Simple, Sad

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Crime/Mystery/Drama, Canada, 2002, 44 min.

Synopsis As a favor to Gina Otaviani, Da Vinci looks into the case of Hanna Reese, a young incarcerated woman who gave birth in custody; the baby died shortly thereafter. Hanna tells of a difficult delivery made more difficult by harsh treatment by prison officials while in labor, especially guard Dolores Williams, who left Hanna shackled during delivery. The investigation shifts from the shackling to Hanna's prenatal care or lack thereof as a possible contributing factor of the death. It ends up being a case of he said/she said, with Da Vinci having to come to his own conclusions. Sunny's autopsy also uncovers some unsettling information about the baby's health status, which has major implications for all involved in the case. Meanwhile, Kosmo gets her surveillance team in place. Although they will monitor Alex's movement, they focus their surveillance on Sarah at the bar at which she works. Kosmo's team includes Junior and Alfie who have infiltrated the bar as regulars, Maria as waitress, and Danny Leary as bartender. Danny manages quickly to strike up a friendship cum relationship with Sarah to assist in the surveillance. On the personal side, Danny would like to start things up with Kosmo again, but Kosmo keeps her emotional distance. And Mick and Sunny's relationship totally deteriorates. At the archaeological dig site, Chick uncovers a notebook which may lead to the identity of the body with the bullet wound to the head.

Directed by Brad Turner, Tom Braidwood, Robert Cuffley, Chris Haddock, George Mihalka, A.J. Vesak, Anne Wheeler  

Starring Nicholas Campbell, Suleka Mathew, Gerard Plunkett, Sarah-Jane Redmond, Donnelly Rhodes, more...

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