Miscarriage of Justice

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Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2009

Synopsis "CSI" - "Miscarriage of Justice" - Feb. 20, 2009We hear Langston's voice talking about responding to a case- a missing person's at the Orpheus Casino- as we see it happening. He finds a woman's dead body inside a rug in the trunk of a car, Amber Jones. She was shot three times. He's testifying at a trial. As he continues to talk -including informing us that the murder weapon was never found- a man drives up to the courthouse with a newspaper on the seat. The headline proclaims a Congressman got away with murder. Apparently his aide is taking the fall in the form of a plea. The man gets out of his car with a gun. As Langston tells the court the congressman had a gun and it was stolen the man walks toward the courtroom and pulls out the gun. A security guard tells him to drop his weapon and draws on him. The man goes to raise his hands and - from inside the courtroom we hear a shot. Catherine runs out to see what happened. Langston follows. The guy shot himself in the head. Langston recognizes the guy as the Congressman's aide, Dominic Humphreys, the prosecution's chief witness, and the gun as the murder weapon.The press swarms the Congressman outside the courthouse and he expresses his sadness over his aide's death.Stokes and Phillips examine the scene, picking through brain matter to find the bullets. Phillips finds a bloody note in Humphreys' jacket pocket.We see a video of Humphreys talking about getting the news from the Congressman that Amber was dead and asking for his help. He went to her house and she was dead, he was freaked out. He asked the Congressman what happened and he said she was already dead. Humphreys believed him because there was no gun. He told the Congressman to leave and he would take care of it.Catherine, the judge, and the two trial attorneys watch the video in the courtroom. It was given in exchange for reduced sentencing. The judge says since they can't cross examine a dead man that it's inadmissible now. The attorneys argue against this. The judge gives CSI til the following morning to process the gun and crime scene so they can continue the case against the Congressman.Hodges examines the gun and finds fiber. It's a wool-cashmere blend. Which doesn't match what Humphreys' was wearing. They send the gun to ballistics.Riley and Eric examine Humphreys' car. He left the keys and carried a wedding photo. Cut to an interview with his wife by Brass who says he was terrified of dying in prison and felt like his life was over and she should've seen it coming. She blames the Congressman since her husband would've done anything for him. She says she didn't know he had a gun.Eric and Stokes examine the gun while Riley works on the bloody note.The gun belongs to the Congressman. It was the murder weapon. Humphreys said there were no guns at the scene so Eric realizes he lied under oath.Riley is able to bring the writing into relief. We hear Catherine reading it. It's an apology from Humphreys to the Congressman. He confesses to killing Amber since she was going to destroy the Congressman. Langston anxiously wonders what this means for his testimony, which is now a matter of public record. Catherine says his conclusions were sound and she signed off on them. He's not assured by this. Catherine says Humphreys lied under oath and could've lied about the gun. Or maybe the confession is true and the Congressman is innocent says Langston who can't believe they haven't declared a mistrial in the case. He says he will have to keep testifying. She says when the evidence changes they modify their theory to make it fit. He says alright,what's our theory now? She doesn't know yet.Back in court, Langston says they were able to determine the Congressman had sex with Amber because they both had the same strain of chlamydia. (Ew.)Catherine explains about the fibers on the gun to Eric and Riley. They're going to search both the Congressman and Humphreys' homes. They're in a hurry since Langston is back on the stand.Brass, Stokes, and Catherine breakdown a timeline for time of death to see if Humphreys had an opportunity to kill Amber. He did.Eric looks through the Congressman's closet, taking fiber samples as one of his junior lawyers looks on. The Congressman's wife comes in and bitches at him. Riley examines the clothes in the Humphreys closet. The teary wife asks Riley if she thinks her husband killed Amber. Riley says she can't talk about the case. She advises her to get out of the house and stay with her family. Her husband was her family. She asks about what the note said, Riley says it said her husband loved her. The wife wants more, says Riley can't understand her need to know. Riley says she does understand and no matter what the note says it wouldn't take away the wife's doubts and fears and some people can't be saved.Back on the witness stand Langston is explaining how he determined Amber was killed in her kitchen and how he found the Congressman's fingerprint on the blinds. The attorney points out the print was found in the living room not the kitchen and that can't prove he's the killer. Langston points out that no matter where it was, the print proves the Congressman is a liar since he was maintaining he'd never even been in the house.We hear the gang back at the lab continue to discuss the gun and the scene, as we see Humphreys driving Amber's body to parking lot of the C-Note, which Nick thinks he must've known had surveillance. Humphreys was trying to frame Amber's dirtbag ex-boyfriend, who is now MIA. The night before Amber died the Congressman had Humphreys call Amber over to "entertain" him in the apartment he kept in his building for the purpose. (We see Amber entertain the Congressman with a lap dance). They had an argument, he claimed she tried to steal his wallet, and he hit her. Humphreys took her to the hospital. Stokes is confused. If