Loving the Alien

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Action/Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2012

Synopsis Annie tries to get information from Simon about his upcoming business trip. He suggests she come with him -- to Cuba.Annie goes to Lena's house and tells her she wants to go. Lena reminds her that the Agency can't come get her if she gets caught. Lena can't approve it, but she can't stop Annie either. She tells Annie she'll fix her up with a new passport so the Agency can't track her.At Langley, Auggie asks Annie about her trip and she claims she's going on vacation. She tells him she's going to babysit for Danielle's girls but he can tell something's up.Lena picks up Annie's fake passport and brings it to her.She gets through customs in Mexico without no problems, then on to Cuba.At the airport, Simon and Annie hop on his waiting motorcycle. At their vacation house, Simon takes her passport to keep it in the safe. Annie hands it over, hoping she's not making a huge mistake.Back at Langley, Joan asks Lena if she's seen Annie, mentioning she asked for a transfer. Lena suggests Joan ease up on the micro-managing.Auggie asks Arthur to read him back in to the investigation into Jai's death. Auggie wants to talk to Henry Wilcox, but Arthur think it's a waste of time. "Operatives who get arrested in bar fights don't get to question their boss' judgment," Arthur says.In Cuba, Annie is moved by a street singer singing about taking chances in life. Simon wishes he could see the world the way Annie does.Joan reverses course and tells Arthur she supports him going for the Chinese Ambassador job, she offers to host a dinner.Over dinner, Simon tells Annie about defecting from Moscow when he was eight. A man eyes them. He asks Annie about moving around as an army brat. He leaves Annie at dinner for a meeting, saying he'll meet her back at the house in an hour.Annie follows him, walking down the streets of Cuba. When he hops on his bike, she buys one from someone on the street and follows.At his meeting, Simon meets the man from the restaurant behind barbed wire. Annie climbs up rocky cliffs to get a view of them. She trips and knocks a stone down the hill but they keep walking away from her. She comes upon a giant array in the hillside.She calls Lena, who knows from her directions she went to the KGB's old and largest listening station. Annie says it's operational. With the chips Simon stole, they can turn it into a cellular jamming station, interrupting FAA and all kinds of signals. Annie tells Lena about her locked up passport. From Annie's description, Lena recognizes Hector Serrano as FSB's top man in Cuba. He's a former FSB hitman, Lena tells Annie she's not safe and to stay away from him.Annie goes back to the house. Simon notices the cut on her ankle and introduces their dinner guests, Blanca and her boyfriend Hector Serrano.Blanca tells Annie they get to see Simon every few weeks, because of a deal he's working on with Hector. She mentions it's almost done. Annie compliments Cuba and Hector finds it condescending. He tries to drag Annie into a debate about the embargo.Joan and Arthur prep for their dinner guests. He's also getting into flyfishing to impress a crony.Petersburg Prison, VirginiaAuggie visits Henry Wilcox (Gregory Itzin). He starts in immediately, accusing Henry of withholding information. Henry shuts down the interview and leaves.Blanca apologizes for Hector. She says most of Simon's girlfriends want something from him. She says she's never seen Simon so happy.Later, the couples dance. Hector eyes Annie and tries to cut in. Simon says no, but Annie tells him it's OK. He starts in with the intimidation, telling her he's never met a mid-level museum worker with so many opinions about international politics. He asks her what her sister Danielle does for a living. Annie is visibly thrown since she never mentioned Danielle. She cuts short the dance.Later, speaking Russian, Hector tells Simon that Annie is not what she seems and she poses a serious problem to their business deal. Simon says he has it under control, but Hector tells Simon he'll do something about her if Simon won't.Simon finds Annie in the bedroom. She tells him what Blanca said. He agrees, saying he's never met anyone like her. She asks if the trip was too much too soon. They agree to go home tomorrow. But first, they spend the night in bed.At Joan and Arthur's dinner party, they charm their guests, who tell him he's a shoo-in for the nomination and will sail through the confirmation hearings. He mentions that the timing for Arthur "couldn't be any better" because everyone knows his investigation has turned up nothing. He suggests Arthur can take the job and leave the mess to the next guy.Arthur bristles and insults his guest, ending the dinner.Later, while cleaning up, Arthur starts throwing china.In the morning, Simon tells Annie they're going sightseeing with Hector before their noon flight. She gets into a car with them looking very concerned. Hector sits in the back seat behind her as they drive out into the countryside. They pull up to a warehouse, Simon bribes the guard and shows Annie in, explaining they don't allow talking on the floor. It's a cigar-rolling factory, where women work in silence as a man preaches.Annie grabs a tobacco cutter while Hector isn't looking. Simon shows Annie to the storage room and insists she go first. He locks her in. She looks through the peephole as he takes out a knife and slits Hector's throat. He lets her out, telling her they have to go. They get back in the car and he takes her to the airport.He tells her he'll see her soon. He gives her a postcard of Cuba, just like her dad used to get for her after each move."Love makes us do remarkable things," he tells her. He gives her her passport back and kisses her good-bye.Back in Petersburg prison, Auggie summons Henry again. Auggie tells Henry about meeting Jai for the first time and being impressed by his unstoppable thirst for knowledge and interest in solving puzzles. Henry asks what he could get for his information."Nothing," Auggie tells him, saying Jai's murder will go unsolved if he doesn't help. Henry gives up the location of Jai's safe house.The next day, Joan asks Arthur about him tanking the nomination. He doesn't want to leave the investigation into Jai's death unfinished. Joan wants to know what's going on, but Arthur shuts down.Annie debriefs Lena, who can't believe Simon killed his handler, the ultimate spy transgression. She thinks Simon is in love with her and that means they can manipulate him to do whatever they want. Annie tries to look excited about it.

Directed by J. Miller Tobin  

Starring Piper Perab, Christopher Gorham, Kari Matchett, Peter Gallagher, Sarah Clarke, more...

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