Divorce Party

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Action/Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, 2009, 60 min.

Synopsis Dawn in Miami. People are already drinking champagne as a man exclaims: "Welcome to Amy's divorce party!" Sure enough, Amy Lansing is super excited to celebrate her new life without apparently awful ex-hubby Roger. Her friends applaud -- just as a body hanging from a noose drops down from the makeshift altar. "Roger!?" Amy screams. Guess this makes the divorce official. Seconds later, the team is on the scene. Calleigh notes that the noose was obviously tied by someone who has right handed (obviously). But wait! Roger was left handed. "He didn't tie the noose," she says. So who did?YEEE-OWWW! Cue opening credits! Don't get fooled again and what not!Back from break, Caine questions Amy Lansing, whose best friend Glenn Wagner threw the party. She is angry that her ex-husband has ruined her big day. "Mrs. Lansing, your husband was murdered," Caine growls. She protests, saying murder doesn't make any sense. "Not now," Caine growls. "But it will." Oh, snap! Calleigh, in the meantime, theorizes that whoever pulled the release mechanism -- via a fishing line -- was probably within 20 feet of the scene. Ryan notes that he has confiscated all cameras from the party guests and might be able to recreate the murder scene.Cut to a sports car speeding down the highway. Inside are none other than Julia and Kyle. "Drive faster," mom says. Turns out she is late for a job interview and making sonny boy drive. The pair is soon pulled over for speeding. The cop finds Kyle behind the wheel and mom passed out in the driver's seat. Seconds later, Caine berates his ex wife. "What happened this morning endangered more than one life," he growls. "I want you to be more careful with him." Caine then decides to give his son a life lesson by making him a CSI intern under Tara. "See you at lunch," he growls.The team quickly uncovers DNA on the fishing line belonging to BFF Glenn Wagner. "I rigged the door, but it was to hang Roger in effigy, not reality," the man explains. "I had no idea it would be the real dummy." Wagner says the real killer must have taken the effigy. Frank and Caine aren't convinced -- but let the man go due to a lack of an episode-ending confession/ flashback. Kyle, in the meantime, is busy puking as he watches Tara take apart Roger Lansing. But the process does yield results other than bile: Lansing was chloroformed. Definitely not a suicide. But then we knew that already. What have you got Ryan? A tech has created a 3-D version of the murder scene using photos taken by the guests. Ryan notices a suspicious-looking youngster: Heath Lansing. The kid was at his own mom's divorce party? Odd.So odd that young Heath is soon brought in for questioning. Naturally, he denies all knowledge of his father's death. "I wanted to see it for myself -- the ridiculous show my mom has putting on," Heath says. So, he wondered by between pool-cleaning gigs. Heath then explains that his dad worked for the government, but that the details of the job were a "secret." Frank is suspicious and heads to the IRS to get a work address. The listed location has been rented out by a man named Trent Faber. Also: The makeshift office indicates that daddy didn't work for the government, but was a day trader of some sort.Caine and Eric head to the home of Trent Faber, whose wife explains that her husband didn't have a business partner named Roger Lansing. Mrs. Faber calls her husband -- and a cell phone belonging to Roger Lansing begins ringing in the morgue. Kyle answers. "Whose phone is this?" Caine asks. Looks like Roger Lansing and Trent Faber are the same person. The man had two families. Roger/ Trent was living a double life!Caine might have bigger problems, however. A bottle of medication found on a recent car-crash victim never made it to the lab. He questions Tara, who explains that she logged the bottle herself. Could Kyle have sticky fingers? Maybe not. Tara explains that Kyle's mother, Julia, came to visit him. And we all know how much Julia loves medication. "I don't know how long she was there," Tara says.Caine confronts Julia, who denies any and all knowledge of the missing meds. "I don't appreciate the accusation!" she screams. Back at the lab, Frank investigates the records of Amy Lansing and Katherine Faber. He discovers a photograph of Amy running a red light outside of the Faber homestead. Amy, under questioning from Calleigh, confesses to knowing about Roger's second life all along. She confronted her husband, which led to the divorce. Still, Amy denies being involved in the killing.Eric goes to the Faber homestead to test for Acetone, a substance used in making homemade chloroform. Mom is clean, but teenage daughter Brianna is practically covered in the stuff. Back at the lab, Caine points out that the other ingredient in homemade chloroform is liquid chlorine -- and young Heath Lansing cleaned pools for a living. Did the half-siblings gang up to take out dear old dad? We wouldn't put it past the writers, frankly. Nor would Caine, apparently. "Bring him in," he growls.So Eric does. And Calleigh brings in Brianna. It's clear that the two teens know each other. Heath explains that the two met at a party but didn't know they were related at first. Too bad, because the pair hooked up and Brianna got pregnant. Then the two found out about Roger/ Trent and confronted him. Obviously, dad wasn't happy to discover that his two little ones were busy making new little ones. "We did what we had to do to protect our baby," Brianna says. So they chloroformed and hanged dad. Plot A closed.Now to finish off plot B. Kyle meets Caine, who has rented sonny boy his own Miami apartment. Apparently, Caine no longer trusts his ex-wife to take care of the young man. He tosses Kyle the keys and smiles, which comes off like more of a grimace. To be fair, it's sunny out and the man isn't wearing his sunglasses. All's well that ends well, right? Hardly. Moments before the closing credits roll, we see Tara popping pills. She is the thief -- not Julia. Oh boy.

Directed by Karen Gaviola  

Starring David Caruso, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez, Jonathan Togo, Rex Linn, more...

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