Humphreys did everything the Congressman asked, why would the Congressman show up at Amber's house? He wouldn't, says Catherine.Back on the stand the defense attorney asks Langston about the Humphreys confession. In light of the note Langston testifies that the Congressman is no longer the most likely suspect.Outside the courthouse Langston gets a hot dog and spies a young girl from the courtroom. It's Amber's daughter Maddy. He introduces himself and calls her brave and says her mother would be proud. Matty says she doesn't know her mother was since she said she was a "real" dancer, an artist. Langston says no matter, she didn't deserve to die like that. He offers her his hot dog. She turns it down. He rubs her arm and notices a rash. He checks to see if she has a fever. She does, he thinks she's very sick and says she needs to get to a hospital.Brass has picked up the dirtbag ex-boyfriend Tommy, who thinks they caught the guy that shot Amber. He says he didn't do anything. Amber had filed a restraining order against him and the day before her murder Maddy spotted him outside their house and told him to buzz off. (We see this). He says he was trying to make amends as part of his recovery. Brass says he missed some steps since he's drunk right now. Tommy said he took Amber's death hard and he wanted to tell her he wanted to forgive her for ruining his life. Brass says he's better off as a witness than a suspect and asks when he saw her last. He saw her receive a package the day of the murder and she looked like hell. He left his stalker post at 4 pm.Brass goes out to Catherine and they determine if they can prove she got that package at 4 pm then Humphreys couldn't have killed her.Langston looks over Maddy in her hospital bed.The prosecutor is doing her closing argument against the Congressman, a cheater and a thug, and trying to dispel the theory that Humphreys did it with the new evidence. The defense attorney claims the Congressman is a victim too. He says what really happened was that he went to Amber's house to apologize for losing his temper and end their affair. He found her body and then made the biggest mistake of his life, he called Humphreys instead of the police. He's a mistake maker, not a killer, he says.At the hospital Langston finds out from the (Cylon!) doctor that his suspicions were correct. She was being poisoned with boric acid. Her kidneys are shutting down. She's been ingesting it for about 8 weeks. No permanent organ damage yet.A CSI examines part of Amber Jones' liver at the lab. He found boric acid in Amber's liver. They get a warrant to examine the body to see how long it was going on. Langston thinks Amber was the target and Maddy was collateral damage. Catherine wonders why, if poison was the weapon of choice, the killer would switch to shooting. Langston theorizes panic. Catherine wonders how Maddy is still being poisoned.Nick, Eric, and Riley go to examine the house. Eric thinks this case has hit a nerve with Riley. Nick says if she wanted to talk about it, she would. They examine open items and discover it was in the energy drink mix, purchased at a pharmacy Amber didn't usually shop for food at. Nick looks at prescriptions and discovers they're from the same pharmacy and were bought the night before the murder.Robbins, Langston, and Phillips examine the body and take a hair sample. Langtson notices an odd bruise around Amber's Y-incision, which wasn't there during the autopsy. The embalming fluid brought it out. It's a shoe imprint.Back in court, the Congressman is found guilty. He hugs his wife.Catherine watches him hauled away on TV. Nick says it's not over yet. The night before Amber died, when Humphreys took her to the hospital he also helped pick up the prescriptions, and energy drink mix and roach poison. (We see a scenario where he's pouring the poison into the mix.) Langston enters with the shoe print news. They determine it's female and that the only woman with access to the murder weapon was the Congressman's wife (who we see stomping on Amber's chest as they work out the theory). The wife's alibi was that she was in bed recovering from a miscarriage. Overcome by hormones, catching her husband with a stripper, having gotten chlamydia from them - which caused the miscarriage- may have sent her over the edge.They interrogate the wife, presenting her with a pair of cashmere gloves that match the fibers. The defense attorney says her husband was just convicted. Catherine says she gets how the wife must feel knowing she lost her baby because her husband couldn't keep it in his pants. Brass says the good news is her husband's conviction will be overturned but unless she talks she'll be the one on trial. She confesses and says she knew he was cheating. As she explains, we see her hit Amber as she was giving hubby a lap dance. She found out the reason for the miscarriage, she cries it was her last chance, and went to Amber's under the cover of an apology. We see her shoot Amber. She dropped the gun. Brass thinks she figured that Dominic would clean up after her. Dominic was not a Mrs. Congressman fan it turns out. The Congressman didn't realize that his wife had shot Amber until the police asked for his gun and he discovered it was missing. We see him holding the empty gun case and the wife telling him he has an STD. Catherine says she would've killed him, not her.At a CSI dinner Langston informs them all that Maddy is going to be okay. They all toast Langston's courage and stick-to-it-iveness. Riley wonders if she really dropped the gun or if she was trying to frame her husband. Eric goes with "heat of the moment." Langston says maybe both things are true. Catherine says they'll never know but they do know that Langston got it right. Langston says he got a lot of help and they toast again.

Directed by Louis Shaw Milito  

Starring Laurence Fishburne, Marg Helgenberger, George Eads, Eric Szmanda, Robert David Hall, more...

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