World's End

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Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2010, 60 min.

Synopsis "CSI" - "World's End" - April 22, 2010It's night in Vegas and it's pouring rain. A man tumbles through the sewers which are flooded thanks to the rain. He ends up dead, stuck in the flood drain right outside a high school. Inside, rehearsals for "Cabaret" are underway and it turns out that Catherine's daughter Lindsey is playing Sally Bowles and she's got a great voice.When the body is discovered it turns out to be one of Lindsey's classmates named Sean Becker. A tough kid from a broken home who was often brutalized, Sean grew up to be a white supremacist-homophobic jerk and ran with a rough crowd, so not many kids in the school are mourning his death.Robbins discovers that Sean didn't drown as they first assumed but was stabbed by a Phillips head screwdriver that punctured his lung. He bled out before he could drown.The suspects include:1) One of Lindsey's "Cabaret" castmates, a gay teen who got into a violent fight with Sean a few days before his death because he held Sean responsible for the hit-and-run murder of another gay teen at the school.2) The school janitor, who is black, and who was assaulted the previous week. The principal thinks Sean might've done it. The man was too scared to come forward to the police. When interviewed it turns out that Sean and the janitor, Laurent, had formed a friendship. Sean was trying to change his racist ways and when he learned Laurent had survived the genocide in Rwanda, he kept coming back to talk to him about it.3) Sean's nefarious cronies who were equally hateful and racist and discovered that Sean and Laurent had become friendly and were not happy about it.The murderer turned out to be the man behind door number two. Sean became so enthralled by Laurent's stories of Rwanda that he began investigating it on his own in documentaries and books. In one of those books he came across Laurent's picture and it turns out he lied. He was not a victim but a merciless killer who wiped out an entire village of thousands of people.Before his murder Sean asked Lindsey if she knew anything about lifting fingerprints since that's what her mom does for a living but she gave him the brush off. When Sara hears this she goes to Sean's house and finds a print that Sean managed to lift. She and Ray run it and turns up Laurent's true identity and that he is wanted for war crimes.Brass and Ray arrest him and he swears it was an accident, that he has been trying to atone for his sins since he's been on the run and he thought if he could turn just one person from the path of hate to tolerance that would be meaningful. It didn't work out that way.

Directed by Alec Smight  

Starring Laurence Fishburne, Marg Helgenberger, George Eads, Eric Szmanda, Robert David Hall, more...

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