Changing of the Guard

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Drama, USA, 2012

Synopsis Southfork Ranch, Dallas, TexasSurprise, surprise, someone's drilling for oil! John Ross (Josh Henderson gets excited when he strikes oil and it rains from the sky like liquid gold. His girlfriend, Elena (Jordana Brewster) asks how he'll break the news to Bobby, given that drilling has never been allowed on Southfork.Bobby waits for his doctor. He gets the news he has a rare form of stomach cancer. He doesn't want anyone to know. "I've got family business to attend to -- before anyone knows I'm dying," he says.[roll credits]Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) leads a presentation on ice, frozen flammable methane, trying to sell a pitch for his patent application to investors. His father Bobby is out of the energy business.The potential investors offer him a 90/10 split and he walks away. But not before Rebecca Sutter (Julie Gonzalo) comes up and speaks entirely in French to him, telling him she has a problem and needs his help. She leads him into the ladies locker room and strips. They're getting down to business when Mrs. Stanfield hears and busts them. "His daddy would purr with pride," she says. They're getting married soon.Back home, Bobby's wife Ann (Brenda Strong) wonders what it'll be like for John Ross and Christopher to see each other again, given that Elena used to be engaged to Christopher. She figures something happened to drive him off to Asia. Bobby presents Ann with tickets for a world cruise.John Ross and Elena celebrate striking oil with their crew. John Ross pays someone at the bar for not telling his uncle Bobby about them drilling on Southfork. "Betting against JR's son would have been like betting against the Dallas Cowboys, downright unpatriotic," he says.John Ross gets a call and goes outside to meet someone in a hot red car, telling them to stay tuned.Bobby visits J.R., who's suffering from depression and is in and out. Bobby talks to him about their old fights about Southfork and oil. He wants Christopher and John Ross to have a chance to be a family. "I don't want them to be like us," he says. But he still misses J.R. and wants him to know he always loved him. J.R. doesn't respond.At a gathering for Bobby's birthday, he asks Christopher why he doesn't just ask him for money for his business. John Ross and Elena come by. Elena's mom Carmen, the cook, wishes Elena had ended up with Christopher.Sue Ellen arrives.At dinner later, Rebecca mentions she doesn't have any bridesmaids for her wedding. Her parents died when she was young and only her brother can come. John Ross suggests Elena fill in and everyone around the table reacts with silent horror. Rebecca says it'd be an honor, since Elena is like Christopher's "sister."Bobby urges John Ross to visit his father, but he's got nothing to say to him.John Ross prods Christopher about his alternative energy business and Bobby interrupts, with an announcement. "I've decided the time has come to sell Southfork," he says.John Ross takes him to his drilling site. Bobby is angry to find he's been drilling. Elena says it's pure crude and worth a boatload. "I am sick to death of this family devouring itself over money!" Bobby says.Christopher thinks it'll have to be fracked and ruin the ranch. Bobby promised Miss Ellie there would be no drilling on Southfork.They're selling Southfork and that's final, he says. Christopher calls Bobby "Dad" and John Ross pounces: "Everybody knows your dad sold you when you were a little baby, you'll never be a Ewing!"They start swinging and end up rolling around on the ground. Bobby again tells John Ross no drilling.Back home, Christopher thinks John Ross is just using Elena to find the oil (she has some unspecified expertise). Rebecca asks if the whole thing is about Elena.Elena tells John Ross they should let it go and leave town or risk tearing the family apart. John Ross says his uncle is forcing his hand.The next day, Bobby meets with Mitch LaBelle, the family lawyer, about selling the ranch to a conservancy. The sheriff interrupts, apologizing as he serves Bobby papers. John Ross has filed an injunction against the sale of Southfork. He's petitioning to have the terms of the will overturned on the grounds of incompetency. Bobby promises to give him the "fight of his life."Later, Sherriff's trucks roll up on the drilling site with a court-issued stay. John Ross tells his men to keep drilling, but Bobby apologizes to them and they stop.Elena meets Rebecca at her wedding dress fitting and asks about her parents. Rebecca was 12 when they died. Rebecca changes the subject, essentially telling Elena she's on to her. She met Christopher after passing the bar, she knew he had a broken heart. She thinks Elena wishes the best for him.Sue Ellen and Ann come in talking about the boys and fawn over Rebecca. Sue Ellen thinks John Ross is getting robbed.At work, Christopher video conferences with a man in