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Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2009, 60 min.

Synopsis "CSI" - "Bloodsport" - Oct. 29, 2009We open on a college football game. The blue and yellow team runs the ball. With 5 seconds left the coach gives the QB a play. He fakes a handoff and throws for a touchdown in the final second. The team hoists the coach, who works for WLVU. (West Las Vegas University.)We next see an alarm clock go off at 6 a.m. and a bloody hand stops it. Bloody feet hit the floor. A man who is bleeding from his head all over his jammies goes to brush his teeth, his bloody face in the mirror. He then walks downstairs, setting off an alarm, pours a cup of coffee and walks outside his house and picks up his paper. (The headline reads another car has been found in Lake Henderson). A security guard drives up, horrified, asking the coach if he's okay. The coach crumples and falls and dies.David and Nick look over the body. David was a fan. The team was undefeated and on their way to another title. David's father loved the coach.Catherine looks over the scene inside the house: the bloody footprints, the trophies and banners, the bloody kitchen scene, the bloody bed and bath. That's where she finds Raymond photographing spatter. Coach Miller was attacked while he was sleeping, beaten in the head. He laid there for hours bleeding and then got up right at 6 and went right through his routine. That's how head wounds work they agree. Ray photographs a bloody shoeprint likely belonging to the perp. Since the alarm went off they guess the killer knew the code. Ray remembers the coach from his days teaching at WLVU. Everyone thought the coach was a god. Catherine says even gods have enemies.Sara and Greg watch as a car is pulled from Lake Henderson. He reports the car was stolen about 6 months ago. There's a dead female in the car. She had two window escape routes but apparently got stuck in her seatbelt. Her name was Page, 19, from North Dakota. The driver's side is empty. They're looking for the one that I got away.Brass interviews the security guard at the Coach's house. He turned the alarm off. Everyone in campus security knows the code. Brass is annoyed. A lot of folks gather to rubberneck. A man hands out black arm bands. Catherine goes to offer condolences to him and asks after him. The guy is the head of the team booster club and rhapsodizes about how awesome the coach was and how the team and fans were his family. She asks if all that family- since he had no wife or kids- had a key to thouse. Booster man says they did and points her to the hide-a-key.Robbins reports COD as sharp and blunt force trauma. Whoever did it was filled with rage. Weapon would've been a wide flat object with sharp edges. He says the weird zombie after-effects of the wounds had to do with the parts of the brain that were damaged.Sara and Greg examine the car back at the lab. They find glass from the window which is hard to break. They wonder how she did it, until he finds a .38 special. He cleans it. One cartridge has been fired. Mandy comes in all atwitter.Catherine, Ray, and Nick look over coach's house again. While looking at a photo of the trophy case they notice some trophies missing or moved. Catherine dusts one and finds a print.Brass interviews the guy who belongs to the print and it's the security and says he was a huge Mustangs fan and touched a trophy, that's all, he swears he didn't kill the coach. Then Brass calls him on stealing a football now on Ebay. He cops to stealing the football but not the "coach of the year" trophy which he doesn't remember being there.Robbins is talking about poor waterlogged Page on the slab to Sara. COD: drowning, no surprise. She had a pubic hair in her mouth and glass in her trachea. Nick comes in with a photo of the coach of the year trophy on the hunch that its phallic shape will fit the mold of the weapon. He's right, which means that the killer probably knew him, which doesn't help narrow down their suspect list.Hodges and Ray go over the bloody shoeprint. Every player on the team got the same shoes. Five wore that size: four who have graduated, one who hasn't. They go over e-mails between the coach and the player, star running back Calvin Crook. They were heated since Calvin wanted to skip out on senior year and go pro for a five million dollar pay day. The coach seemingly threatened him through an article about a young man found shot in Lake Henderson.Calvin is on the field trying to pump up the team to get this next win for Coach Miller. Ray and Nick go to talk to him about his shoes. He says he threw them away. They ask about the article. Calvin says coach sent him articles about how short life could be and that article made him think that if he died tomorrow