Turn, Turn, Turn

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Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, 2009

Synopsis "CSI"- "Turn, Turn, Turn" - March 5, 2009It is night in Vegas. The CSIs enter an office and present Nick with a birthday cake. A 419 at a motel comes in. Nick takes it and tells them to save him a piece of cake.The victim is a 16-year-old girl (played by Taylor Swift with brown hair) named Haley who lived on the premises with her parents, the Jones, the new managers. She lies in the parking lot in a pool of blood. Stokes knew her. Brass goes to knock on doors.As we hear a young voice in Nick's head saying "so what happened?" we flash back to exactly a year ago on the same spot in daylight. Something bad happened at the motel and Haley was there asking what happened.After the break we're still in the flashback where Nick, a detective, and Phillips examine a dead body named Harry in one of the motel rooms. He had no luggage and brought his own garage door opener. Apparently, it stinks in the room. There's a bloody crack in the dresser and Nick theorizes Harry shot at the ceiling and the kickback knocked him into the dresser. (We see this.) He looks up and sees something gross oozing out of a small hole in the ceiling, it drips on Phillips.Nick walks out and sees Haley and her parents moving in, it's their first day as managers. A local, grubby resident asks Nick for five bucks for coffee and biscotti and says Nick will be back since the manager was always banging on the dead man's door announcing the police.Nick meets new manager Mr. Jones, who knows very little about the motel. Nick wants to get into the crawlspace above the ceiling tiles. He removes a panel from the room next door and gets a new voicemail. It's Grissom, leaving him a birthday message. Haley returns looking for news, she says she's not scared of forensic stuff. Her mother tells her to leave the man alone.Nick and Greg climb up into the ceiling and find a dead body, the face is what is oozing and stinking.Back at the CSI lab on the autopsy table, they discover the guy is the missing manager Dale Durney. He's got a big wad of cash in his pocket. It's got grey insulation stuff in it, Greg figures it's from the ceiling where Durney stashed the cash. (We see this.)Mandy informs Nick that the prints on the garage door remote - which has dead batteries- are Dale's and the prints on the money are Dale's and Harry's. Turns out Harry was arrested the day he checked in. They theorize he came back and discovered the cash was missing but they don't know why he would have shot Dale, since he was already dead, had been for a week according to Robbins. Shooting was definitely post-mortem. He had burn marks on his hand and was electrocuted and died of cardiac arrest. Robbins theorizes he came in contact with exposed wires in the ceiling.Nick and Greg return and in the crawlspace Greg finds the receiver for the garage remote. It's wired to the access panel above Nick. Greg kills the circuit and opens the tile. Inside a wire rod rims the surface. When the opener was activated the rod would create an magnetic field. Nick remembers the grubby motel denizen telling him that Dale, the manager, was always pounding on this door. Nick thinks it was a set-up.Nick theorizes- and we see- Dale threatening the cops and then watching as Harry stashed something in the ceiling. He locked the ceiling with his magnetic field. Harry can't open it and gives up. Later Dale goes to retrieve whatever Harry hid, the cash, but since his battery is dead he can't open the tile either. He goes up to look and is electrocuted by his own device thanks to a frayed wire. Harry returns, doesn't realize Dale is dead up there since the panel is still magnetized, tries to push it open with the gun barrel, which itself got magnetized, shot by accident, and threw Harry back into the dresser killing him.Nick goes to give Jones numbers for crime scene clean-up and notices Hayley has a friend and is impressed with how quickly she did it. Mr. Jones says that Haley and Bree have been friends for awhile since Hayley didn't have to switch schools. Nick goes to take off and sees the grubby dude and gives him money for coffee as Bree and Haley ride by on bikes.We flashforward to Nick at the same scene at night again but now it's 240 days ago. He sees Haley's friend Bree sitting in the back of an ambulance. He turns to see Haley, now blond, looking at her friend from a distance across the parking lot.Bree is telling Nick and Brass that the Jones family are weirdos. She was friends with Haley but then the family creeped her out and Haley showed up with her hair exactly like Bree's, further freaking her out. Earlier in the evening, her 16th birthday, she went to a bonfire and was drugged. She collapsed there - we see this- and she says she can't remember anything until she woke up in Haley's living room with her pants off with Mr. Jones standing over her. He then tries to grab her and she fights him off and runs out. (We see this).As Nick enters the Jones living room and asks a despondent Mr. Jones for his underwear - we overhear Mrs. Jones telling another cop that her husband heard something, found Bree in the living room, and she ran out. Nick examines the living room. There is mud on the bottom of a pair of sneakers. Bree's pants have the Jones room key in her pocket. Jones returns and swears he didn't do anything and that Bree just ran out. She has a key because her parents work and she's Haley's best friend so she has a standing invite to come over. Nick