Saving Old Lady Riley

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Comedy/, 2005

Synopsis Sam works really hard removing graffiti (mainly 'Kyle rules'!), hoping to win the newspaper's youth commitment award. Brenda meanwhile is collecting for the children's hospital and is no competition, chance really rules. His scamp brothers lazily refuse to do anything and just play 'Canadian' ice-hockey, but so clumsily their puck breaks nasty neighbor Riley's window. She comes after them with a shotgun, but succumbs to cardiac trouble. The rascals refuse to touch her, even if she is dying, but using Sam's bike-pump they get her respiration going again and are nominated favorites for the prize Sam deserves.

Directed by Julie Thacker  

Starring Keith Carradine, Erik von Detten, Andrew Eiden, Shaun Sipos, Jason Dolley, more...

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