Speed of Life

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Action/Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2012

Synopsis Annie (Piper Perabo) and Simon (Richard Coyle) wander romantically around Paris, then return to the hotel and get in bed. Annie asks casually about his business in Edinburgh, but he says it's boring. He plugs his phone into the returned charger.RDI Industries, Reston, VA:A cat burglar sneaks into a heavily secured lab, through lasers and key pads. He opens several metal boxes and removes the contents. His watch counts down and as it hits zero, the alarms go off. He leaves the vault as the door closes, sealing the guards inside. He easily knocks over another guard who tries to stop him.Annie comes to work to find Lena arguing with someone on the phone. It's about the intel she got from the bugged charger. Simon contacted Mike O'Leary (usually referred to as "Mike O"), a cat burglar in DC.Two days ago, RDI reported a burglary. The company makes microchips for centrifuges and other defense-contracting high-tech providers. Every agency in DC wants in on the case.Annie asks for permission to reach out to another agency. Lena (Sarah Clarke) says she's done enough. Annie calls Agent Vincent Rossabi (Noam Jenkins) at the FBI anyway.She meets with him and wants info on the break-in, saying the agency can provide valuable intel.Annie reports to Lena that she gave Mike O's name to the FBI. Lena worries it might lead the FBI to Simon. Annie thinks it's fine because he's in Edinburgh.Auggie (Christopher Gorham) gets ready for work and Parker asks what he's working on. He gently tells her he can either ignore the question or lie to her and assures her they'll get through it.At work, Annie tells Auggie about Danielle (Anne Dudek) moving to California. He knows how hard it must be on Annie and suggests drinks tomorrow with Parker.Joan (Kari Matchett) goes through her polygraph about Jai, including whether he got along with Arthur. Or if Arthur told her Jai was after her job, which he did.At home, Annie helps oversee packing at Danielle's. She steps outside to order pizza. Simon calls. He's in DC outside the Smithsonian.Annie strategizes with Lena, who wants her to find out when Simon is making the exchange with Mike O, but not let Simon cross paths with any other agency.Annie comes down the stairs at the Smithsonian to meet Simon. He was hoping to stay with her. She suggests they see the sights first as she surreptitiously texts Lena.Lena puts her team on creating a vetted apartment with personal photos. Lena texts Annie the address. On the way there, Annie notices they're being followed and loses whoever it is by running a red light.At the apartment, Annie texts for info on the keys and gets the name "Taj." At the front desk, he greets her by name and gives her her mail.Danielle, who's irritated that Annie left the house without saying good-bye, calls her. She hears Simon in the background and thinks Annie blew her off for a guy. He asks where to find a corkscrew. Annie tells him the wrong drawer.Simon asks who she was talking to. She says she feels like she's letting a friend down. She feels like she misrepresented herself because it's easy to pretend away from home. He kisses her and says he has a pretty good idea who she is.Auggie comes home late and finds Parker still up. He walks into her suitcase. She tells him she can't marry him. She's not sure what their relationship is based on, since they met in grief and she doesn't feel like she knows him. He begs her to stay the night so they can work it out like adults.Annie wakes up in the middle of the night and goes through Simon's things. He finds her with her hands in his suit pocket.She claims she's a neat freak and wants to hang his suits up.In the morning, Auggie wakes up in bed with Parker. She's wearing her engagement ring, but there's a honk outside, followed by another.He suggests he take the day off work, but realizes it's a cab honking. Parker gives him his ring back and gets up to leave. He pleads with her, telling her couples have arguments and work things out, they don't quit. She leaves. Auggie is distraught.Lying in bed, Annie traces Simon's tattoo. She recognizes it as a constellation. He says no one's ever figured it out before. He says it was based on the Keats poem "Bright Star." He asks about going to breakfast.At breakfast, Simon steps outside to take a call and Annie sees Agent Rossabi. He joins her. He denies the car trailing her was FBI, but says Mike O checked out. He was supposed to meet a buyer in Scotland but bailed because he thought the TSA was on to him. Rossabi knows the European buyer is coming to America, but they don't know who it is. They heard the buyer was meeting Mike today at 1 p.m. Rossabi invites her to be at the meet.Simon comes back in. Annie is forced to introduce them, saying they're in the same field. Rossabi realizes Simon is foreign.After Rossabi leaves, Simon tells Annie he has a meeting at 1p.m.Back at her place, with Simon in the shower, Annie checks in with Lena. They don't want him to get busted at the meet because they'll lose their "in" into his world. Lena tells Annie to seduce him or break a wrist, but keep him from the meet.Annie tells Simon she doesn't think he should go. She feels like he's been evaluating her the whole time he's been there and not opening up."We really can't talk about this later?" he asks."Not if you walk out the door," she says."I'm sorry then," Simon says as he leaves.Auggie calls Annie from the bar, wanting her to join him. She tells him she can't right now. He's upset and hangs up on her.Annie finds Rossabi at the meet and tells him the buyer is a CIA asset. She asks him to stand down, but he points out other agencies are there, too. He can't call them off. She tells him she's invested more than ever before with this asset and she doesn't want it to be for nothing.Rossabi tells her the deal is for substrates, used to make microchips.They watch as Mike O. arrives. Annie sees a man in a suit walk past him and make the swap. Her heart sinks as the agencies go after him. She sees it's not Simon.Mike O. takes off running. Annie chases after him. She follows him into a topiary maze and tackles him through a hedge.Rossabi joins her. He's pissed because the substrates weren't in the briefcase. Rossabi was also expecting Simon. He tells her she burned a bridge today, but she doesn't know what happened.Meanwhile, Simon makes the exchange with the security guard from RDI who wasn't knocked over when Mike O was escaping.At the bar, a girl starts talking to Auggie and her boyfriend gets jealous. He gives Auggie some friendly advice to be more careful who he talks to. He eggs Auggie on until finally Auggie smacks him over the head with a bottle.Back at Langley, Lena points out to Annie the mission is over, her cover is blown. She ran the plates on the car tailing them. They weren't government . . . which leaves Simon.Annie got played.Lena tells Annie she's being sent back to work with Joan in the DPD. Someone else will continue the operation on Simon.Annie brings her stuff back to Joan's department in a cardboard box. Her voicemail to Auggie plays over Auggie being put in the back of a police car.Annie goes home and finds it empty.Annie thinks she's gone, but Danielle comes in. Her flight was delayed. She's all packed, but there's ice cream left. The spoons are packed, so they share a spatula."We don't have to say it, do we?" Annie asks."I don't want this to be the end," Danielle tells her.Later, Annie walks down the street at night. Simon pulls up next to her."I like you, quite a bit more than you might believe. I'm tired of playing games, hoping you feel the same way," he says.Annie thinks about it, then gets in his car.

Directed by Michael Smith  

Starring Piper Perab, Christopher Gorham, Kari Matchett, Peter Gallagher, Richard Coyle, more...

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