Cops and Robbersons

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Action/Comedy, USA, 1994, 93 min.

Synopsis Meet the Robbersons, the very model of the '90s suburban family. There's Norman, a mild-mannered accountant who's addicted to TV cop shows. Helen Robberson is supermom, equally adept at whipping up a lobster crab souffle or a functioning volcano for her son's latest science project. Then there's veteran cop Jake Stone, who knows only one way to get things done--alone--and hates nothing more than interfering civilians. On the trail of a mobster named Osborn, Jake finds out that he's holed up in a house in the suburbs. Taking along his unwanted rookie partner, Jake becomes Osborn's new neighbor, staking out the gangster from the Robberson's house. The problem is, Jake is being staked out too--by Norman, Helen and the three Robberson kids.

Directed by Michael Ritchie  

Starring Chevy Chase, Jack Palance, Dianne Wiest, Robert Davi, David Barry Gray, more...

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