Shock Waves

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Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2010, 60 min.

Synopsis "CSI" - "Shock Waves" - Sept. 23, 2010We pick up at the moment we left off with Ray crumpling to the ground after being stabbed in the back by Haskell.The paramedics rush in and take care of him.Or do they? We cut to a funeral where the grieving family is African-American. But, holy bait and switch, it is the funeral of Officer Clark the person who was killed by Jekyll in the Italian restaurant after Nick told him to go check out the back. Brass approaches Nick as Clark is eulogized; the family has asked him to leave.Hurt and sad he goes to his car. He notices a van with tons of cockroaches milling about it. Checking it out he sees a bomb detonator under the car. He goes to warn the mourners but as he does a bomb explodes out of the grave. Panic ensues and then another bomb goes off on a tombstone. Folks scramble toward Nick's position on the road but he stops them by firing into the ground and yelling that there's another bomb. Just as he does the van explodes behind him, sending him flying.The aftermath is bad, two dead officers,12 wounded. Nick is dazed and deaf, and his shooting injury is reinjured. Catherine tells him to go home. He mentions the roaches and a clicking noise from the detonator they must've been attracted to. He's sad his suit has been ruined until Greg points out that his car has also been destroyed.Brass comes over and says this is their fault for letting Haskell, the assumed bomber, out of jail.Brass goes to visit Ray who, despite his pain, asks for his laptop and cell phone so he can work the case. The doctor tells Brass Ray lost a kidney. Brass visits Haskell, who was beaten to a pulp and is in a nearby room, but Haskell gives him nothing but sass.At the scene we meet British bomb tech Casey Monahan who is going over the grid with the other CSIs. Nick finds a cellphone detonator and they determined the first two bombs were to cause panic and send people towards the third bomb for maximum destruction.They work it out at the station that the bomber wasn't Haskell-- it's not his MO- and it was someone with an axe to grind with the police.At the lab Nick struggles physically as he puts evidence together. Catherine tells him to go home and get rest since they don't want to blow the case because he's burned out. She also gives him the card of the department shrink. He protests but she says after Warrick died she thought she could distract herself with work but that there's not enough work in the world to heal a wound like that and she had to talk to someone. She asks if he would want himself backing himself up right now, is he stable enough to be there for his fellow cops. He takes the card.David and Doc Robbins are processing the bodies from the funeral. Robbins finds a SIM card in the destroyed body of Officer Clark. On it they find the phone number of a recently killed in action Marine. The wife tells Brass the phone was donated to a community center.As Brass and a phalanx of cops and CSIs pull up to said community center a rally of sorts is being held by anti-government/anti-tax types led by a Dr. Huxbee who tells the rowdy crowd that they need to assert their rights. In the crowd is a teen-- played by pop hearthrob Justin Bieber- who is angry that the man who took him and his older brother in was arrested recently. The cops bust in and a riot breaks out.Sara, who now has a bandage on her hand from throwing down at the community center, visits Ray. They work out that the bomber was in or near the crime scene. Ray shows her footage on his laptop of a radio controlled airplane, they figure out whoever was flying it was the bomber.Nick processes the riot crowd including Bieber.Greg goes to look for the plane at the scene and finds it in a tree. He's later able to get a print off of it and Monahan figures out how the detonator works and explains it was this device that gave off the clicking sound.The print belongs to Bieber's older brother. They interrogate Bieber who says he had nothing to do with the bombings, all he did was buy the plane and he didn't realize so many people would get hurt but he and his brother were mad about their caretaker's arrest. He gives up his brother's location.Nick and Monahan go to investigate.The brother isn't there but all of his bomb-making supplies are. They figure that since he was out of a vital ingredient, hydrochloric acid, he must have gone shopping. They figure out where the store is and descend on him as he exits. Instead of surrendering he pulls a gun and the cops shoot him. Catherine opens up his nearby car and finds plans to blow up the police department building. Lou points out that she is a hero by tracking him down.Robbins visits Ray in the hospital and gives him a cane. He tells him after he lost his legs he had to give up a few dreams but he can still dance with his wife and shoot hoops and one day Ray will be okay too. They talk about the nature of control and surrendering to the idea that they can't always have it. Ray breaks down into tears and Robbins comforts him.Nick calls the shrink.Catherine gets a call and she, Greg, Lou, and David go to check it out. A homeless man has been killed in a warehouse. They're curious that he seems to have been dragged into the middle of a room for no reason. As she and David look at the body, Greg and Lou go into another room to follow the blood trail. Lou's flashlight is dying and he asks Greg for batteries.Greg hands some over and Lou drops one and it goes rolling across the floor. As he scrambles after it Catherine realizes the body is covering up a detonator that will set something off in the other room. She screams for Greg and Lou to not touch anything just as the bomb goes off. She and David rush in and Greg and Lou are fine, just shaken up.Catherine looks at the flames and destruction and realizes that although they arrested the older brother, it's not over.Cut to a shot of Bieber in a jail cell looking satisfied and sinister.

Directed by Alec Smight  

Starring Laurence Fishburne, Marg Helgenberger, George Eads, Jorja Fox, Eric Szmanda, more...

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