Rabbit in a Snowstorm

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Action/Adventure/Crime/Drama/Sci-Fi/Thriller, USA, 2015, 52 min.

Synopsis The episode opens at a bowling alley, where one of Vladimir and Anatoly's rivals, a gang boss named Prohaska, is bowling with two of his associates. An innocuous man named John Healy walks up to the desk and asks the girl on duty for a pair of bowling shoes. She shrugs him off, informing him that the alley is closed. Prohaska's playing because he's worked out a special arrangement with the owner. Healy approaches Prohashka about joining his game, but it's merely pretense for a hit: he promptly takes out Prohashka's two bodyguards, then pulls out a pistol. As Healy prepares to fire, the scene suddenly cuts back to 36 hours earlier. Healy is meeting with Turk Barrett, his arms dealer, who sells him the pistol, freshly smuggled into town and which has never been fired. Healy says he'd like a revolver as they don't jam up, but Turk insists that his pistols don't jam. Despite his promise, Healy's gun DOES jam as he prepares to shoot Prohaska. Prohaska gets the drop on Healy, forcing him to take on his target hands-on. After a bout of fisticuffs, Healy manages to break Prohaska's arms, then finishes him off by crushing his head with a bowling ball.As Healy catches his breath, he sees the on-duty attendant has called 911 to summon the police. She hastily flees. Healy calmly stashes the useless gun in a pinball machine, then gets on his knees and puts his hands on the back of his head as police officers enter the alley and point their guns at him. He only responds to their commands saying he wants a lawyer.The next morning. on a bench outside the church, Matt Murdock is recognized by Father Lantom, who has deduced that Matt is Jack Murdock's son. Lantom invites Matt to take confession, or even a latte, but Matt declines the chance to talk.Meanwhile, at the docks, New York Bulletin reporter Ben Urich (Vondie Curtis-Hall) meets with Silvio, an Italian mobster and long-time source. Silvio is planning on retiring to Florida to avoid being killed like so many other New York gangsters. Ben has heard talk of someone hitting the Russians, and that there's a new player on the criminal scene, but Silvio warns Ben that pursuing the story is dangerous.At the Nelson & Murdock office, Karen is looking over a summons she's just received in the mail from Union Allied's lawyers. Foggy shows up first, clearly hung over from their night of drinking. They briefly banter about Karen's salary before Matt comes in, sporting a visible injury over his eye from his fight with the Russians, which he claims is from tripping and hitting something. Foggy and Karen suggest he get a seeing-eye dog. This is interrupted by a knock at the door from what they take to be a prospective client. After exchanging glances, Karen goes to answer the door, and their client is revealed to be James Wesley.Matt, Foggy and Karen sit down with Wesley in the conference room. Wesley refuses to give his name or talk about Confederated Global, the multinational corporation he works for, but he seems to know a lot about Matt, Foggy, and Karen's histories. Wesley says he wants to put the firm on a generous retainer in exchange for their services and discretion, but first they must take on a case: defending Healy. Foggy is eager to accept Wesley's money, but Matt is suspicious (especially after Wesley recognizes Karen), and decides to follow Wesley. He's only able to make it partway down the block before Wesley gets into the middle vehicle in a convoy of three Cadillac Escalades, and disappears.Foggy goes to the precinct and meets Healy, who claims self-defense and is clearly willing to lie through his teeth about the circumstances of the attack. Just as Foggy is ready to drop the case, Matt arrives and agrees to represent Healy, believing it's the best way to learn more about Wesley. However, Healy deflects all questions about Wesley or why Confederated Global is paying his legal bills, and insists on going to trial rather than taking a plea.Meanwhile, Ben Urich is in his office, finishing up a call with the hospital trying to deal with the insurance for his wife Doris, who is afflicted with Alzheimer's. His editor Mitchell Ellison (Geoffrey Cantor) walks in and asks to talk about the next edition. Urich is intent on continuing the organized crime story, briefly arguing with Ellison over its newsworthiness, with Urich interested in writing about something the cops show no interest in, while Ellison doesn't see it as propping up their ailing circulation numbers. Urich eventually concedes and agrees to write a piece about whether or not Hell's Kitchen will get a subway line, despite the fact that they run it every year and it's bad even by fluff piece standards.Wesley goes to the bowling alley and retrieves Healy's gun from the machine.At Nelson & Murdock, the pair settles their disagreement over the case and come up with a strategy for the defense. Matt suggests that Karen investigate Confederated Global, but Karen has left the office to answer the summons from Union Allied's lawyers. Union Allied which is in the process of being dissolved argues that Karen breached her non-disclosure agreements by releasing the pension file to the media and could be sued. Instead, they agree to pay her a severance of six months' salary in exchange for her silence, as long as she signs a contract to that effect.Ben's wife Doris is in the hospital, and though the Bulletin's health insurance doesn't cover her continued treatment, he manages to buy a few more days of care to file appeals. Later, he visits her at the hospital, though she's not awake.At Nelson & Murdock, Foggy gripes about their poor office equipment as the team puts together Healy's defense. Karen is only able to find Confederated Global is a subsidiary of a string of shell companies. When Matt reminds her to not take any long lunch breaks, she doesn't mention the Union Allied payoff.Some time later, Healy's case goes to trial. While Foggy gives the opening statement, Matt observes that one of the jurors becomes agitated when Wesley enters the courtroom. Suspicious, Matt follows the juror that night in his vigilante outfit and learns that she's being blackmailed by one of Wesley's henchmen over a sex tape she did in her teens. Matt beats up the thug to learn more and demands a name, but the thug tells him that he has never been given one: All he knows is to watch out for a window in a certain building, and if the light is on he has a job. Matt then the settles for telling the thug to leave the juror alone and skip town. By the trial's end, the juror is excused from duty before Matt gives his final summation.Owlsley is somewhat desperate to meet with Wilson Fisk, believing the Healy situation is spinning out of control and he should simply be killed, but Wesley says they can't afford to leave any more bodies in light of everyone they killed to silence the Union Allied matter, so using a couple of clean lawyers is the most effective way of clearing things up. Karen meets with Jennifer Fisher, the widow of Daniel Fisher, who is moving out of New York with her children. Jennifer feels guilty for pushing her husband to do the right thing, and though Karen begs for help in exposing the conspiracy around Union Allied, Jennifer has already signed the payoff contract. Not knowing where else to go for help, Karen visits Ben Urich at his office, claiming to have more on the Union Allied story.In court, the jury returns from deliberation, but Matt's super senses alert him in advance that the jury is hung, and though multiple hung juries would normally result in a retrial, Matt is confident that Wesley and his people will make sure the case goes away. Sure enough, Healy goes free a few nights later, but Matt confronts him in his vigilante outfit, beats him into submission and tortures him until Healy gives up the name of Wesley's employer: Wilson Fisk. But then the professional killer starts shaking in fear, as he tells Matt that Fisk kills individuals who give up his name, as well as everyone they ever cared about. Despairingly, Healy calls Matt a coward, and tells him he should just have killed him instead of making him talk, and then, without hesitating, he commits suicide by impaling his head on a spike, much to Matt's shock.We cut to an art gallery, where Wilson Fisk is transfixed by a painting that seems to be nothing but gradations of white. The art gallery's owner, Vanessa Marianna (Aylet Zurer), approaches Fisk and asks him how the painting makes him feel. Fisk answers that it makes him feel alone.

Directed by Adam Kane  

Starring Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson, Rosario Dawson, Toby Leonard Moore, more...

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