did he want to be the guy who quit on his team? Nick tells him to save it and asks where he was. Asleep, he says. Calvin heads back to practice. Head booster looks them over.Greg tests the car gun. He gets a match from a six-month old homicide. He brings the info to Sara and Catherine. They hypothesize that the dead guy from that homicide is the driver and that the panicked Page shot him after he freed himself and went to free her but she didn't realize he was on the other side of the window. Catherine wonders if it's possible for a gun shot underwater that goes through a car window can still kill a guy. The guy? Andrew Jimenez, the guy from the article that Coach Miller sent Calvin.Sara and Greg test the gun underwater. The wound has a depth of two inches, the same as Andrew Jimenez which proves the theory that Page shot him by accident.The whole team tries to figure out a connection between Jimenez and the coach or Page and the coach. She was a hooker, neither man seemed like the hooker type. They can't figure it out. They do note that the car pulled out of the water was a BMW, not unlike the coach's. The head booster guy? A BMW dealer.Nick and Brass go pay him a visit where college kids are sunning and funning in his backyard pool. They tell him they found his BMW in the lake. Brass asks about Page, holding up her photo. Booster guy says he vaguely remembers her. He says last spring just before the draft he had a party for the players and she came with a player. He said she moved around the room. Turns out she was with Calvin. He's at the party and they show him the picture. Booster guy tells him to tell the cops how he knew the girl. They exchange a meaningful look. Calvin wants to lawyer up.Greg and Sara go back to the lake and find some clothes in the brush on the shore that they can tie to Andrew Jimenez. They also find a shoe with either pizza sauce or blood on it. It's not blood. They figure out that Andrew wasn't the driver but was riding by delivering pizza on his bike, saw the car sinking, got shot by Page by accident, floated to the surface, freaked out the driver, who ditched Page's clothes and took off. (So there you go, Calvin was the driver and that's why coach threatened him with the article).Nick leans on Calvin with all of the above info. Calvin wants to tell the truth. He says that's not what happened. He admits he was at the party, with that girl, and that he banged her. The coach drove up and caught them in the car outside head booster guy's house. He gave him the disappointed dad speech and had them all clear out and insulted head booster guy for trying to be one of the guys when he never was one. Calvin's all broke up. He swears he didn't connect that email to the girl and if he had been in the car he would've tried to save her.Nick, Ray, and Catherine talk about Calvin who seems honest and that maybe it was head booster guy who killed Page, the coach found out and then head booster guy did killed coach.Ray enlists Wendy and Hodges to go search for evidence around the coach's house theorizing that the killer was also on campus so they walked to kill him and walked home.Brass confronts head booster guy about Page. When Brass accuses him of killing the coach he comes clean about accidentally killing Page. He didn't try to go back and won't apologize for it. The kid showed up, floated to the top, and he hid Jimenez' clothes and took off. The coach was waiting for him and wanted to call the police. Head booster guy convinced him the whole team would go down if they did. The coach, for the first and only time, compromised his principles. But when the car bubbled up he thought better of it and, Brass theorizes, head booster guy killed. Head booster guy does not confess, but does not deny.Ray, Wendy, and Hodges go through a garbage truck full of trash and Hodges finds the bloody trophy with a fingerprint on it. Wendy finds the sneakers. The fingerprint belongs to Crook, who we see beat the coach in bed. Ray confronts him. Calvin admits it and says the Coach was living in the past and he wanted to get paid to play. But he gave him one last season because the coach had stuff on him: drinking, whoring, smoking. Calvin killed him because the coach stopped playing him, even when he needed it when the NFL scouts were there. He was punishing him for letting him down and the scouts stopped calling. Ray reminds him of the two dead people and how that must have eaten up the coach. Calvin says he was looking out for himself and now he's taking responsibility for his actions, which is what the coach would've wanted ultimately.

Directed by Jeffrey G. Hunt  

Starring Laurence Fishburne, Marg Helgenberger, George Eads, Eric Szmanda, Robert David Hall, more...

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