Glass Spider

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Action/Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, 2012

Synopsis Annie and Auggie pay a visit to Jai's safe house. Auggie tells Annie that Arthur expressly told him not to talk to Henry, but he didn't want to feel like he failed.They enter apartment #317 in suburban Fairfax. There are boxes of papers everywhere.Outside, a car is racing down the street.There are maps with dates and times on the wall.The car keeps racing.They think they're looking at what got Jai killed.Annie opens a file and sees a photo of Simon Fischer, her asset/boyfriend.Arthur gets out of the racing car, he pulls up to the same apartment building. He knocks on the door. Annie answers, she called him.It's 3 a.m.Arthur takes in the surveillance photos. He knows Auggie talked to Henry. Arthur tells Annie to pack everything up and bring it to his office.Annie looks at the photos of Simon, full of questions.Back at Arthur's office, Joan has joined them. Jai believed that six of his 50 missions were blown because of leaks. Annie remembers Jai claimed a connection outside of Langley.Arthur mentions Fischer. They know he's in DC. They think Fischer killed Jai and want to find him. Annie tells them she's been developing him as an asset and the relationship has turned intimate. She tells them he killed his handler in Cuba for her.They meet with Lena (Sarah Clarke), who says Annie was following her orders. She says Annie's work on the case was remarkable.Arthur wants Annie to set up a meet so they can grab him. Instead, she says Simon is a man of integrity and will listen if they approach him with respect. She thinks she can bring him in willingly. Arthur goes for it.Annie calls Simon but gets his voice mail. She tries again and reaches him. She asks to meet him -- now.Joan and Lena run into each other in the elevator. Lena compliments Joan for training Annie well. Joan's not mad at Annie, she's mad at Lena for bending rules. She expects fallout. Lena says Annie just needed someone to trust her.Joan visits Arthur, concerned about the small team he's sending. But he thinks secrecy is the way to go until they know who to trust.Arthur heads to Petersburg Prison to visit Henry (Gregory Itzin) to find out what else he's holding back. He says it's not about what he wants.In the van, Annie realizes she'll be on her own with Simon because the meet location will be packed. Auggie outfits her with a lapel mike and he and Annie make plans for drinks after the mission.Annie goes to meet Simon in the mall. Joan and Arthur listen to her miked audio back at Langley. Annie waits, getting nervous. Finally, Simon shows up.Annie tells him he's not safe in DC. "My employer is willing to offer you a deal," she tells him, and asks him to come in with her.He claims he knew who she worked for when she hit his car that first day.She asks him directly if he killed Jai. He says no, but she thinks FSB did. He points out he's not exactly working with them anymore.He's a man without a country. She asks him again to come in with her, so they won't have to say good-bye. He asks if he can trust her. "Always," she says.He asks if she came alone. She says it was a sign of good faith.Simon sees someone following him, pulls out his pistol and shoots. Annie grabs Simon and they run down the escalator, leaping off to get away from someone else. They head into a department store and into the back, where they escape out the back door.Annie tells them they don't have a lot of time. Simon starts to talk but she stops him, silently pointing out her microphone and taking it off, then stomping on it.In the van, Auggie loses his connection."This may have started out as a mission, but it turned into something more. I don't want to lose you and if you come in, we could still be together," she tells him. He considers her, but tells her good-bye and sorry.She tells him she's not sorry. He walks away.Back at Langley, Annie feels all eyes on her. Auggie says the shooter wasn't Agency sanctioned.Joan and Arthur want to follow the shooter to find Simon. They pull up security footage. Annie recognizes him from the diner the day Jai was killed.Although the CIA soon identifies him as explosives expert and free-lance assassin Leo Brewer, linking him to the bomb that killed Jai, they still don't know who Brewer is working for.Annie insists on going to the motel where they've tracked Brewer. She reminds the tactical team he has to be taken alive.They storm the motel. Annie sees him walk out of a room and jump over the balcony, holding his wounded shoulder where Simon shot him. Annie scales the fence and follows him. She corners him. He turns around with the gun in his hand and looks at all the agents facing him. After a pause, he puts the gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger.Auggie listens to the last few seconds of audio from Annie's mike before she crushed it and realizes what he's listening to.Annie visits Joan, who is not mad at her. Joan wants to focus on linking the shooter to Simon. Annie asks about staying in Joan's division but Joan says the decision is out of her hands.Annie visits Auggie, who plays her the audio of her crushing the mike. He asks her if she let Simon go. She doesn't answer. Auggie asks her if she loves him. She doesn't answer.Annie leaves Danielle a message asking her to call.Arthur visits Henry in prison again, showing him a picture of Brewer. Henry says made Brewer and last he heard he was rotting in a South American prison. Arthur tells Henry that Brewer killed Jai, on orders from the Russians.Annie visits Lena, who says she's proud of Annie. Lena points out that even if Simon got away, Annie uncovered a jamming device in Cuba. Lena says Annie did exactly what she would have in her place and she'll be recognized for it as a top operative.Then Lena takes her report to Arthur, saying they need to talk about Annie.Annie drives home and gets a call from Auggie telling her to come back to Langley, there's a team going through her desk. Annie looks in her house and sees Simon waiting for her. She hangs up with Auggie."I don't want to lose you, either," Simon tells her. But he doesn't want asylum, he's tired of playing the spy game.He asks her to come away with him. He has a small island off the Maldives that's reachable only by boat and is off the grid. He has been cultivating a false ID there for a decade and invites her to join him. She doesn't think it would work, but he says he's thought of everything. "Will you come with me?" he asks."Yes," she says.She goes through her room and packs up her passports and photo of her nieces. But she stops on the photo. She calls Auggie and tells him she's coming in.She goes back to Simon, saying they have to talk.He sees Lena in the doorway first and moves to protect Annie. Lena fires two shots at him, killing him. She shoots Annie twice in the chest next (no surprise to anyone who remembers the first two seasons of 24). Annie falls to the kitchen floor and lies there.

Directed by Stephen Kay  

Starring Piper Perab, Christopher Gorham, Kari Matchett, Peter Gallagher, Sarah Clarke, more...

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