Round Five

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Family//Musical/, USA, 2009, 122 min.

Synopsis Monday night's "Dancing with the Stars" challenged the 10 remaining couples with two dances -- either an Argentine tango or a paso doble and a group Hustle.Maksim Chmerkovskiy stepped in for flu-ridden Derek Hough (maybe he should've kept his shirt on last week) and partnered up with model Joanna Krupa.Natalie & Alec: But first, Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin was thrilled to have another chance to impress the judges and took on the powerful paso doble. She was a bit relieved to not have to worry about the romance and focus on the intensity of the dance. Len Goodman called Natalie a very accomplished dancer, but said her paso lacked a bit of aggression, "but overall, very well done." Bruno Tonioli agreed, saying the paso doble "has to have conviction" and he didn't quite see that. Carrie Ann Inaba said Natalie was a great student, but that the competition is changing and now it's more about seeing if the stars can dance rather than just learning the moves. She also called them out on a lift. Scores: 7, 8, and 7. Total: 22Aaron & Karina: Singer Aaron Carter was still reeling from Carrie Ann's comment that he turns people off. This week, he landed the Argentine tango with partner Karina Smirnoff, who asked him to turn her on. Aaron was looking to prove that "this boy has become a man." Aaron ended his performance with a -- hey, what the heck is LaToya Jackson doing there? -- big strong dip of Karina. Bruno said it was like watching Robert Pattinson tangoing in "Twilight." Carrie Ann called Aaron over for a kiss on the cheek and said "that was the way to do it." Len said the last couple of weeks Aaron looked like "someone lost in the wilderness, like a little boy who's lost his daddy," but that he pulled it together this week. Host Tom Bergeron explained LaToya's presence: Tuesday night's results show will feature a tribute to Michael Jackson. Scores: 8, 8, and 8. Total: 24Michael & Anna: NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin was thankful that voters gave him "a new lease on life" by saving him last week despite the fact that he had the lowest judges' score. He said he didn't want to let them down. His partner Anna Demidova told him to hold his rear as if he had a coin between his butt cheeks. So he pulled out a coin and put it there. Carrie Ann said, "Finally, somebody put his game face on," and called it her favorite dance, so far. Len said Michael's posture was good and said this week was even better than Michael's bolero last week. Bruno told Michael to keep the nickel in his butt because it's working for him. But Michael handed Bruno the nickel. Scores: 7, 7, and 7. Total: 21Mya & Dmitry: After sitting atop the judges' scoreboard for three weeks running, Mya next had to tackle the Argentine tango, but took some time out of her rehearsal to hep Habitat for Humanity build a house. The routine sizzled and sent the crowd crazy. Len said, "I never really know what I like until I see, and, I've got to say, I liked that." Bruno said it was precise with a great amount of sophistication. Carrie Ann told Mya she moved "so well," but that it was lacking just a bit of emotion. She acknowledged the distance between the dancers was by choice, but that there was no inner dialogue. Scores: 9, 9, and 9. Total: 27Mark & Lacey: "Iron Chef America" star Mark Decascos was hoping to climb out of the middle of the pack with a paso doble that went over quite well with the crowd. Bruno was floored, saying Mark was "really on it." Carrie Ann said Mark was in his power. Len said the paso needs "posture, passion and performance," and that Mark "had all three." His score certainly did the job of getting him out of the middle of the pack. Scores: 9, 9, and 8. Total: 26Donny & Kym: Donny Osmond and his partner Kym Johnson tried to work out their Argentine tango rehearsals around Donny's Las Vegas show nights four times a week. After being told by Bruno last week to sharpen his steps, Donny took the advice to heart. Carrie Ann said, "the Argentine tango loves Donny Osmond!" She said millions of women at home just fell in love with him and said it was "so darn sexy." Len loved the intensity and said, "It was truly your best dance." Bruno said Donny Osmond was "turning into Donnie Darko." Osmond pointed a finger at Bruno and said, "You took me there!" Scores: 10, 9, and 10. Total: 29Louie & Chelsie: Snowboarder Louie Vito had to bounce back from a Country Two-Step that left the judges feeling like he didn't do enough. He said he wasn't ready to go home, "so be prepared for a steamy Argentine tango." Len said he wasn't expecting anything like Louie's performance, but he was "so pleasantly surprised." He said it was Louie's best dance. Bruno said they had great storytelling. He said Louie was "still stepping it," and advised him to guide his feet to the floor. Carrie Ann agreed, but said she liked the way Louie was partnering Chelsie. Scores: 7, 8, and 7. Total: 22Melissa & Mark: Melissa Joan Hart was coming off her best performance of the season. Mark was battling the flu and actually missed a day of rehearsal, sending Anna Trebunskaya in to help Melissa learn some of the steps to her Argentine tango. Bruno pointed out that Melissa lost her steps a few times -- more than a few times, he noted. He also said he didn't buy her as the sexy harlot, that she "looked slightly grumpy, more than sexy." Carrie Ann said she disagreed. She said Melissa nailed the character and that despite the stumbles, it was "very good." Len said it did lack some of the seduction, but he liked the music and that Melissa held her own with difficult choreography. Scores: 8, 8, and 7. Total: 23Kelly & Louis: Kelly Osbourne's confidence continued to grow last week, but she didn't understand that her role in the paso doble would be that of a cape. They decided to dance their paso to dad Ozzy's "Crazy Train." Kelly looked a bit shaky. Carrie Ann said that a little bit of nervous Kelly came out, and told her to "stay with it, because it is all there, honey." Len said Kelly danced with quality and that even though she had to learn how to get the character of the dance, she did well. Bruno told Kelly that when she's on it she can deliver, but she had to stay on it. Scores: 8, 8, and 8. Total: 24Joanna & Maksim (subbing for Derek): Early in the week, Derek came down with the flu and a 104-degree temperature. Maks came in to save the day for model Joanna Krupa, who wanted to make Derek proud. There was a clear stumble in the middle of the routine. Bruno was loving it up until the stumble, but "these things happen." Len said getting a new partner is like getting a new pair of shoes, and that they did a good job, considering. Carrie Ann agreed, but gave Joanna a bit a advice to work on her flexibility. Scores: 8, 8, and 8. Total: 24Group Hustle: The first group dance of the season called for a hustle with Corky Ballas choreographing. Donny Osmond was getting flashes of his own past. The judges would not score the dance -- it was purely for the benefit of the voters at home.Bruno called it "sublime and ridiculous at the same time." Carrie Ann said Michael Irvin was standing front of her most of time, so she didn't see a lot of the dance. Len said Mark did a great job, and so did Aaron and Donny.LEADER BOARD:Donny & Kym, 29Mya & Dmitry, 27Mark & Lacey, 26Aaron & Karina, 24Kelly & Louis, 24Joanna & Maks, 24Melissa & Mark, 23Natalie & Alec, 22Louie & Chelsie, 22Michael & Anna, 21

Directed by Alex Rudzinski  

Starring Tom Bergeron, Samantha Harris, Aaron Carter, Karina Smirnoff, Mark Dacascos, more...

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