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Comedy, USA, 2005, 21 min.

Tagline The People You Are About To See Are Real. Their Voices Are Not.

Synopsis Conceived in the early part of the 21st century, the result of a torrid, one-night escapade gone comedically awry, James Murray birthed 'Criss-Cross' shortly thereafter. Armed with nothing more than a video camera and a mound of determination, James took his newborn idea to the streets and secretly began filming real, everyday folks doing what they do best - stuff, and a whole lot of other things. As if watching unknowing people make out in the park, eat ice cream too enthusiastically, or try to old school roller skate isn't enough to leave a viewer in stitches, James decided to push the envelope a bit further. In front of a live audience, James drops out the audio, then brings in his crack team of improvisors to 'dub' what they believe these people 'might' be saying. Through a complex combination of chemicals and catalysts, the video is fused with the audio and voila, 'Criss-Cross.' Bubbling, boiling, hysterical television.

Directed by James S. Murray  

Starring Diana DePasquale, Myles Evans, Glenn Gordon, Kristy Kershaw, James S. Murray, more...

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