China who tells him they were harvesting methane and triggered an earthquake, they're shut down until they find out if there's a connection. A worker in Christopher's office overhears the news and takes note.John Ross pays his father a visit, but J.R. doesn't seem to know he's there. He tells him about the planned sale and his striking a 2 billion barrel reserve. He thinks Bobby's selling the ranch to give Christopher the money for his business.J.R. snaps out of where ever he was, saying Bobby always had harebrained ideas. The Ewing wheels start turning and J.R. says they have some catching up to do.John Ross can't afford the lawyers to sue Bobby, but J.R. says this is personal.Later, John Ross asks Elena to find out what Christopher is up to. He wants to know if Chris' plans could work.Elena visits Christopher's work. She sees the web story about the earthquake. He says it's a complete disaster. He can't continue and risk hurting people. He asks why she's there. She asks if he's happy. She gives him back an engagement ring.Elena reports back to John Ross, saying Christopher didn't want to talk about it.Bobby wakes up in bed with stomach pains. Ann goes to get him something for it and hears noises downstairs. She goes for the shotgun and inspects. She finds someone in Bobby's study going through his things. He's wearing a hoodie and she can't tell who it is, but she doesn't fire as he crashes through the window and runs off.Ann looks through the desk contents and finds the chemotherapy in pill form that Bobby's taking.Later, he assures her he's fine. She takes out the pills again and studies the bottle.The same guy in the hoodie comes to Ewing Enterprises and meets up with the employee, exchanging information on the operation for cash.Ann finds what the pills are for and starts crying.The next day is the day of the wedding. Bobby waits to meet Marta from the Del Sol Conservancy. Her father has more than a million acres of land around the world, all protected from development.They tour the ranch in a helicopter. She knows about the lawsuit, but he assures her it'll be thrown out. She sees no reason things can't move forward. Bobby fights back pain from his stomach.Guests arrive at the wedding. Lucy and Ray Krebbs (Steve Kanaly) are among the guests. Rebecca's brother Tommy finally shows up, claiming he was detained at the border. Christopher tells his father not to go through with anything on the conservancy before they talk.Bobby finds John Ross and puts him on notice that he's not allowed to ruin the wedding.Sue Ellen worries the conservancy deal is already done. John Ross blames her for keeping him in boarding school all those years and away from Ewing Oil, which is now run by "that idiot" Cliff Barnes. Sue Ellen says she can help him.A waiter slips John Ross a flashdrive. He plugs it into the office computer and sees the files about the methane process as environmental disaster.John Ross sidles up to Christopher. John Ross throws the earthquake in his face and threatens to expose him if he doesn't convince his dad to take Sourthfork off the market. John Ross thinks he's won.Christopher finds Elena and drags her inside to talk, accusing her of telling John Ross about the earthquake problems. Christopher says John Ross is just using her. She slaps him and reminds him they're from two different circumstances.She asks him about the email he sent her the day they were supposed to get married.He never sent an email, he thought something had happened and waited six hours for her, calling hospitals. Then he found out she was in Mexico and the next time he saw her, she was with John Ross.She only went to Mexico because of the email; she thought she wasn't good enough for him, because of what he wrote in the email. But now they both know he didn't write any email.Christopher confronts John Ross, telling him: "I know it was you."Christopher meets with his father, telling him he's not moving forward until he can develop safe technology. Bobby asks if he thinks he can do it. Christopher says he can.Bobby meets Marta Del Sol and they agree to the sale with a handshake.Christpher and Rebecca go through with the wedding as Elena looks on in pain.John Ross pays a visit to his dad, stumbling and drinking. Marta Del Sol is waiting with him, they're in cahoots. J.R. says he know's Marta's father and knew her when she was a little girl. J.R. says he's the successor trustee on his mama's will, they'll get Southfork.The same car John Ross met with earlier parks and a pair of legs in heels gets out and walk into Cowboys stadium. It's Marta -- meeting with John Ross this time."You were right not to trust J.R., I hope you know what you're doing," she says, caressing his face."Southfork will be mine, and only mine -- the fun is just beginning," he says.

Directed by Michael M. Robin  

Starring Jesse Metcalfe, Josh Henderson, Jordana Brewster, Julie Gonzal, Brenda Strong, more...

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