsey, his snitch is getting edgy after having seen that other guy get shot and since he knows Dean is a cop, if he flips, Dean is dead. Carter says to bring him in.Ty, Carter, and Jamie go to grab Sykes. Ty investigates the house while Carter tells Sykes they know he set up the Kings and they've put a hit out on him. Ty finds a whole bunch of money in a false wall. Carter tells Sykes they can confiscate it or let him walk away with every penny, he just needs to explain how he set up the hit on the Kings. He said he didn't. He says Darnell Wallace who runs the Locs said he would pay if Sykes told him the next time someone came looking to make a big score. (Ty is looking at the money covetously). Carter wonders what he's holding. Sykes says nothing, it's a drought. Carter tells him if he plays ball and sits in a cell for a week and then disappears they'll let him walk and keep his money. Sykes doesn't believe it. Carter tells Ty to scour the pad for he rest of the dope and then voucher the money. He notices Ty eyeballing the cash.Jamie tells Sykes to lie back while she shoots him. Ty asks him how much money is in the wall. Sykes wonders if he wants the real amount or the amount minus how much Ty wants to make this go down the way they said it would. Ty tells him to shut up. (It's $743,000). Jamie doctors up his head and tells Ty to shoot him. She means a picture...... Which Dean shows to O'Neill of Sykes lying with a pool of blood around his head. He has also brought an ear. O'Neill likes this. Dean claims he and the snitch did the kill together. O'Neill says this ruthlessness is how they will run the city. He tells Dean to call his connection. The snitch tells Dean to make sure his heroin is good because if not, O'Neill and his peeps will kill the guy.Ty, as "Hector Corona," arrives in a Beamer. Jamie and Carter are nearby with a swat team. O'Neill wants to test the goods. Ty explains how he got his goods utilizing frozen shark carcasses. Ty asks to see the money. O'Neill asks who else Ty does business with. Ty says that's confidential. The snitch vouches for "Hector." "Hector" gets the money. O'Neill says it's the last piece and by this time tomorrow they'll own Venice. Carter gets the team ready to move in as Hector says he thought the Locs owned Venice. O'Neill essentially says he's going to kill them all. Carter holds them back. Hector asks where this is going down so he can stay safe. O'Neill tells him to stay on a particular side of the 405 if he doesn't want ash on his silk shirt. Carter can't believe this mass murder plot. Carter walkie-talkies the team and tells them to abort the arrest. Jamie wonders why. Carter says because he's figured out that there's a bomb. She asks where? He says that's the magic question.Carter back at HQ is on the phone telling Dean he had no choice. Dean says if Halsey cracks then he's dead. Carter says Dean is in until they find the bomb so if he's nervous he should help find it fast. Carter tells Jamie they need to go for a ride. Ty stays behind, still ogling the cash, which he is now counting.At a strip club Dean and Halsey drink. Dean tells Halsey to dial it back a bit. Halsey tells him he has no idea where the bomb is. O'Neill joins them for a drink and asks Dean, why so sour? Dean wants to know how far from 405 he should stay. O'Neill say he'll be safe. Dean says he's psyched to be a part of it but just wants to know if it's true. O'Neill confirms it is, two dudes came down from Oregon and planted the bomb. O'Neill drags Halsey off for a lapdanceTy and Jamie go to Sykes to get an address for Darnell Wallace, the head of he Locs. Sykes has nothing for them. Ty threatens a bonfire of Sykes' money until he spills since innocent lives are at stake. Sykes gives up a house downtown.Jamie and Ty bust into the house where the criminals are cutting up coke and other drug-related business. Jamie and the bomb squad guys ask about seeing two white guys coming around, maybe with a little suitcase? The drug thugs say no.Back at HQ Jamie and Ty report guns and coke but no explosives to Carter. Ty also tells Carter about the 7k his sister is asking for, but says he's not helping her this time. He then ogles the suitcase full of cash.Back at strip club, Halsey tells Dean he heard the bomb is big and will kill innocent people. He's decided he wants out and to do his time instead. He says O'Neill is nervous and trying to get in touch with the fake dealer Halsey came up with when vouching for "Hector." Dean tells them they're sticking together and to stay strong they'll make it through. Halsey worries even if they do he'll have a bullseye on his back. Dean reiterates there's a bomb poised to kill people and Halsey should care about that.Jamie exposits on O'Neill's record. They then come across his girlfriend, Marcella, a bank teller with no record. Carter says they should grab the girlfriend for leverage. Jamie protests that dating a criminal doesn't make you one. Carter tells Jamie to get her in there however she can.Jamie goes to chat with Marcella, claiming to be from a car dealership and then she and Ty essentially kidnap her. They bring her back to HQ, hooded and with tape over her mouth. Marcella is justifiably freaked.Ty calls O'Neill posing as a Loc saying their going to rape and kill Marcella unless O'Neill gives up the bomb location. Through a series of hints and the interrogation of Marcella they realize it's somewhere on Coeur D'Alene St. Ty says if they find it first they'll kill the girl or O'Neill can give it up now and she walks away. O'Neill says the bomb is in a brown Toyota at number 2302 and they have 20 minutes.People are running from a house. The bomb squad guy tells Ty and Carter that they got "most of it." As Ty and Carter walk away, the car blows up.Carter tells Dean to cut Halsey loose and Jamie and Ty to bust O'Neill.Dean heads back to O'Neill's lair and is escorted at gunpoint into O'Neill's office where Halsey is sitting, all beat up. O'Neill asks if he's 5-0. Dean says he's insulted. O'Neill asks how cops got information about bomb. He tries to get Halsey to flip on Dean. Halsey apologizes and O'Neill is about to shoot him when Jamie busts in and shoots O'Neill.Dean goes to Halsey and hands him a big wad of cash and claims he found it on the ground and walks off with a smile.Jamie is freaked that she killed O'Neill. at HQ even though she knows he was trash. Swigging a beer she tells Carter that she'lll drink her self to sleep for a few nights and then move on. Carter says it sounds like a good plan. She gripes a bit about what they did to Marcella. Carter says he made a judgemen call on Marcella and it worked. Jamie says "this time." Carter says "that's all that matters."Ty comes in with suitcase full of cash. Carter essentially gives Ty a chance to steal some of it saying he wasn't planning on counting it.Ty goes home, kisses Melissa and tells her she's beautiful and asks if she wants to go out tonight, all he has to do is shower. She replies his sister left a message on the home line saying thanks, a few times. She asks how much he gave her. He says nothing. She says it's bill night and wants to know which one will bounce. Ty says they are going to pay the bills, the mortgage and go eat a big steak too. She said he told her that people slip when they do bad things for good reasons. He says he didn't slip. She wonders how he got 7 grand then?. He sold his motorcycle. She says she'll meet him in the shower.

Directed by Eagle Egilsson  

Starring Dylan McDermott, Omari Hardwick, Logan Marshall-Green, Nicki Aycox, Matt Bushell, more...

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