tells him to dress so he can come give a statement.Nick leaves the room and sees an SUV with mud on the tires. Its the Joneses. Mrs. Jones says she and Haley were home all night. Brass wonders how the SUV got to the bonfire then. Mrs. Jones says she drove it there, because she knew what was going on there and she took some pictures to show Haley how it looked to her. Haley is aghast and wonders if anyone saw her mother lurking about. She says she hates her mother. A cop takes Haley away for a soda. Brass asks the mom for the camera.In a hospital bed Catherine is showing Bree pictures. One shows four baseball players in lettermen jackets, two have been her boyfriend, one currently is, and one wants to be. Another shows a creepy guy, Zack, who stalks her.In an interrogation room Zack says he was looking for someone. Not Bree, who he thinks sucks, but Haley who was always with Bree. His dad tries to keep him from talking. Zack says there's a vicious bad girl inside Haley and he's waiting for her to come out so he can take her to homecoming. Brass lets him go but wants DNA. His dad, a lawyer, declines. Zack offers that he heard what happened to Bree and that, since he only rides a bike, he couldn't have taken her anywhere.Archie tells Nick that the snapshots weren't the only things on the camera memory drive. Recently deleted shots were all of Bree, none of Haley.Nick and Brass question a jittery Mrs. Jones about the photos. She says she had a daughter named Melissa who died before Haley was born. When Haley became friends with Bree, she reminded her of Melissa, even though she died when she was a baby. Mrs. Jones has been letting herself pretend that Bree is Melissa. She deleted the photos because she didn't want Haley to find them, they've never told her about Melissa. She asks Brass if he has any idea what it's like to lose a daughter. She was upset Bree was drinking with those boys.A lab tech tells Nick that Bree was given GHB, not penetrated, but that there were fingerprints "in the region." Hodges arrives to inform them that the prints had a substance on them used to condition baseball gloves.Cut to one of the players being interrogated by Nick. They found the GHB in his car. He says his trainer gave it to him and Bree is his girlfriend. Nick calls BS. He claims he didn't do anything with her, never got a chance to because she was a tease and even though he dosed her drink she came to before he could molest her. (We see this, it ends with her getting angry, fighting him off, and jumping out of his car.)Surveillance photos show Bree walking down the street towards the motel. It turns out that she used her key and just crashed at the Joneses because she didn't feel like dealing with going home and Mr. Jones did nothing to her, she just didn't want Haley to think they were friends again, like she was there for a slumber party. Catherine tries to understand: Bree's boyfriend drugged her and tried to rape her but she was willing to let her friend's dad take the rap? Bree reiterates that Haley is not her friend.Nick returns to the motel and the grubby dude comes out, looking less grubby saying he's 90 days clean. Nick spies Haley working on her laptop outside and drops off her mom's camera and other stuff. As he walks away she calls him back to look at a Facebook-type page filled with nasty comments about herself from classmates. Nick tells her to blow it off. She says he doesn't get it, her life is over and goes inside. Nick walks to his truck and we flash to him inside it on another date with rain falling on the window.He gets out and we're told it's 117 days ago. He walks through the lot and sees the Joneses talking to a cop under an umbrella in the rain. He comes upon Haley who is now sporting a goth look with chopped black hair, pale skin, and piercings. She's standing outside an open room door. Nick walks in and is told that Haley found the body when she came in to clean the room. A woman lies dead on the carpet.Riley tells Nick that the victim is a woman named Tanya, just sprung from the pokey. Phillips is calling overdose. They theorize there's no stuff in the room because she checked in to use. No works because she flushed it before the drugs kicked in. And that a shattered lamp was either knocked over during her OD seizure or by someone else in the room using with her who fought with her, grabbed her stuff and bailed. (Phillips also hands Nick a check for a college fund that he is putting together for Warrick's son. Nick looks pained and says thanks.) They overhear people doing it, loudly, in the next room and go over to see if they heard something.Riley stumbles through her questioning as an older man opens the door in a towel. He and his partner were there the previous night, and taping their sex too. The lab gets the audio of the video and hopes to scrub the sex noises from the foreground to hear the argument from the other room in the background.An older man is ushered into the autopsy room by Robbins who says they don't know the cause of death yet but there was multiple organ failure due to meth overdose. It's the woman's dad. He says he doesn't deserve more answers and that he did what he could to keep her out of trouble but by 16 they'd already lost her. They hadn't talked for ten years.We see Haley and Zack making out outside the motel. The dad arrives to leave a picture of his daughter holding a baby and light a candle for her on a rock outside the motel office. He leaves and later Haley comes to look at the picture. She takes it. Time passes and we watch the flowers wither and blow