Dangerous Company

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Thriller, Canada, 2015, 87 min.

Tagline Who can you trust when you can't trust yourself?

Synopsis A successful woman who has made a success of the clothing company created by her late mother, who in later life sufferred from dementia, which led to her death, is haunted by the possibility of having inherited the same condtion. During a stressful period, when she is being pressed to make a deal with a Chinese businessman, she starts to notice that she is constantly misplacing things such as her cellphone, important documents and even a favorite pair of shoes. Her husband tries to make light of this but envetually agrees to let her see a doctor who proposed some medication, which he administers to her. Her condition now begins to deteriorate rapidly but there are no prizes for guessing who is really responsible for her plight, given that this is a Lifetime movie assembled from the usual stock formulaic elements. OK for easy and undemanding entertainment but clinically free of both novel ideas and last-minute plot twists.

Directed by Sheldon Larry  

Starring Alicia Leigh Willis, Rick Ravanello, Melissa Marty, Susan Slome, David Alan Graf, more...

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