Ewings Unite!

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Drama, 2013, 42 min.

Synopsis Open with Bobby, John Ross and Christopher talking about J.R.'s package to get back at Cliff. Bobby wonders if Pamela is a silent partner in Barnes Global.Emma and John Ross are still sleeping together, it seems.At the will reading we learn Sue Ellen gets half of his oil rights, with John Ross receiving the other half. A letter from Miss Ellie is read which gives half the Southfork title to John Ross.Cliff and Harris talk about their common enemy. Cliff tells Harris if he uses his influence and muscle to help him take down the Ewings he'll give him enough money to buy his family's company out from under his mother.Alison Jones tells Christopher there is a new player for the DCT contract and it's Barnes Global. The Barnes offer has undercut his price. She gives him one week to prepare his rig for a showing.Christopher tells Bobby about the conversation with Alison. Bobby brings John Ross into the office and he tells the cousins it's time to turn on the Southfork oil. He says the only hope they have of surviving the onslaught from Barnes is sticking together. They need to "take the gloves off" with respect to Alison. John Ross has an idea.Vickers tells Harris he's found a Russian to handle the rig job. Harris also wants him to keep an eye on Emma.Drew asks Bobby to sell him his father's land so he can fulfill his dream of a Ramos fleet. Bobby isn't sure until Elana steps in and says she'll take responsibility for what happens.John Ross and Christopher give Pamela a hard time about her father making a move on the DCT contract. She swears she had nothing to do with any deal Barnes Global might have made but they aren't buying it.John Ross pays Alison a visit. He tells her Texas is an oil state and says if she steers the deal towards the oil side of his company he'll help her political career. They flirt overtly throughout the conversation.Judith promises Harris that he will eventually apologize to her for being so nasty. He isn't convinced.Gary shows up at Sue Ellen's office to talk about her drinking. She doesn't think there is a problem. She says she no longer needs him to turn the oil back on and brushes him off. After he leaves she calls Valene and tells her to come to Dallas and get Gary. She then closes the blinds and pours herself a drink.John Ross and Alison have slept together. They kiss on a hotel patio and we see somebody taking their picture through a telescopic lens. The photographer is Bum, who calls Christopher and tells him "John Ross wanted me to tell you: 'Welcome to the dark side.'"Pamela tells John Ross she had nothing to do with her father's bid. He believes her and says Alison's been dealt with. He invites Pamela to stop by the rig so they can talk.Emma stops by Drew's place looking for a date. She wants them to take a ride on his bike. They pass Vickers, who starts to follow. Vickers follows.Gary isn't happy when Valene shows up.Emma and Drew have a sandwich and talk about each other's past while Vickers watches from afar. Vickers reports back to Harris about the date. Harris is furious and tells him he wants Drew "fully compromised." When Vickers confirmed that Drew worked on munitions in the military he tells him to pull the Russian off the job.An angry Valene drops by Sue Ellen's office, upset she called her to Dallas to embarrass her. She vows not to leave town until she's shown Gary what a "manipulative monster" she is.Vickers tells Drew he needs him to do one last job. He wants him to use his military training and put a remote explosive on Christopher's rig. Vickers promises nobody will get hurt. Rollins says no, at which point Vickers threatens the life of his sister Elena.Christopher drops by Alison's office and shows her the pictures with John Ross. He tells her to kill the Barnes offer.Drew seems tormented by his predicament, but he ultimately ends up making the explosive.Christopher tells Pamela about what he and John Ross did to Alison. She can't believe he's now stooping to blackmail. He says he won't apologize for winning.Under the cover of darkness Drew plants the explosive.Gary tells Sue Ellen her stunt with Valene isn't going to work. He wants to help her. She says she needs to help herself.Judith tells Harris she's leaving for London. She's decided the moment she gets off the plane she's going to freeze his bank accounts and remove him from his position at the company. He grabs her and she ends up falling down the stairs.Christopher gives the tour of his rig. Pamela is there.Vickers calls Barnes, telling him that his daughter is on the rig. Barnes wonders if they can wait until she leaves but Vickers thinks the whole group will leave together. Barnes, who wants witnesses, tells him to go ahead.Alison tells Christopher that if the numbers in his plan are accurate he's going to get the deal. The device explodes and Vickers drives away.

Directed by Steve Robin  

Starring Jesse Metcalfe, Josh Henderson, Jordana Brewster, Julie Gonzal, Brenda Strong, more...

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