Round Five: Results

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Family//Musical/, 2010

Synopsis Seven pairs remain. The first safe couple is: Erin and Maks.It's recap time. Len thought there were great performances and great technique, but nothing that combined both. He particularly thought Nicole was disappointing, with all shimmy and no dance. And then there was Evan, who got dinged for being too "lyrical" for the samba.Jake, Niecy and Pam are at the bottom. Len likes Jake's commitment and will forgive him kicking the stairs. Len thought Pam's tango had passion but imprecise footwork.Len didn't mind Niecy's funny tango. He says Chad and Erin were the breakthroughs of the night. Chad, especially, he says, had the best dance of the night. Chad says he's trying to be more of the showman people in the world of football are used to.Len calls Erin a fantastic dancer but says that Maks and his shirt-ripping routine were a distraction.It's time for the repeat dance: Chad and Cheryl, who are also safe.They do their routine again.Melissa Etheridge is the guest of the night. She's there to perform her new song "Fearless Love." Anna and Maks, Tony and Chelsie dance.Up next is a salsa dance.They have some fun with computers next, turning to ESPN's Sports Science to test dancer's strength on Demetri and balance on Edyta. They find she spins faster than the pedals on Lance Armstrong's bike at top speed. Finally, they find they are coordinated within one degree on kicks and in sync with .002 milliseconds.Melissa Etheridge is back to sing "Come to My Window." Alec and Edyta dance. (Side note: Sam Neill is in the audience.)Brooke talks to Erin and Maks, who promises to be fully covered from now on. (No one's buying it.) Chad enjoys getting some love from the judges, and calls it extra motivation. Cheryl says Chad needs to work on embracing each dance.More results... Nicole and Derek (tops), Jake and Chelsie (bottom) are called out. Not surprisingly, Nicole and Derek are the next couple safe.As for Jake and Chelsie, they get to wait.Brooke talks to them, asking if Jake still feels confident. He admits to being nervous. Niecy says the atmosphere is still like a family and "we love each other enough not to tell each other the truth. Even if we have a bad performance, we're like 'woo, you rock!'" (Which causes Brooke to awkwardly note how funny Niecy is.)Tom explains what Sam Neill is doing there: he's in the new ABC show "Happy Town."They roll a video package of the stars talking about how it feels to be halfway there. Evan is surprised by the concentration it takes, Jake talks about the long practice hours. Chad calls it "super hard" and "very humbling." Nicole is surprised by how much she ended up caring. Pam says it's nerve-racking, but she thinks you should do things that make you nervous sometimes. Evan can't predict who's going to win at this point.Time for more news... The next safe couple is: Pam and Damian.We review the dances by the bottom couples: Jake and Chelsie, Niecy and Louis and Evan and Anna.The first couple in the bottom two is: Jake and Chelsie (round of boos).The final safe couple is Evan and Anna, which means Niecy and Louis are in the bottom two.Len says he'd miss Niecy's bubbly personality and Jake's enthusiasm. He suggests whoever stays refine their dances.And the couple who is done dancing is: Jake and Chelsie. The announcement gets a round of boos, then supportive applause.Brooke asks Jake if he's surprised to get cut. Instead, he says it was the best season of the show and thanks Texas and Maverick's fans and Canada. He thanks Chelsie and gets choked up, calling her one of his best friends and saying he's loved every second of competing.They show his greatest moments, including him saying he and Chelsie treat each other like brother and sister.They start their final dance as we hear the Cha-cha challenge is coming next week.

Directed by Alex Rudzinski  

Starring Pamela Anderson, Damian Whitewood, Erin Andrews, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Evan Lysacek, more...

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