away and a newspaper fly over the spot.Later we see Nick's boots as he walks through a crowd of people to where Haley's body lies in the parking lot. We're back to the present day case. She was stabbed in the chest according to Phillips. The girls parents were inside and didn't hear anything. Brass says the suspect is her boyfriend, with whom she broke up yesterday in a fight ugly enough to require the cops.Nick takes pictures and Langston arrives saying he heard this one was personal for Nick. Phillips give Langston the photo that Haley took of the previous dead woman, it was in her pocket. Haley had styled her hair to look the same.Zack is back in interrogation. He says that Haley told him she had a miraculous vision of her destiny a few months back. She told him about this vision yesterday. She dumped him for St. Peter. When asked for an alibi, Zack confers with his dad who says they'll need a promise of immunity first. Brass says he'll mention it to the DA. Zack says he was in Reno dealing crystal meth, it's what he does, and Haley helped him. He wonders if she didn't want to help him anymore - she didn't use herself- why she didn't tell him because he would've done whatever she wanted.Langston had the photo blown up and discovers that it was taken in a juvenile detention center in 1993. The baby in the photo was born the same day as Haley. Haley was adopted. When Langston says the woman's name Nick pulls out the old case file of the OD, Tanya. She came looking for her daughter. Nick says the Joneses denied knowing her. Langston says they might not have if it was a blind adoption. Nick says "pull my other leg and it plays jingle bells."We see a scene play out of Tanya approaching Mr. Jones in the motel office asking if he remembered her and that she wasn't there to make trouble, she just wanted to see her daughter.Brass interrogates Mr. Jones. Turns out at age 16 Tanya accidentally drowned the Joneses first daughter Melissa in the tub while babysitting because she was using. Tanya tried to make amends by giving up her daughter to them while she was in detention. 16 years later she showed up. Jones gave her a room. Mrs. Jones went to the room and told Tanya that she would never see Haley. They fought but Tanya agreed to leave. Jones says the disappointment must've been what made Tanya kill herself. Brass wonders if it was in fact suicide.Langston and Nick examine the Joneses living room. The formerly grubby dude shows up again and knocks on the door to Nick that he's enrolled as a student in WLVU. And, also, a few months ago he saw Mrs. Jones tossing two coffee cups in a dumpster after being in room 8. He thought it was fishy, so he fished them out and found meth in one of them. (We see this.) The next morning he remembers Nick was there because the woman in room 8 was dead. Langston comes out, he found a bloody shirt under the mattress.Nick shows photos of the shirt to Mrs. Jones at the station. She says it was an accident. Haley came in with her hair dyed like Tanya's and she and her mother argued. Mrs. Jones went after her with the scissors to give her a haircut. We see Mrs. Jones run after her telling her to dye it back and calling Haley a little bitch. Haley turns and says she hates her mother and has always hated her and as she walks toward her Mrs. Jones stabbed her/ Haley impaled herself on the scissors. Mrs. Jones freaked out, but didn't call 911. She says Haley was dead when she hit the ground, she panicked. She says it wasn't just the hair but the mouth, the attitude, the boyfriend. The hair was just one more thing she did to get to her. Because she looked like Tanya, her real mother, right, asks Nick, the one Mrs. Jones killed four months ago. Mrs. Jones maintains Tanya was an addict who killed herself. Nick says he talked to Zack who said that they had a stash of meth in Haley's room. When it went missing they figured Haley's mom found it and flushed it. But, Nick realizes, she didn't flush it, she used it on Tanya. He wonders how Mrs. Jones got Tanya to drink the meth-laced coffee cup. She says Tanya had no right to show up and denies killing her. She does admit that she never wanted Haley, that her husband brought her into the home. She had a daughter and Tanya killed her. Was she supposed to let the ghost of that murderer live with her?Langston spies Nick sitting alone in the locker room. He asks if he's alright. Nick says she didn't have to die. Langston agrees and wonders if Nick is beating himself up about it. Nick says if he could have figured out what was going on with Tanya's murder sooner, then Nicole Jones would've been locked up and Haley would be alive. Langston says he knew Nick was a fellow masochist. He asks what Nick's favorite form of self-flagellation is. Langston likes to go on movie websites, find a movie he likes at the moment and read the comments about why he's all wrong and has terrible taste. And when he can't sleep he likes to sculpt orchids because it silences the voices in his head. Nick breaks down crying and says tonight there's only one voice in his head and it keeps asking "so what happened?" Langston says it's the voice of a young woman who's destiny was set in motion before she was born. Looking at Nick all torn up now he says that everyone keeps telling him what this job isn't, but watching him now tells him what it is. Nick nods. Langston offers his condolences.

Directed by Richard J. Lewis  

Starring Laurence Fishburne, Marg Helgenberger, George Eads, Eric Szmanda, Robert David Hall, more...

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